Zionsville firefighter found deceased at Boone Co. farm

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An investigation is underway to determine the cause of death of a Zionsville firefighter and paramedic.

Officials with the Zionsville Fire Department said Cody Richardson, 26, was found unresponsive at a farm in northern Boone County on Monday. Richardson had just completed his shift at Zionsville Fire Station 91 at 7 a.m. and was found deceased later that day.

Richardson joined the fire department as a part-time firefighter and EMT in September 2007. He was hired fulltime the following year.  Officials said he later went through paramedic school and became a firefighter and paramedic with the Zionsville Fire Department.

“Cody will truly be missed,” said Fire Chief James VanGorder in a news release. “Our thoughts and prayers are with his wife, family and friends.”

Funeral arrangements are pending.


  • Bud

    Our sympathies to his family and friends and God bless Cody.

    I and others will be following details of this to determine if this may be due to post toxic exposure.

  • Really??

    Cody was an amazing young man, from an amazing family. This is a tragic loss, which has been ruled natural causes. There is no need to speculate on a forum. I pray you are never in a situation where you lose a bright and shining star and have random strangers speculate on the cause of death……it's heartless.

    • Bud

      Hi there,

      I am truly sorry for the loss of this young man and do not mean to offend anyone.

      I wrote to gain perspective due to the fact I to am a firefighter and also a safety officer. This is a valid concern of those who work with or around toxic materials.

  • ?????

    To the person that wrote "did he kill himself" Cody did more in 2 weeks than what you probably did your whole life. This kid never had failure in his head and he always pushed for excellence. One of the most loving people i have ever met and you would have loved to have him as a friend.

    • ????

      Thank you for posting that! I hate when people here things on the news, they always think the worst! He was a very loving person, I've have known his family since high school, and have known Cody since he was a little child, good Christian family!!!

  • ??????

    He did not kill himself, I was one of his best friends so he wouldn't kill himself with so many friends.

    • andrea

      Very invalid argument. People commit suicide everyday no matter how many friends they have. but I also knowing Cody could never imagine him doing that. but thank you everyone for the prayers! im praying for everyone as well!! RIP bub…

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