Senate committee approves new rules for specialty license plates

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A Senate committee has approved new restrictions for specialty license plates.

The Senate’s transportation committee unanimously approved the changes with a 7-0 vote Tuesday. House Bill 1279 would create a panel to review nonprofit groups and universities that want their own specialty plates.  The bill now heads to the full Senate.

Approved specialty plates will also have to meet certain sales and reporting criteria. Groups approved for specialty plates would have to sell at least 500 a year and have a financial review once a decade. The measure also caps the total number of specialty plates at 150. The state currently offers about 100 such plates.

The House approved the proposal last month. A year ago, lawmakers made a similar push that ended in controversy over a plate from a gay youth advocacy group.

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  • william

    Dang it…… Was hoping for a heterosexual and proud plate before they put a cap on this nonsense.

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