Successful pilot program aimed to help domestic abuse victims gets funded

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A groundbreaking domestic violence program is taking shape in Indianapolis.

The Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department’s program was given $900,000 by the U.S. Department of Justice to continue the successful program called Baker One.

The program identifies the top 25 worst domestic abuse offenders in the city and does not let them out of their sights or the system.

IMPD Police Captain Mark Rice said he does not want to see another domestic violence story turn deadly.

“The amount of tragedy and human toll it takes is astronomical,” said Capt. Rice.

Capt. Rice said Baker One pulls an army of resources together, including the Marion County Prosecutor’s Office, in order to protect domestic violence victims like never before.

“If you’ve been identified as a Baker One individual our office along with the partnering agencies will expend every resource necessary to make sure you are held accountable for that crime,” said Linda Major, executive director of domestic violence affairs for the Marion County Prosecutor’s Office.

The numbers are impressive.  Eighty-three offenders have been identified in the Baker One program.  Additionally, there have been 10 convictions, 19 people are awaiting trial and 16 are on parole and there about five open warrants.

A director with the Domestic Violence Network said this will be a model program for the nation and a warning for offenders.

“Saying ‘yes we are going to do this to enhance offender accountability,’” said Kelly McBride with the Domestic Violence Network.  “Yes, we are going to do this for victim safety.”

The goal is to stop domestic violence on the front end.

“It’s a proactive way to identify high risk offenders before it escalates into a serious violent assault or domestic violence homicide,” said Jennifer Reister, the IMPD liaison at the Julian Center for battered women.

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  • Jan Reece

    Impressive, Shining the light on domestic violence just might save lives & lead to accountability for abusers.

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