School holds day of mourning one year after bus crash that killed young girl, driver

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The Indianapolis Lighthouse Charter School recognized a day of mourning Tuesday, exactly one year after a fatal bus crash.

The accident on March 12, 2012, happened after the bus driver had a heart attack and crashed into a bridge median a few miles away from the school.  The driver and one of the 50 students on board the bus died.

Edward Tindall, 8, survived.

“I just fell asleep and I didn’t know nothing,” he said.

Tindall lost his leg in the crash, spent three weeks in a medically induced coma and continues to go to physical therapy to help regain strength and master his prosthetic leg.

His mother, Nikita, encourages Tindall to continue to work hard in order to live the life he wants to live.

“I want him to know that even though these things have happened, there shouldn’t be anything that you can’t still do,” she said.  “You may not be able to do it like you did it before, but you should be able to find a different way to do it.”

To motivate Tindall through the difficult and often painful rehabilitation, his mother promised him a trip to Disney World.  In order to go on the water rides, she told Fox 59 News that he would need a “swim leg,” a different type of prosthetic that is expensive and not covered by insurance.

The family has set up a fundraising website to help and has raised a little more than half of the $11,000 needed.

To donate, click here.


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