Crane Naval Base employees plan first protest due to sequester

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Civilian employees at Crane naval base are taking unprecedented action by planning a widespread protest, which could be the first in the history of the naval base.

The public doesn’t often get to see much about the work that goes on inside the Naval Support Activity Crane, but on Friday, some of the 3,500 plus civilian workers will take their frustrations with sequester furloughs to the public right outside the front gate.

“We’re all going to struggle,” said Tamara Dickens, a representative for the Army side of the American Federation of Government Employees Local 1415.

Dickens and Mary Crow, who represents the Navy side of the AFGE Local 1415, will be among those gathering on Friday to protest just outside the main entrance to the NSA Crane.

“We have people that have been deployed,” Crow said. “The Army side works with bombs. We do a lot of things for the military and when we see Congress get on television and say that this sequestration is not affecting anybody, well they’re not cutting their pay by 20 percent.”

Crow said employees have already dealt with a three-year pay freeze, but if Congress doesn’t act soon, a 22-day furlough will go into effect in late April. They will lose roughly 20 percent of their pay until September. That could have a far reaching impact.

“It’s not just going to affect the people here that work for the government,” Dickens said. “It’s going to also affect the communities.”

“Crane is the largest employer in the surrounding counties and Davis, Martin, Lawrence and Greene are going to be devastated by this because you’re talking around $45 million that’s not going to be going into the economy,” Crow said, “plus the reduction in the tax base for these counties and the entire state.”

After years of working in a place where politicians often visit, Dickens said she simply hopes they listen to this message.

“Don’t forget the people here in the small towns that voted for you, that put you into office,” she said. “You were put there by being voted for and, you know what, you can be removed.”

Friday’s protest will run from 11 a.m. until 12 p.m. in the parking lot of the Lonely Night Saloon, near Crane’s main gated entrance off Ind. 231.


    • Marvin the Martian

      the math works out to the average employee making $64,285 a year. For a federal installation, that wouldn't surprise me.

    • CR

      Okay who wants the raw numbers? Indiana is about to lose more than $67 Million in taxable income.
      If I were a reporter, I would ask the Governor or any Indiana Representative “Which programs have you decided to cut since you will be working with $67 million less in taxable revenue”

      As calculated by DMDC. Here is the Estimated Gross “Taxable” Income Loss for just Indiana…
      Total Statewide DOD APPROPRIATED FUND CIVILIAN GROSS Income loss
      FY12 Payroll: $792,066,373
      Est. 20% DOD Furlough: -$67,021,001
      Est. FY13 Payroll: $725,045,372

  • RedState_Vet

    One more time- The Sequester is a reduction in spending INCREASE, not a spending cut. The trainee-in-chief is deliberately targeting "cuts" that will cause the most pain for the most people for purely partisan political gain. He does not give a damn about the country.

  • ClanSmokeJaguar

    >“We’re all going to struggle,”

    No I'm not but thanks for the feeble attempt to paint your decrease income into a all encompassing catastrophe for everyone.

    You sound like president 0bama and it is him with whom you need to make your protestations apparent for it is he who is the genesis behind the bullsheet and lies.

    Now do WTH a lot of people have done in these struggling times; turn off or decrease your cable package, stop eating out so much, decrease your cell phone package…etc.

    • jonace

      Clamsmokerjackass, all the land around the Crane gate is federal property. I don't think things would end well with a large group of people protesting at the front gate of a ammunitions manufacturing and storage depot. Oh yeah, I didn't vote for barry. B.A!!

      • ClanSmokeJaguar

        Jonace. You aren't very bright…are you?

        That sounds like some sort of threat. Are you union thugs planning some sort of violent protest? Is that the plan?

  • Kenton Graber

    i wish someone would spell check the counties, have been Indiana resident since birth been here 55 plus years. Never heard of Davis County. The correct county should be Daviess.

  • Scott

    "Friday’s protest will run from 11 a.m. until 12 p.m. in the parking lot of the Lonely Night Saloon, near Crane’s main gated entrance off Ind. 231."

    It's nice to see they are holding a protest at a bar, and I bet they have enough money to go in and have drinks during and after the protest. Not feeling sorry for you.

    • Connie Alsman

      Really Scott? I work at Crane and am a single Mother making it on my own and I can asure you it will impact my Family so much that I wont be able to keep my bills paid. And I dont Drink..IF You work and If you pay your own bills and work hard to keep a Family then you would see what damage it can do, then maybe you would have a little compassion…Heartless..

    • Phil Scott

      I was there and can tell you for a fact that no one was drinking. I know I don't have the money to waste on bars. This locale was picked because it was the closest gathering spot that could legally be used (i.e. not on Federal Property). I guarantee that people like you who think it's so funny to see Federal workers getting the shaft will be the greatest crybabies once they realize that sequestration will hurt them as well.

  • Yo Mr Torg

    There's really nowhere close outside the main entrance, other than that Saloon, unless they just sat in the grass on the side of the road.

    For the person who said it won't hurt everyone else – the government is cutting 20% of their salaries. That's 20% they won't be spending in our local economy. If you don't own a local business, it might not hurt you, but it will hurt local businesses.

    • ClanSmokeJaguar

      >t might not hurt you, but it will hurt local businesses.

      I know something else that will hurt local businesses…permanently; Runaway spending by the federal government to the point of financial insolvency.

      Do you support that?

  • concerned

    These cuts also affect our Defense, If we were to go to battle again, We wouldnt be able to suppport the warfighter, because were on furlough, I wouldnt want my Family to be in the Military now, to unstable….But your all right on your comments, it wont affect you, ha

  • Dr David

    Thank your Boss for the One Extra Day per week Off and No Over Time… You forget it was Obama who started the Sequester and then Failed the American People so he could win Points and further try to Destroy the GOP, its nothing but Politics, so Yeah Write who you want but your Boss is to Blame. How about Firing that SOB?

  • cptwayne

    When a country becomes bankrupt, defense will suffer. The Naval Depot people have been generously paid through the years and should be thankful for full-time employment for such a long time. Being born into this world, unfortunately, involves accepting a certain amount of suffering. Gauge your suffering against those who are less fortunate. Keep your dignity, help those in need and see what you can really do without.

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