Plow truck driver ready to get back to his day job

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If you ask Mark Risvold, Winter weather has overstayed its welcome.

“I am done with snow,” said Risvold. “We are ready to see some blooming and see some color.  We are ready to get our guys out doing some patios and doing some landscaping.”

Risvold is a landscaper at B.A.M Outdoor and he has been setting up for the Indiana Flower and Patio Show.  This year he is pulling double-duty.

As Risvold and his team were setting up for the show, he had one eye on the weather and his cell phone nearby.  He waited for “the call.”   If Risvold got that call, he would leave the landscaping job, get behind the wheel of his plow truck and hit the streets.

“There are guys out there rolling right now, and I will probably be out there too in the next couple of hours,” said Risvold.

The Indiana Flower and Patio show’s executive director, Donell Heberer, said the snowy weather could actually increase weekend crowds.

“They are going to be dying to get in here when the show opens because we are all tired of all of this snow and cold weather,” said Heberer.

Risvold said he was working to push backyard barbecues and blooming flowers to the front of everyone’s minds, but he knew it would be a tough task as the snow fell.

“We will be pushing some snow out there later,” said Risvold.  “We will go pretty much all night, and probably all morning tomorrow.”


  • DJHB317

    We are all tired of the snow. The good thing is things must be slow for us to get a plow truck story. Sorry Joe.

  • Dennis

    Snowing is bad practice for drivers. Particularly for a giant truck driver. I'm glad to see best decision that truck driver has taken to keep up with critical situation through driving. Thanks.

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