Columbus teen “feeling much better” after being hit by a truck

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A Columbus 8th-grader who was hit by a pickup truck while on his way to school spoke exclusively with Fox59 News Wednesday.

“I am feeling better,” said Jalen Lee.

It took Jalen Lee just days to go from his death bed to sitting up in bed.

“I did not think I could withstand that, at all,” said Lee.

The 13-year-old was hit by a truck as he was crossing the street on his way to school Monday.  He was in bad shape, in critical condition, then a dramatic turn for the better that surprised even his mom.

“I am amazed by his will and his strength and his confidence,” said Jalen’s mother, Crystal Estes.  “God is taking care of him and we are thankful for all of the prayers.  I am absolutely amazed.”

Jalen does not remember anything from the accident.  He only knows what his friends have told him.

“I heard I got knocked 30 feet by a pretty big truck.  That is awesome,” laughed Lee.

Jalen is still in a lot of pain.  He has a bump on the head and is still recovering after surgery on his broken leg.  He is now in the process of using breathing exercises to strengthen a collapsed lung.

“You have to breathe in and it raises a little bar up,” said Lee.  “You have to get to a certain point.  I am not even there yet.”

Jalen knows he has come a long way in a short amount of time, but he knows he still has so far to go for things to get back to normal.

“I miss all of my friends at school,” said Lee.  “They have said they miss me.  I cannot wait to get back to school.”

Messages from school were brought to Jalen’s side.  Cards and balloons have been delivered to his hospital room.  He said all of this support is his motivation to get out of the hospital just as quickly as he can.

“It will be hard to walk, because my leg is broken, but other than that I will be good,” said Lee.  “It will be great to see all of my friends and my family.”

The next step for Jalen is physical therapy on his left leg.  He said his goal is to be able to go out for wrestling and football next year when he is a freshman at Columbus East High School.  He said he wants to fulfill a promise he made to a close friend.


  • Deadra

    I would like to send flowers for this little boy ! It's truly a miracle !!! Does anyone know where to send them ??

  • April

    i broke my leg when i was 10 got hit by a car i was in the hospital for 2 months then in a body cast i know what he is going through its not fair! and i will pray for a fast recovery, hardest part is physical therapy. God watches out for his children thats for sure!

  • ClanSmokeJaguar

    Did anyone take the boy by his hand and break the horrible news that the culprit of the accident, according to the 1st news cast, has not been apprehended yet? Tell him that DST and the sun caused this horrible tragedy but the two of them will be caught and punished soon.

  • Elizabeth Nowacki

    His pride at surviving a 30 ft. flight after impact is testimony to his positive attitude and the invincible will of Middle School students! That's why I taught them for 38 years….they're remarkable. Best wishes and God's speed toward those goals for next year!

  • Bigb73

    When asked how he felt, the boy responded, "I feel like I 've been hit by a truck". Here's to light humor and a speedy recover young man.

  • Morgan

    Just wanting Jalen to no…. that everyone misses him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i have talk to him a couple times at school and we dont no each other personally but everyone misses u bro!!!!!! We hope u get better….. your so brave…..

  • cristy fields

    I cant wait to see you hopefully it will be here soon We all miss you jalen and hope you get better at least your at an awesome hospital and you are doingan awesome job holding your self together and being so strong

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