Teacher fired for using in vitro allowed to proceed with lawsuit

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A federal judge is clearing the way for an Indiana teacher to sue the Catholic Diocese.

Emily Herx was fired from her job at a Northern Indiana school after she used in vitro fertilization to get pregnant.

The diocese asked the judge to dismiss the case saying it violated their freedom of religion rights, but he refused their request.


  • ClanSmokeJaguar

    >Emily Herx was fired from her job at a Northern Indiana school after she used in vitro fertilization to get pregnant.

    She knew the qualifications of obtaining and maintaining her job and she wiped her azz with them.

    Now she wants the Church to write her a check? Typical American…frak up, blame someone else, and try to get into someone else's pockets via a lawsuit.

    I pray her lawsuit fails miserably.

    • outraged

      Your a male first off, and an inconsiderate ass second. NO, reverse that!! There are millions of Catholics that use birth control, let alone try to have a child to bring another one of Gods children in to this world!! Enough time spent on you!

      • ClanSmokeJaguar

        What's any of that have to do with the fact she broke "company policy" and now wants the company to write her a check?

        Get real moron and stop supporting trial attorneys and irresponsible people.

      • Jason Izolt

        Just because there are "millions of Catholics" that use birth control or seek IVF or do other things that are contrary to Church teaching does not mean it is acceptable. Church doctrine is not decided by a majority vote. Had this teacher sought the counsel of a priest (it would have been easy in a Catholic school), he could have guided her toward NaPro Technology (Natural Procreative Technology) which does not violate Catholic teaching. NaPro technology seeks to discover the reason for the infertility and treat it. It does not harvest eggs and create and implant multiple embryos (only to later selectively reduce if more than one embryo implants). It allows the couple to procreate naturally, the way God intended with no side effects and no risk of selective reduction abortion. The success rates are greater than with IVF and it costs less. Each Diocese has moral contracts that all employees are required to sign. Most of them are fairly detailed on major circumstances that might be a violation. I am sure IVF was on that list.

    • Brett

      "She knew the qualifications of obtaining and maintaining her job and she wiped her azz with them. "
      Try reading the article. It states very clearly that the teacher was never told by the school that IVF was a violation of Catholic doctrine. I never knew that, and I think the vast majority of non-Catholics have no clue that the Roman Catholic church considers IVF a sin.

      That means that she did not know the qualifications and was never informed of them.

      More importantly, this is clearly illegal discrimination on the basis of disability. The question is whether or not a non-Catholic teacher at a Catholic school counts as a minister, and hence is exempt from discrimination protections.

      • ClanSmokeJaguar

        It wasn't mentioned in THIS article but it was in earlier articles that came out when this first broke.

        Damn, people! The world is not defined by a lone article on a lone website.

        Educate your fool selves! lol

  • Euki

    Was it specific to her contract that she could not get pregnant via vitro? This may have been her only chance of having children. This is sad.

  • kinney

    lets not for get to add it is not of the churches darn bushiness how she got pregnant. They have no issues when it came to Mary who could be said to have had some form of ivf. Oh and clan dont forget you need to pray to Mary then she will tell god what you said.

  • Davekidd

    "The diocese says she wasn’t fired, but that her contract simply was not renewed."
    I like how the church tried to soften the blow by saying that.
    But seriously, she should have not done that. A policy is a policy.

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