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Former Rushville officer pleads guilty to having inappropriate relationship with teen

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A former officer with the Rushville Police Department pleaded guilty Wednesday to charges stemming from a lengthy investigation that revealed he was involved in an inappropriate relationship with a female juvenile.

Cale Worley, 28, pleaded guilty to official misconduct, a Class D felony, and contributing to the delinquency of a minor, a Class A misdemeanor.

The investigation began in August 2012, when the uncle of a 15-year-old girl reported his concerns about his niece’s interactions with Worley.

As the former DARE officer for the police department, Worley worked in Rushville Community Schools, where he first encountered the 15-year-old girl. Police said he met with her after hours and communicated with her electronically via texts and through Facebook.

The girl said she first texted Worley after getting in trouble for an earlier incident. She said she would “Facebook message and text message with Worley and that Worley had given her his cell phone number.” They met behind the Junior High School and she “also drove around in Worley’s patrol car,” court documents said.

Worley resigned from his position in August when the original investigation began.  Following his plea Wednesday, Worley was stripped of his credentials and certifications to be a police officer and EMT in Indiana.


  • annie browder

    He should be punished & get time in jail he arrested me once treated me like i was a criminal which i am not all rush couny officials think they are above the law that is why i moved a way from there

    • safety guy

      If he was arresting you…..you ARE a criminal. That's how it works.

      PS Luckily for you, there are no punctuation police, you'd be locked up again.

      • Kelly

        It doesn't make you a crimnal just because you get arrested. I can't judgemental people like you, also you'd be locked up if there were punctuation police.
        …… is not proper punctuation! Plus you sentence was a run-on sentence, it should of went like this: "if he was arresting you then you ARE a criminal, that's how it works".

      • RWL

        Just because one is arrested does NOT in of it's self make you a criminal. Being convicted does. You idiot.

  • ClanSmokeJaguar

    All the morons that were cheering the woman who gave the teen boy a BJ? Are you okay with this?

  • ClanSmokeJaguar

    BTW, all of those who like to point out the race of criminals acts in the city such as shooting should note the vast majority of PEDOPHILES are WHITE MEN!

    FBI profilers will buttress this fact. Hell…watch the news and 96% of all pedos are white, nasty, men.


    • I am not you

      The people that show up to comment about race only post on stories of black criminals. This guy is white, hence they do not care…

    • ClanSmokeJaguar

      Oh…while I'm at it, Black young men may commit a disproportionate amount of crime but white men also have a solid lock on spree killing. You know…schools, malls, political rallies, silent and stalking serial killers, abortion clinics, olympic events, etc. LOL!

      Again, FBI profilers have demonstrated that.


      • Roger

        Ya, that was a group of white choir boys that were at the Castelton Mall on Saturday..there are gutter rats of all races running around our city..arm yourselves

      • ClanSmokeJaguar

        >arm yourselves

        You sir need to arm yourself with a good education or at the least the ability to read and comprehend.

        No one, especially me, am denying the thugs in Castleton were Black. What I am, however, offering is white men diddle children in droves and are the #1 suspect in spree killing.

        What part of that confuses you?

  • annie browder

    He will not serve no time but rush county cops put u in jail for stupid shit that dose not amount to nothing

  • No One Cares

    Annie Browder you are a worthless piece of shit! You are making yourself sound dumber and dumber each time you comment on here. So I say quit while your not ahead!

  • Daniel

    @ safety guy.. you must not be very smart, cause you are innocent till proven guilty in court of law. so that mean's they will arrest you even if you are not guilty. so please know the law before you go on a public form and post incorrect info. thank you and god bless…….

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