SWAT standoff underway as police close in on suspect in fatal bar shooting

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A SWAT standoff is underway on the city’s northeast side as authorities close in on the suspect in a fatal bar shooting early Thursday morning.

Authorities responded to the Value Place motel at 9515 Pendleton Pike at approximately 11:40 a.m., after an officer saw a vehicle matching the description of the suspect’s car.

Police told Fox59 they believe Brian Fegley, 41, is alone and barricading himself in a room.

Fegley is wanted in connection with the shooting death of 33-year-old Elisha McAfee, who was killed at the Free Spirit Lounge inside the Dollar Inn on the city’s northeast side.

According to the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department report, Fegley is the roommate of McAfee’s mother. The shooting stemmed from an argument, according to McAfee’s wife, who said Fegley shot her husband while they were leaving the bar.

Fox59 will update the story as more information becomes available.

elisha mcafee

Victim Elisha McAfee


  • martinstucky

    Holy crap! What a place to die, the Free Spirit Lounge at the Dollar Inn. If I was ever shot there I hope somebody would drag my body to the Lowe's parking lot so I could die with some dignity.

  • YouKnowMyNameFool

    Brian isn't right in the head, this dude was involved in a very serious motorcycle accident when he was 13-14yrs old and was run over by a vehicle. He's never been the same since. I don't expect him to come out of this situation alive (unfortunately)…

    • Guest

      Brian used to be a customer of mine and he does has have issues. This whole situation is just sad.

    • ClanSmokeJaguar

      He also has muppet-like goo-goo-googly eyes!

      If you look at him and try to talk you'd go crazy trying to look him in the eyes!

      • Youknowmynamefool

        Who said anything about excuse? Think about what you read before shooting off accusations. I never said anything about excuse. You know what they say when you ASSUME…(you probably don't).

  • Johnna

    It doesn't matter what happen when he was 13-14 yrs old what matters is what is happen now.. Right in the head or not not an excuse for killing a person!!
    Prayers go out to Elisha family

    • GuestName

      I agree….May God be with Eli's family and Brian's for having to go thru this. I wouldn't wish anything like this on anyone no matter who they are.

    • YouKnowMyNameFool

      Who said anything about excusing him? All I said is he hasn't been right in the head since. Don't jump to conclusions moron

    • Tragic

      Kind of does matter what happened to him back then. Had he received adequate health / mental care after his accident, maybe this would not have happened. Tragic nonetheless…

  • O'Hara

    So what are the police waiting for? Shoot a concussion or a smoke bomb through the window. What is there to negotiate?

  • D,MAN

    Y drag the body to LOWES…. The Hospital right across the street….. Somebody try and Save somebody

  • Hmmm

    Judging by the pic of the victim, I'm thinking he's not looking so 'badass' anymore…. My gut feeling is he started something that this other guy ended…..

    • KrisE

      You have no idea what kind of person he was, we used to work together and we were friends. He was a good, nice, funny guy and was murdered in front of his wife and mother. You are very rude.

  • Island girl

    Hmmm moron!
    You didn't know Eli so have no right to say anything.
    He did not act like a 'badass'. He was a super nice young man!
    Your GUT is wrong!

    • Whocares

      And that's the best picture they can come up with? Looks like he had an attitude. Hanging out at a s@@thole bar till 1am on a work night doesn't impress many either. Priorities man….priorities….

      • KrisE

        He worked there and they took the image from facebook. I bet his mom and wife were focusing on other matters, like his son. And telling his brothers and sisters what happened. You people are disgusting. He was trying to protect his wife and mother from the asshole and was trying to walk away from the fighting. He would have done anything for anyone, even a stranger.

      • Yep

        Arguing for an hour (as reported) is not walking away….far from it. If he worked there then why didn't he call the police? He endangered everyone and esculated the situation by continuing to argue. He wasn't protecting anyone except his ego and lacked the knowledge to call authorities if the situation at hand was truly an issue of 'protecting'.

        I'm sure Eli was a nice person, but common sense was not a strong point for all parties involved here.

      • Hmmm

        Wait, his wife and mom were at this bar and he has a son??? Outstanding!!!!

        Sounds like someone should've been home taking care of their son, not hanging out at a bar…. I'm sure both didn't work there

  • island girl

    They arrested the MURDERER. Too damn bad they didn't kill him so the taxpayers didn't have to pay for his room, board and public defender, and save the family from having to go thru a trial. What a shame he's still alive and Eli is gone!

  • benice2people

    It's sad all of this happened. Sorry to all the families involved. I knew Brian and he was a very good guy. I'm shocked this all happened.
    Everyone hurts right now – many are in deep pain over this so please be nice on your comments.
    My prays to all.

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