Businesses say they’ll appeal judge’s ruling on smoking ban

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A group of business owners plans to appeal a ruling upholding the state smoking ban.

The restaurant and bar owners say they will head back to court to fight the decision.

The owners say the law that went into effect last year is hurting their businesses and costing them dollars.

The judge says the group did not prove any business losses that outweighed the ban’s health benefits.


  • Sam

    It's more likely the economy, not the smoking ban….but people will pick and choose what they want to blame and they think they can fix this more than the economy.

  • FreshAir

    In Louisville, business at restaurants and bars went up after the smoking ban went into effect. Many who stayed away before came back with cleaner air.

  • guest

    It's interesting that FreshAir believes that it can prove that business went UP because of a smoking ban, but that these bar owners who actually own the places cannot prove that they LOST business because of the smoking ban. Do you have the figures to prove that, FreshAir?

  • Ben

    Here in Bloomington, we have had a smoking ban in place for almost 10 years. For the first 6 months or so, business DID go down. But after a very short period of time, it went above the previous levels by quite a bit…

  • D. McFadden

    These business owners are backwards. I was one of many who stopped going out to bars and nightclubs even though I enjoy live music and the social scene. But nothing was worth breathing that disgusting smoke, and stinking of it afterwards. Fortunately, I live in a region of states that adopted statewide smoke-free ordinances that include bars and nightclubs as well as restaurants – and my friends and I have gone out out many times now, to enjoy some brews, good live music and the lively scene here…..Free of smoke! Businesses have not suffered and some show improvement (no surprise as I'm not the only one who just stopped going out to bars for years because of smoke). It is downright liberating. Smoke-free air is good for business, and it is also the present as well as the future.

  • skycat

    Over hundreds of years, the free enterprise system has clearly demonstrated its superiority over government control. Who really believes that those who push for government control know more about what's best for businesses than the business owners themselves? Those who favor government control have the statistics to prove they know what's best for the rest of us. Yeah. Statistics. That's the ticket.

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