Former Greenwood police officer accused of domestic battery, kicking dog

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GREENWOOD – A former Greenwood police officer who left the force last year for personal reasons was arrested on charges of domestic battery.

Late Monday night, police received a call from the mother of Nick Dine stating that she was worried he might hurt himself or other family members. The woman said she’d received a text message from Dine’s girlfriend, stating that Dine had hit her. The text said the girlfriend was hiding in a back bathroom to keep away from Dine.

Officers responded to the home in the 800 block of Waveland Lane to check on the woman. While waiting for someone to answer the door, they heard Dine yelling. He then came outside to talk to officers, who said dine smelled “heavily of alcoholic beverage.” Dine denied reports that he wanted to hurt himself or anyone else but admitted he’d argued with his girlfriend.

Officers interviewed the victim, who told them her 29-year-old boyfriend wanted to leave the home. She said she took his keys and told him not to drive because he was drunk. This made Dine angry, and he slapped her across the face and twisted her wrist until she dropped the keys, the girlfriend said. Dine then went to sleep and appeared to calm down. When he woke up, he tried to leave again and the victim tried to stop him because he’d been drinking. At that point, she said Dine pushed her out the front door and kicked her dog.

Officers interviewed Dine’s mother and brother, who both said they were concerned about him. He went to Community South Hospital for immediate detention, police said.

While Dine was being released from the hospital Tuesday morning, officers arrested him on a domestic battery charge.

Dine has had his share of problems. In 2010—while he was an officer with the Greenwood Police Department—Dine was suspended from the force for 30 days following a confrontation outside an Applebee’s restaurant. A man confronted Dine after he left his baby alone in a car outside the restaurant. The man said Dine threatened him; investigating officers said Dine’s breath smell of alcohol.

Witnesses said Dine showed his badge and gun during that incident. He also refused to submit to a blood-alcohol test.

Charges were later dropped in the case, and Dine returned to the force after undergoing counseling. In September 2012, Dine decided to resign from the department, citing “personal reasons.”


  • Truth is...

    Finally this reject has to pay for something he has done. He is scum in my book…. He used his badge to intimidate civilians, endangered his daughter, beat on his girlfriend and kicked the dog. Seriously needs to be put in his place.

    • Nate

      You he/she do not know anything about this former officer or demons he may be fighting inside. Remember he served his community for at least 5 years prior and you have no clue what he might have seen or sacrificed to serve the public!

  • rolling eyes

    Same guy that left the kid in the car at Applebees and then went after the person that called the police.

  • CMarinewife+mommy:)

    He left the force bc he couldn't keep his butt out of trouble!! He is a bad person witha bad history and SHOULD HAVE NEVER been given a badge!

  • ClanSmokeJaguar

    Greenwood Po-po! Fire this dumb azz before he is the genesis of the city writing some future victim of him a check!

    Now, the incident in 2010 I can sort of understand but this?

    • GHS Alum

      read article, then comment. He is not on the force anymore! And you can sort of understand the 2010 incident? so it's ok to sort of endanger your child and intimidate citizens? None of his behavior is even sort of ok. He has always thrived on power and intimidation.

  • FTP

    Look at this guy. He's a bully P.O.S. This guy should have never been a cop and the power for him was intoxicating. I believe 90% abuse their powers, and 99% of cops will not turn in that 90%. Our police departments lie, cheat and violate peoples rights everyday, and the proof is in the stories and videos. Film the police always and never talk to the police. You are NOT required to EVER answer any question they ask you,…..EVER ! Record the police and if you have aa smart phone then use apps like or so the video automatically gets uploaded so a cop cant violate your rights and then go criminal by erasing your footage. and are 2 great sites that prove all that I say. COPBLOCK.ORG

  • Slayer2

    A larger percentage of the black population is on welfare but a larger share of welfare dollars goes to whites. Roughly 38 percent of the 224 million white people are on welfare. Roughly 28 percent of the 62 million black people are on welfare. Roughly 12% of 50 million hispanics are on welfare.

    Do the math. More white people on welfare than blacks. Now you do the math white trash

  • Slayer2

    Once convicted, black offenders receive longer sentences compared to white offenders. The U.S. Sentencing Commission stated that in the federal system black offenders receive sentences that are 10 percent longer than white offenders for the same crimes. The Sentencing Project reports that African Americans are 21 percent more likely to receive mandatory-minimum sentences than white defendants and are 20 percent more like to be sentenced to prison. White peoples crimes don't stick, the get to walk away with fresh start. HUMMMM

    • Nate

      Lets be real his dad is on the force and this world is about who you know in anything you do. The good ol boy system is everywhere

  • Tired of GPD

    Typical dirty GREENWOOD POLICE …They always cover for each other..they need fire entire group and start over

  • damn

    Look what Martin Luther King has done. He has given a bunch of dumb Africans the right to try to crack jokes on white people. He would be proud. I am a black male with no issues against white people. Half of your statistics are wrong. Africans receive more welfare benefits than white people. Trust me I work for the state. Our stats show 47% african, 36% American 14% Hispanic and 3% other. Plus African unemployment is twice the number of whites. Please get your statistics right as your making the rest of your African American people look retarded. Also we make up more of the prison and death rates. Stop being so racist against other people because it makes it harder for us to get by in this world. I pray you all don’t teach your children to be this way.

  • Anonymous

    According to the what really happened, this is a case of a mother betraying her child and corrupt cops including his own brother. Some of the events never happened and others twisted and made sound much worse than what happened. He was sleeping and woke up when the police arrived. The GF doesn’t even have the mothers phone number, phone records prove that. He has made mistakes in the past, yes, no one will deny and took the consequences from those but this is blackmail by his some of his own family members and past coworkers. I don’t even know the family, or even met them. I’ve just done my own research. Sounds to me and my co-workers he needs rehab and counseling not jail. He needs help from the community not shunned.

    • GHS Alum

      He does need help, but he has to want that. How can you say his family is betraying him if you don't know them and have never met them? What's this "research" you've done?

      • Anonymous

        He is an awesome guy that has made some bad decisions. He doesn’t deserve any of this bad publicity! The media twisted this story in more ways than one!! Why was the GF name released in the first release and now it’s gone? This couple has a life and deserves some privacy. The research that this person did is completely accurate! Very sad that people so not treat alcoholism as an illness. Please do not judge this situation until you have the facts!!

      • GHS Alum

        I didn't judge the situation or say anything about it actually. I asked what kind of "research" was done and never got an answer. I know Nick, and he is not an awesome guy. He could be, but he chooses to be a bully and use intimidation instead.

        Yes, he may have a problem and might be an alcoholic. I don't judge him for that. He needs help, but like I said, he has to want it and it seems like he hasn't hit his bottom yet to really want that help. It is an illness and I hope he can overcome it if he truly is an alcoholic. But I can say that he was a jerk to people long before he was an alcoholic.

        Let's not pretend just because you are friends with him, that he's some amazing guy that just had a bad break. Sure, he didn't have it easy, but he has had plenty handed to him and plenty of opportunities.

        As to whether he deserves this publicity, he chose to be held to a higher standard when he became a cop. Of course this is going to be news when there's a domestic issue and arrest of a recently former local cop!

      • Anonymous

        Why are you so against him? You don’t know him as well as you think you do!! Your comments or opinions mean nothing! Until you do your “research” (since you know him so well) I suggest you don’t comment anymore..

      • GHS Alum

        I'm not so against him. I hope he gets better and everything gets worked out. But if this was truly a misunderstanding, why can't you explain what happened? Maybe YOU don't know him as well as you think you do. I've never heard of cops being called by mistake for a domestic incident when both people are sober, upstanding citizens. If he continues to act like he's the victim in his own life then this stuff will keep happening.

  • Sis

    Thank you Damn for the correct statistics. Slayer2 is a raciast. You r right, it does cause alot of problems when racial statements are made. It is uncalled for and only hurts his own race more. If only we had more people like you Damn that see people for who they are and not for the color of their skin. Have a great day.

  • Anonymous

    You may think you know him but I can assure you I know him more than you and I will defend him until this is all over..which it will be over. If you know him so well then where are your details about the situation? Have you talked to him? I seriously doubt you have!! There are only 2 people that know the details to this and that is Nick and his GF! I’m sure you are neither one of them so your comments are not necessary!!

    • GHS alum

      Ok, so who are you? If you're so willing to defend him to the end, why are you anonymous? Unless you're Nick or his family. You may know one side of him and I'm sure he has many good qualities, but you must have never seen how he bullies people. It's not a new thing, he's been doing it since high school. I went to high school with him as my name suggests, and no, I was not one of the kids he bullied. I always liked him, but did not appreciate how he treated other people.

      I don't have any details about the situation and I haven't claimed to know what happened. I haven't talked to him in years because I don't keep friends that treat people so poorly. But I still see things and I know he is still a bully and intimidator.

      Frankly, unless you say who you are, your comments carry no weight.

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