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Wet snowfall weighing down area roofs

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With the temperature warming up over the next few days the snow will start melting.  That can mean problems for homeowners. Already, repair crews are getting booked.

Randy Rinear said one word described this latest round of snow.

“Heavy,” said Rinear.  “I have seen a lot of branches broken.”

All that weight is now resting on his roof.  It makes Randy a little uneasy.

“I have been a carpenter for 30 years and it does do a lot of stress on the rafters,” said Rinear.

Grover Upton of Upton’s Roofing has seen dozens of storms like this one.  He has been roofing for more than 30 years.

“1978 was the real big one,” said Upton.  “We had major ice. It pulled everything down, trees down, caved roofs in.”

Upton said along with the added load of all that snow, possibly thousands of pounds was the refreezing of that snow.

“Normally, when you have a snow like this it could double, if not triple the weight on the roof depending on how thick that snowfall was,” said Upton.

Upton said icicles may be nice to look at, but they could the beginning of what is called an “ice dam.”  Water freezes in the gutter, pressure builds, the ice backs up and starts pushing under shingles.

Grover Upton: “That can back up and create that dam system.”
Reporter: “That is where you get the flooding and there is where it really starts to do some damage?”
Grover Upton: “Correct.”

Rinear said he always keeps one eye on his roof after every storm.  He said it was better to fix his roof, than replace it completely.

“Before it falls in on your head,” said Rinear.  “It is really advisable to do that.”


  • Carl Picman

    How long has snow fallen on Indiana in the winter? We are just now realizing this? What rock has people been living under? Pathetic!

    • CJr

      Its not like this is not good information. There are first time home owners That may have never read this information, so visiting it every once and a while is nice for those who do not know.

      • ClanSmokeJaguar

        While true it's hardly news worthy. A news channel isn't the proper place for home maintenance tips I would think and if so perhaps Fox59 should develop a FAQ for homeowners.

  • Tom

    The fact remains that some people are ignorant of the effects of heavy snow fall combined with the freezing and thawing cycles that are part of the transitional weather patterns we experience here in Indiana this time of the year. How often do the the average home owner look up.

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