Youth institute holds free forum to give tips on how to deal with active shooter

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INDIANAPOLIS– Youth leaders and community organizers, who work with children and young adults before or after school and on the weekends, are invited to attend a free forum to learn how to react in unexpected or violent situations.

“With the fact that there was a shooting in Newtown, interest is high and one of the ways that youth serving agencies provide a high quality experience for children is to make sure they have a save environment,” said Glenn Augustine, Indiana Youth Institute. “So this is a way for us to bring in an expert about this topic and determine if those are pieces that they want to incorporate into their own plans.”

A police officer will describe ways to react in the event that a shooter is on the loose in a building with children and how to prevent an attack from happening. Participants will learn about the five steps in the A.L.I.C.E program, which stands for Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter and Escape.

Experts in suicide prevention will offer ways to identify children, who may be suffering from issues after a traumatic incident like school violence.

The Indiana Youth Institute has already hosted a similar event in Northern Indiana and has other upcoming events on its calendar that offer resources to people who work with children.

The event is at 11:30 a.m. at the Athenaeum Foundation, which is located at 401 E. Michigan St.


  • John Browning

    I have 5 better steps to deal with these situations…

    Grip – Lift – Click – Slap – Look

    Those are Col. Jeff Cooper's 5 steps of a proper gun draw. STOP disarming the good people. Let them defend themselves!

  • Steven L. Wilson, Sr

    Classrooms have have special handles on the doors that are called 'Classroom Lock' which are locked from the outside and unlocked from the inside. The doors into the classrooms should always be locked.

    Teachers need to have and carry a wireless panic emergency button, similar to what alarm companies sell. When an emergency arises the panic button can be depressed signaling school security or even the police to respond. This is a very cheap per unit. It can also be used to help locate someone in the school as one after another teacher presses the panic in their area.

    Each school room needs to have an emergency escape window. We have them in school buses. The window is secure from the outside, but inside it can be easily opened or pushed out in the event of an emergency allowing an entire classroom to escape a threat and be escorted away from the building by security or the police.

    If a shooter is in the school hallways and can't get into a locked classrooms (remember the doors usually have Lexan glass in them), the threat is lowered. And if the teacher and the students have a means of escape through an emergency window and are taught how to use it, the entire classroom may have a chance to survive.

    If the panic button is used ONLY for a serious threat and notification of the button identifies the classroom, then security or the police will know which room to respond to or be able to track the bad guy from room to room somewhat. Nothing is foolproof, but doing nothing is the proof of a fool.

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