Apollo Global Management purchases Hostess brands

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Hostess has a new owner.  Apollo Global Management, run by billionaire Leon Black, put the only bid on Hostess ahead of Monday’s deadline.

Black’s firm now owns Twinkies, Ho-Hos, Donettes and Dolly Madison brands.

The New York Post says, though, that this may not be promising for the 18,000 Hostess workers who lost their jobs when production stopped in Nov. 2012.

It  turns out the new owner plans to hire third party drivers for deliveries and it’s rumored that most of the baking will be done at existing plants,  not  at the dozens of Hostess bakeries going unused right now.

Twinkies and other Hostess snacks could be back on store shelves by September.


  • Michelle

    AWWW! I want a HoHo or Susie Q. and Ding dongs Oh Lord. LOL!
    Happy Dance. PLEASEEEEE! Make the coconut cake again. And love the cherry rolls.
    We were #1 fans of Hostess. Congratulations Leon Black.

  • Don

    what about all those people that use to work at hostess. They have families. I feel sorry for them. So if they do not get hired and given there jobs back I just dont think I will be eating any of there stuff

    • Euki

      Why would you feel sorry for a bunch of workers who would not do fair negotiations and ran a company into bankruptcy. Had they taken the deal they would still have their jobs. Unions are the downfall of this country.

      • Jazz

        Not necessarily. The union was only trying to protect the workers pension. How would YOU like it if you worked somewhere for 30+ years and when you retired didn't get any benefits? Does that seem fair? When you have a family, its necessary to find a job with benefits/pensions. Sure if you're lucky enough to be making mega bucks as a lawyer or some other well paying job the unions seem like a hassle. But what about the families that aren't lucky enough to have jobs such as that? They still need to be able to support themselves as well wouldn't you think? Just a thought..

      • Bakery worker

        No just sorry people that run their mouth and know nothing about negotiations. They workers gave the company 3.00 dollars an hour back and they wanted more.

      • Little Guy

        The company was going into bankruptcy regardless of what the workers did, all the workers wanted was to keep their wages at a $15.00 average and wanted the money they had invested in a retirement plan. Doesn't seem that unfair to me. Know what your talking about before being another anti union republican that wont be happy til all workers are making minimum wages so all the CEOs and board members can be millionaires while squeezing the little guy into poverty.

      • Tammy Davis

        That's what it's coming to the company's will end up doing away the unions and if you strike to stand up for your rights your going to lose your jobs just like we did then what are you going to do go out get a job that pays 9 or 10 dollars an hour because that's all that's out there and you will be lucky if they call you alot of us aren't 25 no more companies want young people not half a century old

      • ClanSmokeJaguar

        Regardless of circumstances and what-not, the union fools threw the baby out with the bathwater.

        I'll bet that $3.00/hour less sounds really attractive versus unemployment and trying to find a job in this market with little to no marketable skills.

    • Tammy Davis

      Thank you that means a lot to us I think we should be the first ones to be called back because some of us didn't want to strike some of us crossed the line trying to keep the COLUMBUS bakery open I want my job back so bad I miss my honeybuns

    • robyn

      Excuse me Euki, you speak of things you dont know, 2 years ago the employees gave up 200 dollars a week , it was said it was going to be used to update equipment and plants none of that was done, but the higher ups used it as bonus money for themselves , this time they wanted to take more money away from us, sooner or later you have to stand up for what is right and say no, working sometimes 10 to 14 hours a day you want a fair wage

      • Keith hall

        Right you are ,robyn.Dont you just love people that talk about something they know nothing about. The only time it matters is when it is coming out of their pocket. Hostess/Drakes ceo's have always been crooks! Oh,and liars.

      • lou

        amen! it has always been that way! everytime the contracts would come around we the workers always had to give up something and the company never gave anything back! i thank god that my husband retired when he did, as well as myself. our son was working at the time when they closed he was there sixteen years, with a family, my heart goes out to ALL who lost those who lost their jobs. god must have a better plan for everyone involved!

    • Keith Hall

      Right on the { MONEY} DON ! seems nobody cares about the american worker anymore.The companies that can run the company into the ground,this country,ect. One way to fix this country ,is to stop letting morons do so,and take all the money for themselves !The only time anybody cares about something like this is when it hits home .this country is run by a bunch of theives !

  • guest

    LOVE DingDongs!!! Bring them back soon! (and my husband and daughter want the chocolate do-nuts back too)

  • MisH

    Wow have I missed Twinkies!!! …..and about all the people who lost their jobs….too bad the Unions didn’t care enough to save their jobs

    • Keith Hall

      You are right about unions this day and age.That's what happens when the union is in bed with the company ! I guess nobody is suppose to stand up for what's right,or maybe it doesn't matter in this countrin 2013 .

  • Bigb73

    Unions are for people who can't negotiate for themselves. Geez people, learn to negotiate for yourselves.

    Prime examples are everywhere. I will agree Unions were the backbone of the middle class until they got greedy like corp. CEO's. Then they just protected the lazy and products became to expensive. What a shame.

    • Keith Hall

      NO,sorry not correct . Who needs a union,because they just take your money.Just do your job the best you can and the hell with them .Keep the money in your pocket and tell them to stick it where the sun don't shine !

  • ClanSmokeJaguar

    >It turns out the new owner plans to hire third party drivers for deliveries and it’s rumored that most of the baking will be done at existing plants,

    LOL! All of those union thugs went on strike, gambling someone else would pick up the Hostess brand and give in to their demands.

    This is rich and they deserve exactly what they got…which is no job!

    Good luck finding work fools! Not sure there's much need for overpaid workers who squirt cream filling into snack cakes.

    • Keith Hall

      Wow,what do you do for a living,shithead ? Your what I was talking about before when I said it only matters when it's coming out of your pocket ! Go play in traffic!

      • ClanSmokeJaguar

        I have 20+ years experience in a technical field plus even more exploring the field on my own.

        It'll be a long time coming before my pockets are affected cream squirter! lol

      • ClanSmokeJaguar

        I may be a douche but I'm smart enough not to engineer the demise of my job with little to no hope of finding another any time soon.

        Call it what you will. Stand by your principles. What these morons did is stupid and they deserve unemployment.

      • mary

        You're an idiot….no one deserves unemployment…you have no idea what little amount of money Hostess was paying their employees while the CEO's were making millions…some lost their jobs after 28 years of service of working 12 and 13 hour days…you need to get your facts straight and your head our of your a__. You an fill in the blanks if you're smart enough to!!!

      • ClanSmokeJaguar

        You're right. No one deserves unemployment.

        However, people who do everything they can to sabotage their employers deserve everything they get.

        And really! If the situation was that bad at the company then maybe the former employees should have found work elsewhere. Doesn't that make sense?

        Oh yah…not too many people looking for cream filling squirters making above minimum wage.

      • mary

        There's the business end of the company, IDIOT!!!! You contradict yourself….you say don;t strike because there are no jobs out there…That;s WHY some people tough it out and WORK long hours to have insurance and a pension…then they take it all away in a heart beat…you now say go look for another job if this one was so bad when you know they are not out there!!! Not all employees were your so-called cream filling squirters!!!! That is the most degrading remark you can make about those workers. Agai,. you are an IDIOT1111

  • Isaiah

    WHOOOO!!!!! Twinkies are coming back… I can't wait for it I hope they make everything again because it's about time. The best snack cake industry LOL.

  • tim

    like to see how many of you people saying how these guys and gals are lazy would go out and work 70 hours a week delivering twinkies to all the consumers, when your contract says 50 hours a week. YOur management makes you stuff shelves full of product that will not sell instead of what you know will becuase it is your market and your consumers, costing you time and money, before you talk about why somebody does what they do for thier jobs spend a day in thier cold or hot trucks with absolutley no heat or air. i worked for hostess for 4 years and left because of the work conditions i do not blame these men and women for standing up for thier rights. The only blame is on the managment and gredy CEO's who worked thier people do death way beyond thier contracts for far to long. Look up the facts before you speek out of your ass!!

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