Dog that was shot twice, abandoned gets new home

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An abandoned dog found suffering from two gunshot wounds in early February has a new home.

Terry Lynn admits she is a sucker when it comes to animals.

“I always like the hard luck stories,” Lynn said. “The sad stories.”

When Lynn learned about Cupid, it was the kind of hard luck story that captured her attention.

“And every now and then just an animal attracts my heart, and he did,” said Lynn.

Cupid, an American bulldog, was shot twice in the stomach with a handgun and left for dead in Westfield, Ind. The bulldog, who earned his name because he was found close to Valentine’s Day, was in bad shape.

“It really makes me real angry,” Lynn said.  “I can’t image shooting it in the first place, but to leave it hurt, I don’t understand people like that at all.”

However, destiny had other plans for Cupid. He managed to follow a little boy home from school that day and collapsed on his front porch.  A city worker picked him up and he was rushed to the vet for emergency surgery.

“He’s a very lucky boy,” said Rebecca Stevens, executive director of the Humane Society of Hamilton County.  “One of the bullets entered through his front leg and exited his chest, and the other one went through his upper abdomen and actually lodged [in his] sternum.”

The bullets missed all his vital organs, but a pellet from a BB gun is still stuck in his back.
However, the dog is doing great now.  His wounds are healing well, and most importantly, so is his broken heart.

“I think his heart is a lot better,” Lynn said.

When Lynn adopted him and gave him a new home, she gave Cupid a new name, Leo.

“He just kinda looks like a Leo,” said Lynn.  “I liked Cupid, but I thought once I have him out and around other dogs, calling him Cupid– he might be embarrassed.”


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