IMPD works with Castleton mall to keep shoppers safe after weekend fight

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INDIANAPOLIS – Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department North District Commander Tom Koppel and the management from Castleton Square Mall met late Tuesday afternoon to discuss the violence at the mall this past Saturday night and ways to keep shoppers safe and teens under control in the future.

Four teens were arrested and two guns were confiscated last weekend as young people brawled inside and outside the mall. They were moved off Castleton property and finally sent home aboard IndyGo buses.

After similar battles downtown in January, Mayor Greg Ballard and IMPD responded by beefing up patrols around Circle Centre, another mall site operated by Simon Properties.

“We’re working with community leaders and other partners to quickly deal with issues as they arise,” Ballard said during his State of the City Address on Friday, a day before the most recent mall violence. “In response to a few highly publicized incidents downtown we flooded the area with officers and volunteers and also worked with our partners to warn known troublemakers not to come downtown.”

Rev. Malachi Walker of Young Men, Inc., a mentoring organization that provides summertime alternatives for dozens of youths each year, said the teens are involved in a grand game of hide-and-seek with the police and mall community.

“These things probably started real early in the day, probably going on Facebook and calling folks up and saying, ‘Hey, we’re going to meet at so-and-so place, we’re going to Castleton, we’re going to McDonald’s,” he said.

“A lot of them, 90% of them, are going there just to see a big fight and see how things are going to turn out.”

Walker added, “They think like kids and these are kids with a mindset and they just want to go out and what they probably consider fun and going into the malls and acting like this but it’s hurting themselves.”

Walker said teenagers need to be asked what draws them to the malls and away from their own communities on weekends. Parents need to be convinced to take some responsibility for Saturday night trouble.

A spokesman for Simon Properties told Fox 59 News that perhaps it’s time for Castleton managers to eject groups of four or more young people who act up inside the mall.

IMPD said it will announce Wednesday its response to the Castleton issue while attempting to maintain security downtown for the holiday weekend. On St. Patrick’s Day of 2012, an armed teen shot four other young people on the downtown canal.


  • indysucks

    they need not worry. I wont be shopping there or any other area mall. i'm threw with it all. what really gets my goat is how come there are no fights in the Chicago land area. but, here in the middle of nowhere there are fights glore?

  • Rick

    You're wrong this happened a few weeks ago in chicago area:

    it is an on-going problem that the whole country has been facing for years.

    • indysucks

      ford city mall is ghetto. if you want to shop where job corps is then that is your choice. I was talking about the malls that out of towners would go to. here in indy. even if it is a mall to bring in the out of towners it is still ghetto. take circle center, castleton, and greenwood.

  • StarlettMiller

    Young black makes have proven themselves to be very, VERY dangerous in the last decade or two and there is no indication that they are getting any less violent.

    How long until something like this happens again and one or more of the little domestic terrorists opens fire on police and they kill a few of them?

    We can see the headlines now.

  • Guest

    You know if they are going to keep acting like that maybe it's time for segregating them again. So sick of seeing this crap. Learn to act right or stay out!

    • Project Motivation

      You are so ignorant. Segregation will never happen again because we are too strong of a people. We are also too smart. We came from not being allowed to read to the White house, Doctors, Lawyers, Businessmen, Businesswomen. We are a representation of the melting pot, made up of many races. Do you need a history lesson? Most of us are Brown , Indian, Irish, all together. (not black duhhhh no one has true black skin)

      • Jalyn

        I agree. We are much too strong to go back to the oppression and degradation that they put us through. It has been made obvious by their comments that there are ignorant people in each and every race.

  • iamsam

    goes to show blacks are always causing trouble but yet wanna cry racism everytime they act like dumba&&es. stay away from the last decent mall your race hasn't ruined yet and stay at your own malls at washington "ghetto" square or whatevers left of lafayette square. we need to bring back segregation another person said. castleton used to me a very nice clean respectful place till the trash moved in. simon corp better figure it out or that'll be the next mall to start shutting down.

  • Jalyn

    The amount of racism in these comments makes me sick! I am a respectable young black teenager. I frequently go to the malls on the weekends. But the difference between me and those teens is I know how to act. I have never gotten in trouble with the law or at school. I am a straight A student. I WAS RAISED RIGHT! There are a great many like me. But there a quite a few bad apples who didnt have the love, support,encouragement, and discipline that i did. So they act out. And you can say its just our generation but there had to be some bad apples to raise them. In other words every generation has bad apples and there are members of every race who make the masses look bad (some of which commented above). The segregation comments aren't necessary. We fought long and hard for an end to such ridiculous and idiotic practices. So don't disrespect the entire race out of anger at a few individuals!

  • Slayer2

    Keep up the good work Jalyn, we need more teens on here to speak up, and show that all black are not bad.

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