State police to tow abandoned vehicles before winter storm hits

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INDIANAPOLIS – As winter weather bears down on Central Indiana, Indiana State Police are working to make sure abandoned cars don’t pose a safety risk.

This afternoon, the Indianapolis District will begin towing away vehicles left on the interstate system. The move is expected to help both drivers and snow plows.

“Abandoned vehicles on the interstate system during snow/ice conditions present a safety hazard for the motoring public and the INDOT snow plow drivers,” said Lt. Jon Smithers of the Indianapolis State Police Post. “Towing the abandoned vehicles removes an obstacle that the motoring public could crash into and an obstacle that a snow plow driver has to work around during the inclement weather.”

Troopers who normally start their shift at 6 a.m. will report to duty two hours earlier Wednesday because of the weather forecast. State police may adjust other shifts accordingly.

For road conditions, call 1- 800-261-7623 or visit the Indiana Department of Transportation website. Don’t call dispatch centers for road conditions because dispatchers anticipate they’ll have their hands full coordinating emergency services.