33rd Annual Minority Achievers Award Dinner held

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Community members recognized excellence in the Circle City at the 33rd Annual Minority Achievers Award Dinner Wednesday.

The event is put on by the Center for Leadership Development. The group works to empower area youth and strengthen the community.

Among those honored was WNBA champ Tamika Catchings from the Indiana Fever. She took home the outstanding woman of the year award.


  • ugh

    Hopefully they discussed how they can be 13% of the U.S population yet be 50% of the prison population. Keep handing out the awards! Pathetic

    • bjah

      you wrong i am a 12 year old who presented out awards and you cant judge any bod because of there ethnicity that is an stereotype and you should'nt say it we earned are rights and you need to stop being prejudice because there is more than just african americans in prison

  • Brenda

    Wonder what would happen if they had a night of "white " awards.I bet that the black community woudl raise holy hell.

    • bjah

      but you guys in-slaved us we were out cast and white people did get awards and presented them in the award ceremony you should just go back to the south a worship you confederate flag you races.

      • Guest

        "We" didn't enslave any of "you" or any of your family or relatives. If you feel the need to pass blame on something that is nor"our" fault, the YOU can take the blame or every single bit of black on black crime. That can be all of YOUR fault.

    • audrey

      Brenda come better then that dummy, they all have degrees and whether they are black or white they deserve it. Get over yourself and what would you do if blacks we're gone, who would you white women date. For the record it's white night every night so no what!!!!!!

  • richiey1


    • audrey

      they did they work dummy and you pay for the white guy who just killed his kid and the white child molester who is in jail so what is your point

  • Guest

    It's funny how society is always bending over backwards to make this community happy. I bet they are so proud now that their beloved leader is destroying our country. But the sad thing is that they are too dumb to notice anything but the color of skin.

  • Guest

    It's funny (not really) how all of you are posting these idiotic remarks based SOLELY off of the picture posted above and know absolutely NOTHING about the organization (or much else for that matter). Yet, still try to make it seem like you're not racist or that it's not about color :-/ Then some of you even go to the extreme of insulting a child…really??? I feel so sorry for you and I wish that you had been given the opportunity to participate in a program like CLD when you were a child…maybe you would have a little bit of self-esteem now and not feel the need to insult others or hate an entire group of people which you know absolutely nothing about just to try to make yourself feel better. "Forgive them Lord for they know not what they do." Amen.

    P.S. Oh and feel free to proof my comments for any misspellings or incorrect grammar…you will not find any 🙂

  • Guest

    Most of the comments appear to come from people who didn't make it past the fifth grade. Those individuals are a wasting your time bantering back and forth with comments. All you can do is pray for the fools souls.

  • audrey

    wow what a bunch of racist brenda , you need to quit and these nominees have degrees can you guys say that!

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