Boy in Superman shirt falls 3 stories, is unhurt

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  • Tiffany

    Yulp, thats it! Its all the shirt, or how about just maybe God has his hand upon this little and protected him. God protects his angels!

    • RWL

      Then why does god let sooooo many other children die, get beaten, molested…? Does he drop the ball on all the others?

      You do not have a clue.

      It might be that he is helping someone make a touchdown.

      The Bible does have the answer and you do not have it.

  • Mystic Gohan

    Tiff, humans do not become angels. Angels were created a long time before man was. When you die, you don't magically grow wings and become an Angel. Christians are such retards…..

  • Bev

    Glad he was not hurt, but wondering if he jumped purposely because he had that shirt on. Parents need to remind young children that they do not possess super powers and they can not fly! We reminded our son of that when he was little. He would run across the room and jump and try to fly like Superman. We saw a potential danger in that he might try to jump from a height that could prove dangerous.

  • ClanSmokeJaguar

    How do we not know the boy carries the "meta-gene" in him and is not in fact a meta-human?

    Maybe he survived because his latent abilities protected him. Maybe he threw up a force field that helped him survive or caused a gust of wind to keep him aloft.

  • silistra

    I would think it probably matters what he landed on when he fell… like maybe some bushes to break his fall and muddy soft ground as opposed to hard concrete.

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