Brownsburg High School grad arrested in California

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Fox News reports a 20-year-old UCLA student and Brownsburg High School graduate was behind bars today, jailed in lieu of $100,000 bail after his arrest for allegedly trying to rape a woman following a party at the Theta Chi fraternity house, campus police said.

Police responded around 2:30 a.m. Friday to a call about an aggravated assault, which turned out to be the suspect choking the victim at the fraternity house, just west of the UCLA, campus police said.

Paul Meyer was arrested at the fraternity house without incident for suspicion of attempted murder, campus police said Saturday morning. The department in the afternoon clarified that statement, and said the suspect was booked for suspicion of assault with intent to commit rape and false imprisonment.

The victim, a female UCLA student, was treated and released at Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center, campus police said.



  • Chuck Dean

    Pardon the expression folks…with all of the whores walking the streets, what where you thinking of young man? You have committed something that will stick to you like glue for the rest of your life and you have thrown completely away a bright future. You'll be a registered sex offender for the rest of your life, which you should be. You have tarnished the BBHS. And I'll bet your family is just devastated.
    Way to go DUMMY

    • ClanSmokeJaguar

      How do you know his future was bright? He was probably on a four year ride at college to drink, do drugs, and graduated with a worthless degree, work at walmart, and complain how bad the job situation is.

      • Bryce

        I went to high school with him and he was not like this at all, so yes, his future was bright. He was a 4.0 student who never got in trouble or did anything suspicious. Heck, we even thought he was gay because he never seemed attracted to women. He was not like this. It's a shame.

      • DT Smith

        . . . and this makes you think he is "attracted to women?" This is a predator – and I 'guaran-damn-T' you – this is not his first rodeo!

      • ClanSmokeJaguar

        Regardless of what he might have been he got caught choking the schnitz out of some girls neck and unless his daddy has lots of $$$ to get him off, he's going to pay for what he did.

    • Florida girl

      Your comment is a reason why possible rape is under reported. "With all the whores walking the streets" Really? This wasn't her fault even if she walked naked in front of him. This young lady has been a possible victim of a very tragic and hurtful crime and you want to begin your post by insinuating that she is a whore. I hope it never happens to your mom, sister daughter, granddaughter or any other female relative. Then others might come to such harsh judgement and consider them whores too. Shame on you.

      • Slater

        Re-read his post… He is not calling the victim a whore. He is implying the young man had "options" with a prostitute.

  • TheMoreYouKnow...

    "Innocent until proven guilty." Don't believe everything you hear… Paul is 5'10", 130lbs, and isn't even a fan of the opposite sex. "Intent to commit rape" is highly unlikely from what I know (personally) of this kid.

  • BHSGRAD2011

    He did have a bright future. He was the Salutatorian of our class and really smart. He made a bad, bad decision and now he has to deal with it for the rest of his life, if he's convicted. I didn't think he was even capable of breaking a pencil, but I guess anyone can surprise you.

  • Dose of Reality

    It’s a shame that you idiots could comment on this situation without even knowing A) the individual and B) the facts. Whoever believed anything from a FOX news report anyway? Oh yes, the same people who call to report Peter Griffin as an unfit parent after watching him on TV. Check your venemous fingertips before you make damning accusatory comments about something you don’t know much about. I hope this situation, which makes absolutely no sense, if you actually know Paul, is cleared up quickly.

    • The Real Reality

      Dose, let's forget about the kid for a minute and talk about you. I know how it works in Brownsburg. I made the mistake of moving to your silly little town. Got out fast. You people are the nastiest I've ever met. You inbreed. You don't accept anyone who isn't one of you. Your schools are mediocre at best. Your sports teams, middle of the pack. Yet you make heros out of these young men. When they get in trouble, you sweep it under the rug, that is if they're white and one of you. You like to say they're "good kids" who "made a mistake." Here's the thing, Dose. He's in LA. Nobody's impressed that he's from the little town of brown.

      • anonymous

        I've lived in Brownsburg my whole life and I can vouch for your statement. I hated going to Brownsburg because the people were fake and if you didn't act like someone you clearly weren't or didn't have a high GPA you were shunned. Paul was one of those people in high school that stood up on his high horse all the time talking down to people that weren't in his little circle of friends that were "too good" for everyone else so honestly I'll believe the state of California any day over whatever Paul or his friends have to say.

      • FOR REAL

        Agreed. I was forced to move to Brownsburg as a kid and everyone there are complete snobs. I even had neighbors who were so shallow that if our outdoor cat 'rolled in their mulch' they'd mail us nasty letters (yes, actually mail them when they live right next to us).
        A lot of brownsburg residents give off the 'I'm better than you, I can afford the world' attitude and treat people like crap. Even if you're just saying a friendly 'Happy Halloween,' they don't even give a smile or recognition.
        I miss the towns where people actually acted like people and respected others.

      • Dose of Reality

        I’m not from the town of Brown or wherever you’re talking about so your entire comment is irrelevant. I’m also not one the individuals in question here – one being Paul & the other being this mystery girl, who has NOT been named & not had her name soiled by the media. But thanks to her alleged accusation, Paul’s name is forever tainted. Seems unfair doesn’t it? I’m simply pointing out that these are, as of this moment, unfounded allegations in an open case and that it would be foolish to make a conclusion based solely on speculation. Mind you, if anyone calls in to report that an assault, say a rape, you would be arrested and charged until you’re proven innocent or guilty. Seems almost unfair huh? Welcome to the system. But it sounds like you’ve got a bias against an individual you don’t know, which stems from a chip on your shoulder from years ago. How does your hatred for towns in the Midwest have anything to do with this case? Go find a “I hate little towns” message board & well, go to town, as they say.

      • Common

        Anonymous, does it really matter? If he knows him or not, it does not change the point he is trying to make. He's speaking in generalities. In a nation where "innocent until proven guilty" is the spoken ideology, but in reality the opposite holds true, it is just sad to see such shallow people make hollow arguments about an incident they neither know about nor a person they actually know. PS: using profanity makes your argument even more respectable, not.

  • Unconvinced

    Yeah i played soccer with this kid… No way was he gonna rape her. He mighta been arguing with her, but im pretty sure hes gay.

  • He shouldrot

    He chocked her, bit her in the face multiple times. He did try to rape her he tried to kill her. Can't wait to he gets his rath in prison.

  • anonymous

    I graduated with him. never liked him but never saw this. but who really does? and yeah I thought he was gay as well but rape is NOT about sexual desires. its about power.

  • anonymous

    I graduated with this guy. Was not nice to me in high school or a lot of other people for that matter. I don't feel sorry for him one bit.

    • reply

      I could understand why he would not be nice to you. I mean, what kind of loser has the time to stalk on a pathetic news station such as FOX59 and complain about how "someone they went to high school with" was not very nice to them. I mean come on. Get out of your mother's basement and get a life.

  • notshocked

    I too, graduated with this kid. Highly disrespectful and cruel. Sadly, I can believe this happened. No way he'd be able to get a girl with the way he treated others.

    • Shocked

      I know Paul quite well, and he did stand on a high horse. He thought he was smarter than a lot of people, and he was quite rude to a lot of people as well. But I don't think you REALLY understand why he was so cold at times. He was constantly harassed and bullied in high school for being different and not the self egotists like Robbie Van or Purdy. If you truly knew him, which I am guessing you don't, you would know that he was both a kind and smart. These characteristics are self evident by how many actual friends he had.

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