Man arrested in ‘dog flipping’ case

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A joint investigation involving Indianapolis Animal Care & Control (IACC) and the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department resulted in charges against a man accused of “dog flipping.”

According to investigators, it works much like house flipping. A person acquires a dog and then tries to sell the pet at a higher price to make a profit. According to IACC, there are no laws regulating the practice in regards to pets. In many cases, the pets live in puppy mill-like conditions with no food or water. Animals that can’t be sold for a profit are then dumped to fend for themselves. Many dog flippers use Craigslist to find their targets.

The investigation started in January when a couple contacted authorities to report that their dog, a German Shepherd named Ceazer, had been stolen in a Craigslist scam.

According to investigators, an Indianapolis man named Johnny Jones, Jr., was an expert at it. For years, they said, he’s acquired dogs by searching for owners on Craigslist. Jones looked for people who were down on their luck and needed to part ways with their pets for one reason or another. He specifically looked for German Shepherds, Rottweilers, Pit Bulls and other purebred, unaltered breeds.

In a recent case, investigators said Jones contacted a woman who needed to give up her German Shepherd. To gain her trust, Jones talked to her, told her his dog had died and spent an hour getting to know the dog. After he bought the dog, Jones posted the German Shepherd on Craigslist with his phone number. The former owner saw the ad two days later. After that, the woman found the dog on eBay Classifieds with a different phone number.

Investigators said Jones also ran a dog obedience and “personal protection” training facility in his living room. They believe he bred dogs from his clients’ purebred dogs without their knowledge or consent and profited from selling the resulting litters.

Since the investigation began, IACC has received several reports of stolen dogs. One victim bought back a purebred puppy after seeing it on Craigslist and immediately had the dog micro-chipped.

As for Ceazer—the dog whose disappearance sparked the investigation—Jones ended up dumping him before investigators closed in. Someone found Ceazer, had his microchip analyzed and made arrangements with his owner to have him returned.

Investigators served an arrest warrant at Jones’ east side home in February, recovering firearms and four dogs, including two purebred German Shepherds. He’s charged with theft and being a serious violent felon in possession of firearms.

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Johnny Jones


  • Pastor Jim

    that poor dog. i hope he rots in jail. all dogs were created equally by Satan almighty, just to have him do this vile and disgusting act. Hail Satan

    • Whisper

      The people are desperate to sell/give away their dogs. He is taking aggressive dogs, training them and finding them new homes. There isn't anything wrong with that. There is something wrong if the dogs are being neglected and abused. There are several large Rescues' in California that will take free or cheap (cute or beautiful) dogs from adds on Craigslist and rehome them. The point is that the dogs will have a home.
      In this news clip, it says that the dog was returned to it's owner.. I am sorry, but she willingly gave the dog up. Rather the guy lied or not, she didn't want the dog. I think it should have gone to an all breed rescue, and not back to the first owner.

  • Sharon

    Another piece of dirt hits the market to exploit our loving animals again , These people need to be put away again and to never again work with animals .The laws need changing for the animals who will suffer needlessly . Before you buy a animal check the person out because the world is a crazy place and the animals suffers all the time because of this .We need laws to protect what we have in animal rights .I think you should have to take a exam and be licensed for this that way their is a better watch for the scammers and harder to cheat people out of their pets .Be there voice to happiness for them they can't do this only we can have a heart and don't be blind to the suffering .

    • sus

      While hard 4 me to really ever be able to trust humans. when I homed dogs.. I always asked " WHO IS your veternarian.?" If they stammer at all …. forget it … you dont get the dog..They need a reference from a vet to adopt even the muttliest mutt.. aweful…


  • MarAnn Pie

    This person who did this probably stole numerous family pets, PLEASE DON'T EVER give your pets to anyone for free on CRAIGSLIST OR anywhere else. IF someone cannot pay for your pet then they don't need it. AND SPAY and NEUTER your animals folks, also MICRO-CHIP, this can be done at a reputable vet for less than 300 dollars and at a low cost clinic for less than 100 dollars. Be responsible or DON'T get a pet.

  • bob searcy

    if you sell or give away a pet i dont figure its any of your business what becomes of the pet. can i sell you a car then tell you how to treat or maintain it? nope. i relinquished control and possession.

    • Honeybear

      That is a sad but true fact. After I sell my car it is none of my business who buys it and how much the person I sold it to sells it for. Be smart when you get rid of an animal, if you truly love the animal. If the person is stealing the animals that is different and they need to be punished.

    • Whisper

      I agree with you Bob. And at the bottom of this page , the reporter says that the Owner was returned her dog.. UM NO .. she willingly gave up the dog when she was desperate !!! That's a load of crap. This guy is providing a service, much like Purebred rescues.. taking in otherwise unwanted dogs, and finding appropriate homes for them. If the animals where being abused, which this says 'sometimes' they are keep inappropriately, then that's one thing- its a TOTAL another thing to poopoo someone for having an honest business.

  • cindy McKenzie

    This Pastor Jim is a sicko……………. they should remove his posts….. He is NOT a man of God, and should not even be called Pastor………………

  • danny

    ok take this lie down.. he was not arested for dog flipping as u call it. i dont know the guy but if u give me or someone somthing and the we sale it so what. the guy was arested for other stuff print that. stop useing animales to get people to say oh wow how sad…if the dog was being mistreated ok but come on

  • Rev Dante

    Sorry not to get off post but not all pastors preach the word of Jesus / God. I myself am a reverend and do not. Before you judge someone make sure your facts are correct.

  • Kalynda Myers

    Wait so he either bought the animals or they were given to him by the owners. How is that stealing? So there really was no merit to them getting a warrant. sounds like he has a fighting chance to get out of it if he gets a good lawyer! And please dont be an idiot and assume Im in any way condoning what he did, because I am not!!!

  • Lost for words

    This just happened to me yesterday!!! I gave someone one of my mixed Australian Shepherd puppies on Monday and was positive it was a good home! They lady brought her husband and child with her to get the puppy!! Then on Wdnesday, my 10 year old daughter found the puppy ( which was her favorite one) listed on Craigslist for $100.. I then called the lady to arrange to buy the puppy back from her and was cussed out, and my life was threatened!!!! This puppy was given to her for free!!!! May God and Karma pay these people back for the deception they bestow on people!!!!!

  • DawgLuver

    The story also states that it is believed that he impregnated dogs by use of other dogs without the owners knowledge, this is theft of services – stud service. Then when he knew their was an investigation he dumped the dog in question, a stranger found the dog and it was returned to the original owner, which is better than going to a shelter – shelters are full of dogs. The best way to avoid people like this is to have an adoption contract, stating that the animal will be not be resold or rehomed with out the original owners consent / knowledge for at least 6 months.

  • michael carson

    Jon is a good friend of mine a good man who loves dog his yours and mine I hope you get judged for all your saying this is a sick old man in need of meds sitting in jail for loving other poeples animals more then they did

  • michael carson

    I no for a fact that he would never breed with someone else’s dog because if he needed a Dam or Sire for you dumbys male,female dog he would just ask he was great rehab an training x-fight dogs for new homes

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