Man accused of killing 13-year-old appears in court

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The man accused of killing a teenager on the city’s east side made his final pre-trial court appearance Wednesday.

Glenn Beard goes to trial in two weeks for the murder of 13-year-old Jarrell Tucker. Tucker was killed last summer.

Beard claimed Tucker and a friend tried to rob him but he denies fatally shooting the boy.

Shortly after Tucker’s death, Beard’s home on North Denny Street was deliberately set on fire twice.


  • StarlettMiller

    Not a very good representation of the original story. "The 13year old" and his thug friend gang members had been terrorizing the neighborhood and even more specifically Beard and his family for weeks. "The 13 year" old even had been arrested for robbery in the weeks before his demise.

    • John Doe

      Raciest muthfuckers in the world what about u white muthfuckers killing people in the movie theater or your klan brother blowing up the federal building piece of shits

  • StarlettMiller

    In Marion County (Indianapolis) 2012
    114 homicides
    1 indian (dot)
    3 yellow
    6 brown
    30 white
    74 black

    • Ms A

      You are going to keep using that name and the same might happen to you
      Unless you have comeback from the dead, a very dangerous game you are
      Playing Ms StarlettMiller

  • Juvene Cooley

    No matter what he had no right to kill a 13 yr. old child!!!!!!!!!!!!! Even if he had been in trouble before!! Tons of children do some stupid things, thats just apart of growing up.. Loser!!

    • Epyon

      So explain this, you are held at gunpoint by a teenager, he's already fired the gun so you know it's loaded and you're in no way able to get help. You just going to let him do waht he wants to you? Might wanna kidnap you and take you on a ATM-money grabbing spree and then pop you in the head in the car then ride off with it. It's no matter who has a gun aimed at you, they are a threat upon your life and should be handled accordingly.

  • Epyon

    ALso, Starlett, tone it down a little you're coming off as a bigot and people are going to react negatively to it.

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