Audit: Former Beech Grove mayor used taxpayer money on campaign video

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A Central Indiana mayor is accused of spending taxpayer money on campaign videos.

An audit released by the state Tuesday showed financial irregularities in Beech Grove.

The audit showed that former Mayor Joe Wright used tax money in 2007 to make a campaign video. Auditors asked wright for the money and he reimbursed the city for the video.

There’s no word if criminal charges will be filed in the case.


  • Big Sexy

    He should have used all the traffic ticket revenue Beech Grove generates. Just drive down S. Emerson and you will see radar on nearly every corner.

  • Armed Citizen

    Also, wasn't there a story on the news about a judge that fined a couple because they did not have their handicap placard hanging from their mirror while parked in an handicap parking spot at the Beech Grove Walmart. During the trial it was determined they did have the proper placard it just feel of the mirror when they opened the door. I believe I-team 8 from channel 8 news was there to cover the story. When the reporter and the cameraman followed the judge to his car, it was parked in the handicap spot without a handicap placard. When the reporter asked where is your placard he said he forgot to put it on his mirror. She then asked him why it was ok for him to park in the handicap spot without his placard but he fined a couple who clearly had the proper placard, he responded by saying "I didn't get caught did I"

  • Debby

    I grew up in BG, lived across the street from Mayor Geshwiler, fine man! Finally we have another fine guy, Dennis Buckley back in charge. Maybe things will turn around now. My mom (Jackie M) ran the snack bar at BG Bowl and thought the world of Dennis, like he was her own son. Dennis' integrity as Mayor will make things OK again.

  • Fair

    Least he paid it back… doesn't make him any less of a baaaaaad boy. Ya just shouldn't do things like that, that'll come back to bite you.

  • kevein roessler

    Hey Debby, your fine man Dennis Buckley just paid a campaign contributor $16,000 to count our trash cans. he broke the law by spending 16,000 to do it without it going thru the city council by law. You know how he got around the law? He declared counting the trash cans as an emergency so that he could give a no bid job to someone who gave around 800.00 to his campaign. Another one Debby, Buckley whines about the debt the previous mayors put us in but right after he got in office he put the city another 2 million in debt himself. same game, different players.

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