One in critical condition after stabbing

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One person is in critical condition after being stabbing early Saturday morning.

Officials say the call came in at about 15 minutes before 5 a.m., for a person stabbed in the 8100 block of East 36th Place.

Dispatchers confirm the person is in critical condition. However the injuries are believed to be non-life threatening.


  • StarlettMiller

    Very close to where the pizza guy shot the kid that was trying to rob him a few days ago…

    Very close to a couple of relatively recent homicides.

    I wonder, just what it is about this area that makes is so dangerous?

    • martinstucky

      Get over it Starlett, how about the white trash trailer park residents who blew up a whole neighborhood?

      • StarlettMiller

        Hmmmmm…Let's see…Three idiots conspire to defraud an insurance company by destroying an insured property; in the process of that they blow up a house and most of the surrounding houses killing two people.

        National news!… Homeland security alerted! Fighter jets scrambled and almost every government agency imaginable has to file some sort of report!

        That happens… What?… Once every hundred years?

        Comments like this really are irrelevant to this story and nothing more than a feeble attempt to draw attention away from the point of the original comment and the FACTS.

        A great many terrible things happen in this area almost EVERY DAY and there really is only one reason.

        The culture that dominates the area is mean, murderous and there is a multitude of people on the fringes of that culture that try to divert attention away from it by making ridiculous comparisons to other spectacular events that are really incomparable.

      • RedState_Vet

        So you reply to an ignorant racist comment with another ignorant racist comment. Nice going, chief.

    • Ms C

      Any body can be a nigger including you so who are you talking about
      Are do you know the true meaning of the word
      Lol at this fooool

      • jjj

        Sometimes you need some dumbass from Martinsville to step in and tell the truth. Directly, instead of hinting around like everyone else.

        Of course it still won't solve the problem, but it's a great explanation.

    • mary gonzalez

      I see that you are really just trying to get the atttention that your mama never gave youbut I wass just in Fountian Square area today and that is white hood over there. To guys fighting in the street in front of my car. Whitey mcwitersones do stupid thigs to dont they?

  • William

    Restrict all knives sales. Ban any knife over 1 inch and lastly collect and criminalize the possession and sale of any pocket knife that has more than 3 blades. Including finger nail file.

  • jazzhound

    Ah, the old Remington knife with lock blade, works absolutely flawless, especially when one is out of ammo and wally is out too!

    • 'Thor'

      Chris, Starlett does, but the focus is the homicide (murder for the low-informed) rate.That is just one catagory of criminal activity. You got to pay attention.

      • Chris

        I've never read it Thor!!! He or she doesnt and you know she doesnt it. I'll bet she didnt mention the white guy who killed someone at a hotel this week

    • FeelSorry4u

      If they take the drugs away, how will they lock untold numbers of niggers, for dealing and possessing the crap we bring here just to incarcerate them, to give them felonies that remove them from job consideration or the voting process, whiere we manipulate politicians to make laws which further restrict their ability to gain employment or enjoyment we gotta keep an avenue open to rid ourselves of these pests

  • Bev

    I see the interns from the Star are now editing your copy..

    'One person is in critical condition after being stabbing early Saturday morning.'

  • news blues

    Please somebody help me. I've been over come by all of the stupid remarks. Oh, wait a minute, cancel the ambulance, I just realized that this is where High School drop-outs come to vent!
    I could still use some oxygen.

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