Shelbyville officer arrested on OWI charge following accident

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An officer with the Shelbyville Police Department was arrested over the weekend after authorities said he was driving while under the influence.

Deputies with the Shelby County Sheriff’s Department responded to a vehicle accident Sunday.  When they arrived, authorities said it was determined Officer Aaron Calvert was intoxicated. One deputy reported Calvert had a split lip that was bleeding and also blood on his shirt and pants.

After refusing medical attention, police said Calvert was arrested on the charge of operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated.

According to a police report, Calvert stated he looked at his phone to call his girlfriend, when he began to drive off the roadway, striking a utility pole and going down an embankment. An initial breathalyzer test conducted on the scene revealed Calvert had a BAC level of .13.

Calvert was then put through a series of sobriety tests, which he failed, according to the police report.

The officer was placed on suspension without pay pending the outcome of the case.

Police said the incident occurred while Calvert was off-duty and in his personal vehicle.  He has been with the police department since March of 2011.


    • Lisa


    • Patricia

      this is so true and if Bisard walks he will not live long I promise …. just something I feel they do not but police officers in prison …. poor boys would get mistreated …. cry cry cry lol

  • Joanne Rood

    He is not the only one out there driving while intoxicated, saw it with my own eyes and nothing yet has been done about it !!!!

  • kels

    dumbass cops, thought ya'll were smarter than that,, you all are just more peices of shit only became a cop because your mommy and daddy paid for the schooling bastards,,, dont need em i can take care of me and mine

      • memememe

        grammar….but indeed, he should definitely learn something before posting his ignorance on the web.

      • Lisa

        It's pretty funny cause im sure he never went to college a day in his life. he actually served in the military and worked his way up to the police academy. So you can fuck off Kels! So much that you

      • Tim

        The news does not talk about he 99.9% of the cops that go to work sober and deal with things you wouldn't believe. Unless you are a police officer "Patrolman" then you don't know what the heck you are even talking about. If you depend on the news for "all" your information and you are not on the streets with these officers then your opinion really means little. I bet you think that all the teachers and preachers molest our kids too. Right? Because the news tells us that so we believe that all teachers, police and clergy are not to be respected.

      • Patrolman

        You might want to check the sender of the message before taking blast. I said nothing about the news for any of my information.

        Another cop jumping to conclusions, say it ain't so …..

      • nada

        I have seen videos of police breaking the law. They are not even hard to find. Have you seen video of teachers molesting children? If so, I bet the teacher does not keep their job.

      • Tim

        And neither should this cop. I agree to fire him but the point I was making is someone referring to all cops being bad which is not true.

    • Fair

      Yeah Helen, he also looks angry…very angry. Probably be cause his fellow officers busted him. Kudos to the arresting officer.

      • STFU

        Funny he's not a serial killer. Examine your own fucking life before you judge someone else's! This guy made a mistake..its not the end of the world

  • julie

    he was wrong to be drunk, but there are a lot of drunks driving. Thank goodness no one was killed.He just happened to get caught. Maybe he will seek help. I don't think he has a record.

  • Ashley

    Not all cops are bad, and just because this one happened to drive intoxicated doesn't make him a bad person. Nobody knows what goes on behind closed doors. You don't know this mans life or situation or what he's been through. I'm not justifying drinking and driving. But he made one bad decision, and it wasn't an evil and intentional one. Just let the court take care of it and keep your negative opinions to yourself. He is an officer and has protected the people in that city for 2 years now. Everyone is so quick to point the finger without having all of the angles.

    • I am not you

      Hahahahaha!!!!! This is a joke right?

      Because when it is the other way around, the cops get to treat the criminal as a nonhuman piece of trash. No one speaks up to say "you don't know what he was thinking." They say "If he wasn't breaking the law, they would not have beaten him half to death."

      And if you watch the news, you will see these stories pop up daily (there are two in the headlines right now!) So yes, most cops ARE bad, some just don't get caught.

      • Rick

        Aren't you just a ray of sunshine? You sound like you're pissed because your home detention bracelet is digging into your leg. I know you would like to leave your trailer but if you hadn't gotten caught by the cops you wouldn't be so angry towards them now would you CONVICT ?

      • I am not you

        You missed the mark on that one, Rick. No legal trouble here, just that I pay attention to what is going on around me. Try it sometime.

      • Ashley

        I have to agree, quite the ray of sunshine. You need to wake up. I have never met a cop so mean. Nor have I heard a personal testimony of such. And you just admitted you have no personal testimony with law enforcement so why don't you stop embarrassing yourself now with something you have no knowledge of.

      • I am not you

        Wow. You have never heard testimony about a mean cop? Where have you been? Ever watch the news?(Did you read the other story of the cop that kicked the dog on the front page?) Reading and comprehension fail!

        And you assume that because I have no legal troubles I have no knowledge of laws and police? Your logic is flawed. Worse than flawed. Just dumb.

  • Tim

    As a police officer of 29 years I say get rid of him now because if you dont he will become only worse. Cut your losses now! Just a word from someone who has been around awhile.

    • Ashley

      Thank you for your service. Very admirable. Hopefully he does seek out something to prevent this occurance from happening again, but it doesn't mean he will repeat.

  • Tim

    Lets not forget…..It took a good cop who was upholding the law to arrest this bad cop who wasnt doing such a good job. Folks..There are still lots of good cops out there protecting and serving the public like thy promised when they took the job. There are some that are good Christians and family providers sometimes working 2 to 3 jobs to make ends meet. It is the occasional person who falls thru the cracks like this young fellow or Bisard that makes life tough for a "Good Officer". Please dont generalize us all as PIGS because if you really knew police officers you wouldnt say that. It make me believe the persons using this tone are probably the 2% we deal with on a nightly basis. Food for thought!

    • Ashley

      I agree with most of what you say. But this man doesn't deserve to be labeled as a bad cop either. Not fair to him. He may be a great cop, just made a bad decision on his PERSONAL TIME. No not setting a great example, but this doesn't mean he is a bad person.

      • Tim

        Not going to reply to I am not you because we will probably deal with him tonight. But Ashley this fellow is a bad cop. Believe me. I wouldnt want a guy who was behind bars the night before to be backing me on a call the next night. He broke the law and that to a police officer means everything. A "true" police officer does not go out and break the law one night and then enforce it the next. He is a "Bad Cop". God and his friends and family can forgive him but he should not wear a badge again. Kind of like a thief working behind the teller window at the bank. Shouldnt be trusted again in this line of work. He gives police a bad name and it will only get worse from here. He will be reprimanded and if they do take him back he will be sour the rest of his career. Believe me…I have seen it too many times before.

  • Don't judge

    I think point being, all people are "Human" first. Their job is just that-their job. People make mistakes and bad judgements on a daily basis. Some are worse than others. To some extent, your job may determine how you must behave as a role model or not, example being teachers, ministers, professional athletes, judges and cops. He mad a very poor choice. Does that make him a bad person? I don't know him. His punishment should be just like any other person who is arrested for OWI. As far as his job, many other jobs have guidelines as to what happens to your job if you are convicted of this type of offense. I just hope he learns from his mistake, as all people should.

    • I am not you

      Yea, a bartender loses his job. In fact you cannot be a server for a year after your DUI(lose your liquer license). But a cop, just a slap on the wrist. I do feel better knowing that my server cannot have a DUI, but the cop with the gun and stated owned car can keep his job. YEA!

  • Slayer2

    OMG! White boys gone wild, all in the news today dam crazy honkeys/monkeys.( Mall fight) we better be watching out for these sick out of control white people.

  • Slayer2

    A larger percentage of the black population is on welfare but a larger share of welfare dollars goes to whites. Roughly 38 percent of the 224 million white people are on welfare. Roughly 28 percent of the 62 million black people are on welfare. Roughly 12% of 50 million hispanics are on welfare.

    Do the math. More white people on welfare than blacks. Now you do the math white trash

  • jessica

    Really ppl im sure he is going through enough right now and im sure he is reading all of this or hearing about it . EVERYONE makes mistakes daily just some mistakes are bigger than others . Yes he is a cop and has probably arrested ppl for the same mistake he made but it does not mean he is a horrible person . Grow up ppl.

  • Sis

    People please ignore Slayer2. He continues to post racial slurs against white people on places where news comments are suppose to be made. Guess he isn't smart enough to figure that out. It's people like him that need to be in jail and more than likely he has been. According to the statistics. Just saying. It's hard to be in the welfare percentage when most of you are in jail. Monkeys? He has the wrong color on that one too. Just not a very smart man. He goes by Slayer2. Go figure. Another violent, loud mouthed one heading to prison._

  • S.P.D. Supporter

    S.P.D. Is a GREAT group of officers!!! He made a VERY bad decision! I am 100% against Drinking and Driving, but for you all to judge him and talk like you are God, I don’t think you are!! When you have the name of God, then you can pass judgement. Humans learn from their mistakes. The thing we have to be concentrated on is nobody got seriously hurt!! No Sheriff busted his lip, it was from the accident. DUI means he lost his license immediately, is on leave without pay, and will get punished in court. You all acting “Holier than Thou” you’re NOT, so give it up! We have one of the best Police Dept’s in this area!!

  • Lisa

    Sometimes I think that if we just didn't have alcohol, the world would be a better place. However, for those of you who are out there wish him bad luck or even to the person "Joe" who said that he needed to be hung.. you are awful! Because you have never made a mistake, never told a lie, or never done something bad. SHAME ON YOU! Aaron Calvert is an amazing person and A great guy. He screwed up. Yeah, so what? please. let the first person who has made no mistake in their life say something. Some of you have no fight here. God is the only one who can judge us. this guy is great! he is taking the punishment hard enough. He never killed anyone! Screw you people who think worse! Good Job Officer Aaron Calvert! Thank you for serving us and being a troop in Iraq! You are an awesome OFFICER for Shelbyville and you always will be!

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