Richmond mom sentenced to 60 years in baby’s starvation death

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RICHMOND – The Richmond mother who starved her 3-month-old son to death learned her sentence Monday in Wayne County.

Amy Hockett, 22, was convicted of murder in February. A judge sentenced her to 60 years in prison in the death of her son, Khaiden Hockett, on Feb. 5, 2012.

Prosecutors argued for the maximum of 65 years in prison while defense lawyers wanted Hockett to serve 55 years. Judge Gregory A. Horn settled on 60 because Hockett didn’t have any prior criminal record. He also said there were a number of aggravating factors in the case that warranted more than 55 years, including the child’s age and the boy’s inability to defend himself or find help.

Horn called the crime the most “horrific” he’d ever seen in Wayne County.

The child starved over a period of months, wasting away through neglect and starvation. He weighed nine pounds at birth but just six pounds when he died.

Joseph Pierson was convicted of reckless homicide in Khaiden’s death. He could face between 20 and 50 years, although sentencing has been delayed.

The couple faces three counts of neglect related to their other children. A trial on those charges is expected in April.


    • rajax4ever

      ok granted they did commit the most heinous of crimes but killing them would be too easy the worst punishment imaginable would be for the next 60 years letting them LIVE with the guilt of what thwy have done

  • Buffy

    Lets see how many illegitimate kids she can have while in prison now… dont laugh, oh yes its possible and we will be the ones footing the bill!!! I hope she rots!

  • Truthbetold

    a poor persons abortion think of how often this would happen if the government didn't fund planned parent hood with tax dollars. We'd have a lot more starving children and people reaping benefits. where do you draw the line?

    • catchick

      It is sad you think that a normal person would do this if there weren't planned parenthoods. This is a felony crime because of it's horror and it is very abnormal for any person to do this to any child let alone their own. Planned parenthoods are all over and that didn't prevent this tragedy. Stating something like this is like assuming all people who utilize planned parenthood have the ability to be homicidal baby killers if they didn't go get an abortion. What a horrible thing to say. This is an article about a baby who was slowly murdered and all you can say is "good thing tax-dollars pay for planned parent hood". Very strange opinion you have. My heart goes out to the child and the other children who are now at the hands of the state, I hope they are able to find happiness soon.

    • Love

      You are worried about what welfare you won't receive, instead of a childs life? You obviously make a living off welfare.

  • Jenn

    I agree, they should put them in a room and make them starve to death. Show them just how that baby felt. Worthless pieces of shit. They should of given him up for adoption if they didn't want him, there is no excuse for crimes like this, there are too many options and too many capable and able people begging to have children and can't! A crime like this deserves the death penalty 100%.

  • Mags

    Death sentence is the easy way out. I say life in Prison, gives them time to think about why they were being selfish. Life in prison is more of a punishment than the death sentence. That is all I can say.

    • Tiffany

      yes, but life in prison is alot of our taxes $$$$$ to feed her butt, they should lock her in prison, but not allow her to have any food, she should die of starvation also. I work hard for my money and I dont want 1 cent to go towards feeding her heartless butt!

  • Sherie Brown

    How about not only doin' the whole 65 yrs. how about starving her and let her see how it feels!…

  • april

    just wait till she gets to prison and those mothers in there find out what she did justice will be served in this case

  • Kris

    This is so sad. I know that formula is expensive, but if you can't afford it, there ARE options. I wish America would promote breastfeeding like other countries. If she breast fed, I bet the baby would have survived. Unless she truly just didn't want to care for her baby. It sure as hell doesn't look like she missed a meal… RIP little angel.

  • Slayer2

    The truth? Of the 46 million people living in poverty in America in 2010, the U.S. censusrevealed that 31 million were white. Ten million were black. Of the 49 million people without health insurance coverage, 37 million were white; 8 million were African American. Latinos of every race and Asian Americans represented the remaining largest ethnic groups.The face of poverty in America is overwhelmingly white, but as sociologist and professor William O'Hare explains in a 2009 study on children in poverty, the white American poor, especially those in rural areas, are "forgotten."


    The bitch was probably getting food stamps and wic. Apparently the F N cow used them on herself! I hope that heartless bitch gets whats coming to her ! I say turn her loose and send ALL the prison guards on a 30 minute break. Let justice be served for that poor defenseless baby!!!!!!!!! Let him look down and see that everything was " TAKEN CARE OF "!!!!!!!!!

  • Carman

    This story hurts my heart. I don't believe, however, we could refer to this woman as a mom or mother. A woman who birthed and killed a child, yes, mother no. Such a sad story.

  • Noonesbusiness

    Did she have any sort of mental problem after giving birth? Did anyone check the status of her mental health prior to her 60 year term in jail? I feel very sorry for this little baby who did not have anyone step in to help save him or provide any help. The comments in the report state she had other children? Does anyone know how many other children she had. At 22 years of age, 60 years is a long time to be spending behind bars if in fact this mother had a mental problem that took effect after her last child was born.

  • tami

    That's is so horrible what they did to that poor little boy , they both deserve to b starved to death as well , I hope they get the f**k beat out of their asses in JAIL , but that still isn't enough , they r Terrible n I dont know how they can sleep at night or live with them selves after what they have done … It makes me sick ….

  • Carolyn

    Someone had to of noticed something!!! Friends, family, someone!!!! They should suffer too for not speaking up. You can not tell me this girl and baby were all alone for three months with no contact to anyone,,, Shame on her and anyone she came in contact with for not speaking up…I hope she rots in jail…if not given back to her what she did to her innocent baby,,, DEATH

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