Indiana airman accused of murdering son, dumping body on side of the road

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

An Indiana man was taken into custody in North Carolina Wednesday, accused of killing his 15-month old son.

Matthew Theurer of Portland, Ind.,  was arrested after the body of his baby was discovered in a bag on the side of a highway about 100 miles away from Seymour Johnson Air Force Base. Theurer is a senior airman at the base.

He is charged with voluntary manslaughter, negligent homicide and murder.

“He was just very quiet. Very just.. kind of awkward,” said Katy, an Air Force wife living at the same base.  She did not want her full name used.

She said she knew Theurer and his family through spending time with them on the base. She recalled Theurer and his estranged wife, Amy, had a rocky marriage and were separated. His wife had moved on, had gotten engaged and was pregnant. She said his wife returned to Indiana and left the baby in Theurer’s care.

She said for weeks, Theurer was telling people on the base that his son was in Indiana.

Authorities said Theurer tried to commit suicide after he claimed he found his son dead in a crib and dumped his body.

“I would never in a million years thought that he would do that to his own child,” said Katy.

Theurer is being held in Sampson County Pre-Confinement Facility.


  • Robert

    Unit Of Assingnment Company A, 228th Aviation Battalion,

    (Assault Support Helicopter),
    Exterminate this POS

  • Amber

    OMG how can someone do this to there own child… Needs to be GONE FOR LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! death penalty!!!!!!

  • Jeff

    This is so disturbing to me to here. Because as of March the first my Daughter had lost her baby my first Grandson to a unfortunate act of GOD. Which to this day I can not understand. He was only eleven days away from his do date. And this ( BASTERD ) takes a life that should of been his ( I HOPE HE BURNS IN HELL)

    • Judy

      Jeff, On Feb.13th my daughters first child, our first grandchild, was born into heaven also. I understand your grief and broken heart… I am so sorry for you and your family… We find comfort in knowing that God needed another angel…

    • anon

      To both of you,
      My sympathies on losing what would've been 2 adorable , well-loved grandbabies at birth. I can't pretend to know your feelings of loss, but I am a grandparent, and I am APPALLED at this piece of vermin for taking the life if a beautiful baby. I don't know how or why the "mother" would've just left the baby behind. Sadly, the POS may get to claim insanity and get out of any real punishment for the crime; too bad his "suicide" attempt was a failure. The final insult for this beautiful child was being tossed away on the side of the road in a GARBAGE BAG!!!

  • Mshep

    Something's wrong with both of the parents. First the Mom abandons him and moves several states away so she can have another baby with another man. WTH? What mother In her right mind does that? Especially if she knew the dad had problems. Then the father….even if you find a baby deceased (god forbid) in its crib, you still call 911 and report it. Horrendous. We need prayer back in schools. Our children need discipline and better educations. Not more junk food, video games and helicopter or worse, absent parents.

    • ClanSmokeJaguar

      >Something's wrong with both of the parents. First the Mom abandons him and moves several states away so she can have another baby with another man

      Exactly! Nothing is sacred any longer.

    • GUEST


    • Guest

      What is putting prayer back in schools supposed to change. Keep the prayer at home. Prayer doesnt stop things like this from happening.

    • Gartner

      Totally agree with you. The mother appears to have been so self-involved that she couldn't be bothered with the baby she already had. After all, she had a new boyfriend and was pregnant again. Unfortunately, she probably will not lose a moment of sleep over the death of this baby.

    • Phxfire

      How is ignoring the First Amendment going to change people? We often read about Ministers, their wives and other good church people committing murder, prayer in school doesn't stop bad acts. Looks like you blame everyone. How about less unforgiving, judgmental, quick to jump to conclusion, ready to throw children into prison for life, hypocritical blame. You're right about one thing, too many parents not taking time for their kids, too bad they both have to work to survive, but their neighbors are right there to point fingers. sheesh

  • Jane Smith

    I knew this family well. The father was at my house two days ago. I can’t believe he was capable of this. I really didn’t think it would come out of him. He was a quiet guy, very awkward like Katy said(whom I also know). This was an act of pure evil and I pray for peace for his family. I held that sweet baby in my arms after he was born. This is absolutely heartbreaking. 😦

    • bev

      People are so quick to point the finger at someone. Maybe the baby did die and he didn't know what to do. Seems he has alot of personal problems so maybe he just wanted to get back to where he was before it happened. Dumping your child on the side of the road is extreme and despicable, but I don't throw stones. Yes it is heartbreaking. Because if he had just called an ambulance it probably would just be investicated and done with.

    • Stash

      military. too many join to grow up and they only learn to kill. not exactly the most stable group and this is who too many Americans want to support.

  • amy

    Amy Theurer
    13 June 2012 via Mobile
    for anyone that thinks i left matt for no reason. i had a hell of a good reason to leave. I honestly think that people need to stay out of it this only consers the family not friends. seriously if you have any questions contact me on my cell…….. 260 251 4453

    • spokenword100

      Highly doubt this is really her…she would be a fool to be on here running her mouth before the case. There is a such thing as child abandonment even if she left the kid with the father(being that the father is in service or was). I pray that God has mercy on all there souls involve, including the new baby! Geesh I hope the new father is much more stable than this mother and the last father!

    • Juwills

      IF this is really you (which I doubt), then why didn't you take your baby? If you had a "hell of a good reason to leave", then why endanger your child? Unless you really never did care about the child….. Unfortunately, with a lot of young people, they don't want the kids they conceive and were never taught to take responsiblity for their actions.

      • amanda

        i was thinking this before the father of my soon to be baby agreed that we can keep him. but theres a thing needy families who want to have a kid but theres something is wrong and they cant have them. its a great idea for if you dont think you can take 100% of care for the baby or if its too hard of a responsibility to take the care in it(rather male or female). but theres alot that coulda got changed, and im young in 22 and the father is almost 25-and i didnt know i was preg til i was over a month preg-. and we are not together but we have everything it taked to take care. you just need to find the responsible yound people to have a baby not the ones who arnt ready or dont want to take the responsibility thats why theres birth control. and if you dont want the baby theres alot of people who do and will gladly take care of them. if only matt and amy had thought of that earlier……..

      • anon

        I'm sorry I can't interpret this "Po White Trash-ese " for you, ClanSmokeJaguar, but I think she probably should have learned how to string together a coherent sentence while she was in school; I wonder where she went and if she ever made it to high school before dropping out? Maybe she should try a literacy program at the library- they're free! Lol

      • amanda

        theres a thing called needy families who would have loved to care for that baby, if only they thought of it earlier maybe lil matthew would have still been alive and happy

    • GetReal

      It's not about you leaving Matt (if this is truly Amy), its about you leaving your child and getting knocked up again. What kind of timeframe are we talking here anyways?

      Do us a favor, keep your legs closed…….

    • Jay

      This appears to just be a copy and paste from her facebook page, from several months ago before this incident happened.

  • Rachelle

    It concerns the public now. A murder has been committed , a trial will be held. Like it or not, your life isn't private anymore. How can a mother leave her child?

    • sarah

      No mother would…i can see where this is going. And she is on here defending her actions instead of being in total shock…hello more to this story. Hey, i have an idea worry about your child (well if he was still here) and stop spreading your legs!

      • ClanSmokeJaguar

        >nd she is on here defending her actions instead of being in total shock..

        If this truly is the other party in this mess, then you're spot on!

        Notice little not no grief for the murdered baby but all about justifying her actions.

        Stupid bee-otch!

  • amanda

    him and i have been in a long dist relation for 5 months and i found thet he had been cheating on me, but i dont feel pain from that… its that fact that lil baby matthew jr had passed away that way. matthews story to me is he had heart failure, but i didnt think anything of it. id think he would have called 911 and tell them what had happent. i miss that baby, and both him and i was talking about moving in togather when i can go back to the carolinas. im in fl until i have my baby on the 16th of this month, but im glad that i found out the truth of his cheating actions. but i wish i never heard the truth of little matthew. i honesty never expected anything like this from him by the way he was with him around me. RIP lil matthew allen thuerer

    • ClanSmokeJaguar

      Seriously? You speak like you lost your pet cat instead of a hapless human being.

      If you truly are the Amy in this story you have blood on your hands too!

      Is nothing sacred in this world any longer? Fidelity? Honor? Protecting our children from the evils of the world?

      It's all a g-damn shame!

      • amanda

        no im far from being amy her post is up further, shes the unresponsible one who just lust up and left her baby even if she felt that something was wrong. if anything dont be calling me amy i know our names are about the same amanda and amy…. sorry im clearing that up now i am not her for a long shot just clearing my name and letting you know whats up bc i didnt know this was going on til the reporter was asking me if matt was a god guy on my fb i guess he gave it to her thinking ill take him over his son

      • ClanSmokeJaguar


        So you're the other woman in this entire mess and he gave a reporter your FB account to which someone contacted you.

        You're trying to distance yourself from the murderer.

        Is this correct?

      • amanda

        no ive been in fl for 5 months and matt hadnt told me anything, and i didnt know he had a wife on the base til i read the artical. i left for fl november 8th and him and i would text and fb but he never told me that matthew died. the reporter told me a lot of sad news that i didnt even know what was going on, talk about being in the dark. if i even had the slightest thought hed be k=like that i would have never talked to him

      • ClanSmokeJaguar


        So you never physically met the murderer before but text'd and FB'd with him.

        In other words you know slightly more about the guy than the general public.

      • amanda

        i was living in sc, i met him in realife and was with him a few months but i b=never went to his home he alyways came to my apt and he w=always had matthew and i never seen any signs of abuse not so much as a bruse. and he always had matthew with us. some people are good at hiding the real them, i never expected anything like that. i was phisically with him for a few months before i left to get myself ready for my baby. i didnt expect him to go and kill his. if you want to know who might know maybe ask amy or find katy-his base wife- maybe she knows why he did it. im the wrong one to be bashing at bc i didnt know what he was like when i wasnt around him. and the news feed as full access of my phone they can go and call the previder and they can fax them every single test that we had. and the government owns fb at this time i wouldnt be surprised if they hadnt already looked at mine. but like i said when he was around me he was always a good dad i never thought of this from him

      • ClanSmokeJaguar


        So you met this guy knowing he had a 1 year old and a crazy wife. You were pregnant by some other guy and met the murderer as a friend or romantic interest?

        What tests are you talking about? Who told you the government owns FB?

      • amanda

        when its a murder they have legal rights to everything social that you do. i liked the fact he had a baby, and he told me he was already divorced when we met and talked to each other again if i knew i would have never talked to him. we was friends and i started to like him, he was a friend at first and then before i left for fl he said lets have a long dist relation. but i never saw the bad side of him. he just kept everything a secret just to get you and hid the real him he was always close to what he told me in his stories he was consistent with them it was like he sealed it and he knew what to say before he said it like the whole story already planned out like a movie script. but i liked the fact he did have a son bc when we was talking he was gunna be working and he wanted me home to take care of the babies and i was happy with that and they wouldnt be living as though they was the only child but they would have a play mate. what you may not know….. if that he also has a daughter with another girl that was before me and he was trying to get custody of. he didnt just have 1 baby he had 2, its just the mom got that baby and she wasnt in any danger

      • ClanSmokeJaguar

        That doesn't mean the government owns FB. Investigators seized the account and all data associated with it. It's no different than cops issuing an order for written letters, computer files, etc.

        Is he the father of the child you are carrying or were carrying?

        It sounds as if the murderer was maybe trying to rope you in for some ulterior motive to me.

        At this point what are your plans? To stay in FL?

      • anon

        This mess illustrates why people shouldn't pin their hopes on somebody they "met" thru FB or other sites; it's too easy to lie about everything you are & there's too many gullible people out there willing to believe anything, especially if they're being promised the moon! SMH!

      • amanda

        no i am not her, our names arnt even alike, amanda and amy are 2 different people, amy is up top some where and shes the one who just up and left her baby. id never do that to my son

    • Helen Hevener

      Poor baby all the way around- 1) the poor baby is abandoned by her mother- she just leaves him with her ex-husband. Then Ex husband finds another girlfriend and gets her pregnant!! At the same time the babies biological mother has gone on with her life finding another man and getting herself pregnant. Looks like to me a lot of people in this family intent of self gratification- but having no feelings towards the babies they create period!!! I dont think either woman involved would pass the Mother of the year award- and I sure know the father could never be father of the year- whole family- despicable!!! I longed for a baby but could never have one- stories like this make me absolutely sick on my stomach!!!

    • Phxfire

      Talk about either trying too hard to sound like an illiterate B-movie actress from a 1950's 'down south; move or if really decided to quit school in the fourth grade…go back.

    • Suzan

      You sound like some redneck idiot who didn't deserve this baby either! How you can just leave your baby in this first place and then not even bother to ask more questions or even if there was a memorial or anything? I assume you are the mother since you seem to be talking like you are. It's people like your "ex" and yourself that should be sterilized and never have any thing to do with raising a child whatsoever.

  • amanda

    im not amy, look up amanda mcilvaine thats me, look up may thuerer thats her. its not hard to lok up 2 people who are both on matts page

  • MsC

    Damn where is StarlettMiller I wonder what her intake is on this seeming that she
    Always has her mouth on everything else dumb azz itch

  • ClanSmokeJaguar

    BTW, Aishah and Fox59, you can thank me later in the form of a check for doing your job and "interviewing" this individual associated with the murderer.

    We can discuss my fees at a later date! 🙂

  • Pam Stacy

    Please stop, we or you don't know anything about Amanda, her baby or the situation she was in. Stop being negative about a Mother who left her child with his Dad. There are probably valid and good reasons. Why do you have to be so negative especially when you don't know the WHOLE story! I don't know Amanda either, but I admire her for her courage for posting on here. Losing a child no matter what the circumstances are is devastating! That I know for a fact. Thinking of you Amanda!

    • Sickening

      Yes Pam, we don't know the entire story, but we do know that this childs mother (keep in mind the child was 15 months old) left and is already pregnant with another child. If you don't find this disturbing then you must have skeletons of your own.

      Something tells me she's friends with Amanda Knox! I'm sure she was out partying it up while she left her baby behind. She had no intentions of seeing this child again, that's for sure. Just a careless and selfish person, both of them!

      • ClanSmokeJaguar


        And it's not Amanda Knox. It's Amanda McIlvaine according to the above.

        I suspect Amanda is pregnant with the perp's baby.

        Her entire story is convuluted and smells of bovine scat!

    • Michelle

      I dont give a shit what her reasons were, I would never ever in my entire life leave my kids for any reason. over my damn dead body!

  • Holmes

    Sooooo CRAZY!!! What is wrong with people now days? There are kids dying every day due to there family members, this world is so jacked up! Only GOD knows what realy happen and he will punish all responsible! NO parent throws there kid on the side of a Road, and NO MOTHER leaves there BABY 14hrs away to go have another one no matter the reason for leaving, a MOTHER never leaves her kids!!!!! RIP baby

    • beanmudder

      Just so you all know Amy was a good mom who loved Matthew. Who are you people to pass judgement on her? How many of you have had more than one relationship or more than one child?Amy didnt abandon Mathew, Matt had him because he had the means to support him. Amy loved her son more than any of you know. She called just about every day to check on him and to hear his little baby sounds over the phone and she got pictures as offten as Matt would send them to her. Matt would not let her keep Matthew and siad that if she tried to take him to court for custody she would loose because she didnt have a job or a stable home for him. And the court would have sided with Matt because he did have all that and he was financially stable. Amy had asked Matt to bring Matthew her to see her and he wouldnt. So when matt called and said the baby was sick and had heart problems and sickel cell aniema, Amy was trying to get up enough money to go get him. Matt had said that the only way she could have Matthew is if she went back to him.Amy didnt murder Matthew, Matt did. It could have been any one of you peoples child. Think about it and open your eyes you idiots. You arent with your children all the time. When your child goes to a visit with the other parent or to visit a friend, neighbor or a well rounded and respected family member. Will it be your fault and should you be held accountable if they murder your child, just because you let your child go. Amy didnt leave her baby with Matt just because she didnt want to take care of him. She let Matt have him because she thought that Matt could give her baby a better life financially than what she could give him. Not one of us ever thought that he would have ever hurt Matthew. So please back off because it could just as easily happen to your family.

      • Jay

        I don't mean to judge Amy, because you are right – none of know her. But I do question why a mother would leave a child behind because she couldn't afford to take care of him, only to get pregnant with another child?

    • Just Saying

      Do not judge a woman you do not know. You mention God in your tirade so you should know that he is the only one that has the right to judge someone. Practice what you preach

    • geegee

      Her new man probably didn't want her kid around. And this young man was so deeply hurt and could cope with the demand a baby puts on a person. I think he snapped with overwhelming emotional hurt.

  • Carrie Jones

    This sickens me. I was an Air Force member stationed at Seymour Johnson several years ago, and while it isn't unusual for different factors with the military to break up families, it is unusual that the military member was left alone with the child, especially if the wife was a civilian. There are many stresses involved in being a single parent, which I did while also being active duty and in college classes too, but there are so many support systems in place on bases to get help if you need it!!! I pray for this family!

  • JayHobeSound

    If the baby died from SIDS or heart failure, then there would be no problem in rushing him to hospital or calling 911.

    "Tried to commit suicide…" – IF he tried, it was due to guilt, not grief. If no attempt, then a lame attempt to elicit sympathy.

    Sad for the little kidlet.

  • Jane Smith

    Like I said earlier, I knew this family very well. I can agree that Matt was VERY good at hiding all of this. My husband and I had him over to our house for dinner just this past Sunday. We never suspected a thing. According to Matt the baby was always with a sitter. You don’t want to think things like this about a friend. The fact that he was able to hide it so well truly shows what a monster he is. I have a son who is only 8 days younger than baby Matthew. Matt was around him two days in a row and never showed the slightest emotion. How the hell do you do that? The cause of death has not yet been determined but I highly suspect he murdered him. Why would you hide it for so long? Why not call an ambulance if you did find him dead in his crib? Why dump him in the woods? The person here to blame is most definitely Matt Theurer. He will get what’s coming to him. The suicide thing is most likely untrue. I’m privy to a few more details than are listed here since I’m so close to the family. From what I understand Amy left matt because he was abusive. Whether or not this is true I’m not sure. She found another man to be with (while still married) and got pregnant. I don’t think that Amy didn’t love her other baby but it is sad that he was given to his father and the father did this. You never expect a father to do something like this to his son. A lot of you on here are making assumptions when you don’t know all the facts. I was one of the first people to find out about this. So place blame where blame is due.

    • Sarah

      Jane Smith – If I'm not mistaken we were all given orders to keep our opinions and any information we're privy to off the web. That includes posting under a pseudonym.

    • ClanSmokeJaguar

      That makes no sense.

      If the guy was abusive enough to the woman to force her to leave, WTF would that same individual voluntarily give their child over to the abusive mutt?

      Unless a court order allowed it, that makes NO damn sense.

      • anon

        MY SENTIMENTS EXACTLY!!!! No decent mother would leave a baby with an abuser, even if he didn't abuse the baby while they were together; once the woman leaves, the abuser needs to find a new victim for his rage, and a baby is such a convenient little target! SMH! That poor baby!

    • geegee

      Some people aren't meant to have children, especially young people. Doesn't sound like he had any support. Where's his family. Some people don't know how to ask for help. They really don't.

  • normalguyroger

    Anyone that can kill a baby, any baby, doesn't deserve to live. Give him a gun with one round in it and lock him in a bullet proof room. He should kill himself

    • Stash

      why a bullet proof room. I would hope he wouldn't miss since he was trained by the military.
      But I do appreciate your concern for safety of others. Maybe the gov should be so thoughtful.

  • george

    He killed the child to get back at the ex wife for getting knocked up by another man he shouldve killed her and her new husband not the baby what an idiot


    pray for the family, so very sad about the little baby. there is so much sadness for the little ones in this world they are to be loved and taken care and some are not. i pray every nite for the children lost.

  • makom

    what kind of mom leaves her 15 month baby??????? i dont care about the reason should never left her baby ,



  • teremist

    Poor baby. Neither of his parents wanted him, so they dumped him like garbage. (Yeah I know, he was still alive when mom dumped him on dad.) In my opinion, if you are a young adult who does not want children, the responsible thing is to NOT MAKE THEM. Men wear a condom AND use a spermicide every time. Women get on birth control. Lust lasts until real life makes the going hard, if you are not yet fully mature. Children are a lifetime commitment….no matter how you feel, no matter how hard it is, no matter what else you would like to do. PLEASE do not make babies you are not ready to give your life for.

  • FutureIsOnUs

    She "may" have been abused we don't know for sure, just because he "may" have abused her does not mean he abused his child at any time during his short life with his mom and dad together. Now as to what happened after is left to be proven by a court of law. It is sad that she took off and left him behind I would have a little more respect if she was leaving to make a better life for herself and set up a home for her child to join her but it doesn't seem that way (according to the story). I know when a military branch is involved it can be a nasty fight over children. A friend of mine lost her 3 children because she left an abusive husband who loved his children, he filed the day after she left claiming she abandoned the marriage and the children. We do not know HER story!!

  • mother of three

    I just can't imagine a mother leaving her child with an abuser.I have raised three kids by myself and never once thought about leaving them. I would fight to the death of me for my children. And for her to already be knocked up with another mans child. I sure hope that someone steps up to help her new baby. If you cant afford one child, then why go and have another? My son was murdered 3 1/2 years ago and the killer is still walking free. I hope this man rots in hell. Even if his story of him finding the baby already dead in his crib, he could have at least called for help and had a proper burial for him. Not throw him in a garbage bag along the side of the road.

  • Wyldflower65

    Wow… some of the comments are very harsh towards the mother of this child. After all it was the father who murdered his child lied and told people the child was with his mother. Have any of you thought of the fact in most states it is kidnapping for a parent to leave the state and take the child without a court order? If she left him due to abuse, she would have had to press charges against him and filed for a emergency protective order. It also would still not allow her to take the child out of the state. She would have to proof he was a threat to the child. That is hard to do, without proof, If it is true Amy left due to abuse she will have to live with the fact. Her choice of not reporting the abuse, even if it meant moving into a woman’s shelter with her son. She failed to protect her son. She would have received help using the laws that are in place to protect not only her but would have also protected her son. As far as the father goes. His actions after the fact, will be what puts him on death row. May justice prevail in this case. RIP Sweet angel!

  • Benson

    If the mother had such "good reason to leave" then why would she leave her baby with him? It sounds to me like she knew what might happen.

  • Mollie

    SERIOUSLY wtf is wrong with u to leave you baby?? and then to go get knocked up again with another guy…. really!!! Just wondering, what is your reason for leaving you CHILD with that man??? I think it really sad how young kids have sex and get pregnant nd they decide they don't want to take care of their baby!! and they leave the poor thing…. I feel so sad for lil matthew because of what happen and its really sad that a human could to that to his own child… 😦 i pray for the friends and family for what hass happen!! 😦 RIP Matthew Jr.

  • liv

    I know both the mother and the father.I grew up with Amy and was completely heartbroken when I saw this.I like that people immediately jump to blame Amy.
    When single mothers kill their children people sympathize with the dad.
    HERES THE REAL ISSUE THOUGH: she asked what was wrong with little man (as she called him) and matt told her he was sick.She plead for prayers for him to get better.She thought he'd be in better care with matt.Would you not leave your kid if you thought it was the better choice for him?
    I beg people.PLEASE JUST BE RESPECTFUL.If losing your child wasn't enough people get on here and throw blame around.

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