Man found with gunshot wound to the head near Lafayette Square Mall

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The Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department is investigating a homicide just north of Lafayette Square Mall Wednesday.

Officers responded to the 4200 block of Lafayette Road on the city’s northwest side, where a man was found in an SUV with a gunshot wound to the back of his head.

Police later responded to a nearby gas station on a report that the suspects may have stolen a vehicle minutes before the shooting.

The search is on for two suspects.


    • Gat Monkey

      "Indy's "Corridor of Death" (38th St. plus one mile north or south) strikes again"

      Corridor of death. I like that. Be sure to use this on every 38th St incident so we'll know you're not Starlett Miller.

      Sorry Star but I just have to do it.

      38th St Again!!!

      • Gat Monkey

        "stalker… Do you use my name in all your comments now?"

        Yes I do.

        I think for the first time in The Gat Monkey's life he's in love.

        Mrs Starlett Monkey has a nice ring to it don't you think?

      • Gat Monkey

        "38th street, aaaaagain"

        I can't get enough of this. This is like waiting around hoping Arnold says "I'll be back" or Mr T says "I pity the fool."

  • ClanSmokeJaguar

    What happened was this unlucky chap showed up at Lawfayette squares promotion of spend $20.00 in the mall and receive a capping.

    This is why it's important to read the small print on all offers!

    • Check yourself

      U need to really not reply with dumb ass remarks! This God fearing, sweet, young man is my nephew and I would give anything to know that that's all he needed was a medical bill and not a coffin u stupid bitch!

    • HighHopes

      Your a pure a**hole show some compassion. Anytime you value your money more then life, it makes you unworthy. You will have to answer to God for that message. I pray for the world everyday because your not the only one who feels that way, your just dumb enough and bold enough to say it out loud.


    How much longer can Don’s Guns keep furnishing these weapons at Lafayette Square before he is finally closed down?

    • Don's Guns

      Highly doubt those guns came from Don's Guns … criminals don't go to a store and buy their gun.

      • Gat Monkey

        "Highly doubt those guns came from Don's Guns … criminals don't go to a store and buy their gun"

        No they send people down I65 to make straw purchases from DG…

        Ever been in that overpriced crap pile?

        Thugs galore. Sure they're not convicted criminals(meaning they just haven't been caught yet).

        For turd and laughs, go in there on New Year's Eve. Dazzling Urbanites fill the store as they wait to buy their fill of sky lead that will be set free at midnight.

    • Bentley

      Do you really think that the killa that whacked this gangster bought a gun at Dons? Gangster Killas steal stuff,not buy it…Now with Mass transit coming to Indianapolis, the animals will soon be roaming the streets of Carmel.The cops are driving them out of downtown, moving them north..

      • Alea

        He was not a gangster. He was a former classmate of mine. He was a barber. Nothing illegal or "gangster" about it.

      • Gat Monkey

        "angster Killas steal stuff,not buy it.."

        You clearly live in a vacuum of ignorance and safety. Please stay behind the keyboard in your mom's basement where it's warm and safe.

        Leave the real world to grown ups with a pair.


        Please choose and stick with a moniker sweet child of mine, this hopping back and forth is a bit tiring.

  • LORR


    • 'Thor'

      I hear you. I have several guns and they're (notice the personal pronoun) always jumping around and trying to load themselves (oops, did it again) so they can shoot someone. Those critters (dang it) just can't control themselves (dang it again) and I have to put them (I give up) in a safe so I will feel safe around them (sigh).

  • Gailmac

    I live on 56th Street and over the last few months, the violence has been escalating by leaps and bounds.
    I pray for the him and his family. I will also pray for the idiot who posted the comment about hospital bills. How dare you!! How dare you!! God does not like UGLY!!!

    • wwyd


      there are a lot of negative comments here and yeah it's sad they have to be so damn cold when it comes to another homicide like this. Fox59 seems the place to be for people to put down a lot of others for the pigmentation of their skin or for the fact that they fell victim to a crime or even because they look different. When in fact they are actually commenting on their own intelligence level.

      (The Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department is investigating a homicide just north of Lafayette Square Mall Wednesday.)

      The investigation is on going at this time, which tells me the police don't even know why the man was shot. This just proves that these idiots are so anxious to start mouthing off before the facts come in. This was some families loved one that now has to say goodbye.

      Nothing funny about that.

  • choke on this

    Bunch of sorry as's remarks. We have another murder here people. Why do you have to make sh!tty remarks on a subject like this? In case you don't know…someone lost a son and perhaps a brother, father, uncle, nephew and friend. Shame on you. And the gun remarks…get real morons. It's peoples actions not the effin guns. If it weren't guns it would be something else to kill another person. Ignorance is bliss.

      • A Mother Who Cares

        will you please read the article…the 2 suspects are being accused of stealing the vehicle not the deceased!!!
        Yes, we all know the neighborhood isn't the nicest, yes, most people stay away from this area at all cost, but what you do not realize is that he could have been taking his granny to get things she needed cause he didn't want her traveling in this area alone…point…no-one knows what happened today…but what we do know is that a man lost his life, a mother lost her son, possibly a child lost their father, wife lost her husband…have we all lost our compassion for another…grow up PLEASE

      • Sher

        I can promise you that several childs lost their daddy,,so who cares, its was the life he chose.he knew the results of his actions….He's stone cold now.

      • choke on this bitch

        Sher, you are a stone cold bitch. you're just like all the other phucks on here mouthing off because a brother got shot dead. what the hell's wrong with you phuckin people? I know, you're all stone cold like this bitch Sher. POS

      • Amazing

        Childs? Duh. Plural(more than one) is Children. ONLY ONE is Child. You are not only stone cold yourself, you are just plain dumb and I'm sorry to inform you but there is no cure for DUMB!

      • choke on this

        To a Mother who cares,

        Yes these low life's with nothing better to do, have lost all compassion for other people.
        They come to FOX59 and mouth off over a death, homicide, rape, drug addict, etc, etc. before they get the facts straight. These are some of the coldest MF's I have ever run across.

        Hell, you can come here for grammar lessons, English lessons, life lessons, just about any corrective lesson life has to offer! Anything negative you can think of. Even good stories will be get hammered with one of these cold phucks comments. It never stops. This story broke about 6.5 hours ago and there is already 51+ comments here on this mans MURDER

        Thank you for your kind words, Mam

    • 'Thor'

      "It's peoples actions not the effin guns."

      That makes you more intelligent than all the Democrats (terrorists) in Washington D.C. combined.

    • liciaa babyee

      i know thats right because it couldve been anythang goin on and ppl think just because you get killed u gotta be a thug which is not tru. u can be at the wrong place .., wrong time!

  • RichieSlammer

    I can assure the uninformed welfare recipient that Dons Guns did not supply this gun and if he did it was because one of your thug offspring that are totally out of control with no supervision or care for life, stole it during a Burglary from some honest law abiding citizens home that they work hard everyday to pay for and upkeep. Keep it up you little bastards because as long as you keep killing each other off, not only are we happy happy happy, but the welfare line keeps getting shorter and shorter….

    • HighHopes

      Look at how you can call him a "nigger" without using the word. That's okay, because not your 401k plan, your petition, our your money will get you through the gates of Heaven. Thug or not as long as he repented, he made it to Heaven. We kill each other. You guys rape your children, and kill your parents for money. You do some of the worst crimes I've ever heard of. There aren't any black serial killers. From an college educated black person with a career, who believes that it is for God to judge not you or me.


    all of you negative racists people are sick i hope all of you are next…i am 100% irish and honestly i believe these so called welfare recipients are and were living better than some of you ignorant people on here…i get so tired of all of the slandor against people of other color…have you notice that there are more white and hispanic are receiving these benefits you speak so bad about…just dumb all of you…. go to hell!!!

    • Bosco

      Skyler……………I think you should check your stats. This mall and this area is the way it is for a reason. If you wish to continue to bury your head in the sand we as a society will never end this kind of senseless, deadly violence.

  • Sis

    Read the statistics and get it right before go quoting wrong. More Blacks are on welfare and in our prisons. Read before you assume your wrongful quotes. Anyway, this is not about a racist story. It's about a death. Get real people.

    • Bothered

      No Sis, you need to read tha statistics. Actually more caucasion people are on welfare and foodstamps. Yo may need to recheck that, heard that on Fox 59 a few months back. Who even said that this man was black or the suspects were black. Its an assumption, but the ignorance in here is pure bliss.

    • getitright

      You do the research….MORE WHITES are on welfare. I do the research, I perform the studies, and I am white myself….MORE WHITES are in welfare…and yes more blacks are in prison…be educated not a mouth runner!

  • Slayer2

    Facts all races share similar crime ratios. Yet there's no outrage or racialized debate about "white on white" violence. Instead, the myth and associated fear of "black on black" crime is sold as a legitimate, mainstream descriptive and becomes American status quo.The truth? As the largest racial group, whitescommit the majority of crimes in America. In particular, whites are responsible for the vast majority of violent crimes. With respect to aggravated assault, whites led blacks 2-1 in arrests; in forcible-rape cases, whites led all racial and ethnic groups by more than 2-1. And in larceny theft, whites led blacks, again, more than 2-1.

    • Gat Monkey

      "acialized debate about "white on white" violence"

      Once again fool! We can't be worried about what they're doing. They have their fight, we have our own.

      All your Starlett Miller style stats are impressive but they mean nothing when it comes to black on black crime.

      Fact is, blacks commit the majority of violent crimes against other blacks. Whites, despite the myths typically tend to kill each other as do black. For that matter, most murder victims are killed by someone of their own race.

      With respect to whites acting up, I can tell you for a fact I'm not worried about being killed by a white, the klan, nazis, Al Qaeda or space men. If a black man is to be murdered, he's going to be murdered by one of his own.

      That said, don't you think your efforts should be focused on stopping BOB crime? The sane rational person would agree, a witless troll will come back with more stats and insults.

      Let's see what you do. Lay out real ideas to solve this problem in the black community that involve white folks as a partner and not a leader.

      Ball's in your court…

      • Choke on this

        Well frickin said. BRAVO!

        Happy hour at FOX59 is really heating up Gat Monkey.

        Would you not agree?

        Love the way you light 'em up!

        Oh yeah, what a piece of work Starlett Miller is.


        LMAO :o() <—– I Gat your Monkey….LOL

      • StarlettMiller

        Statewide, there were 2,690 white-on-white homicides from 1980 through 2010. During the same period, there were 2,855 black-on-black killings.
        There were 463 black-on-white homicides in Indiana from 1980 through 2010. During the same period, there were 208 white-on-black killings.
        Here's a complete breakdown of the Indiana data:
        White On White: 2,690, 42.9%
        Black On White: 463, 7.4%
        Black On Black: 2,855, 45.5%
        White On Black: 208, 3.3%
        Other Combination: 58, 0.9%
        WRTV Viewing Area:
        White On White: 471, 52%
        Black On White: 55, 6.1%
        Black On Black: 352, 38.9%
        White On Black: 19, 2.1%
        Other: 8, 0.9%
        White On White: 382, 35%
        Black On White: 88, 8.1%
        Black On Black: 564, 51.7%
        White On Black: 45, 4.1%
        Other: 11, 1%
        White On White: 392, 37.2%
        Black On White: 110, 10.4%
        Black On Black: 492, 46.7%
        White On Black: 47, 4.5%
        Other: 12, 1.1%
        Total: 3,048 homicides

      • StarlettMiller

        It appears the only person with insults is you and as I have said countless times before is that the first part of the solution is recognizing there IS a problem So stop avoiding the numbers and stop defending your cousins simply because they are your cousins

        Are you SURE you know the meaning of some of the words you use?

      • Gat Monkey

        "You have turned into a bit of a stalker as well… You might want to get help with that."


      • 'Thor'

        I really would like to know your connection to law enforement. Mike S had some and I believe you do too. I knew Mike S was in the service, you I don't know. I do know that what you put out there is an accurate statistical analysis.

      • 'Thor'

        Try to find what Scarlett posts about THIS year on the WEB. It has to come from some form of law enforement data base us cilvilians are not privy to.

  • Erica P

    I'm disgusted reading all of the racist remarks. What if the victim and/or suspects were white? Would that change some of your views on the situation? Color and social status are not the underlying issues here…yet, many of your responses indicate that is all you are concerned with. I pray for my children having to grow up in such a cruel and judgmental place. May the victim rest in peace and prayers sent to his family. This gun violence has to end!!!!!!

    • Shaun

      Ummm Erica "What if they were white"? Really? Have you ever been to that mall.No white folks go there.The "victim" really? He got in a car to make a drug deal, he knew the game. The drug deal went bad, now he is just another case number.I pray that my children will grow up in a thug free environment,not one of fear..Take a trip on over to that Mall Erica,,then se how you feel. Its a war zone.

    • iwantmymommy

      Go to Canada, they have no Guns. Take all the whiners with you and don't let the boarder kick you on the way out! BYE!

    • Barrrrrf

      You make me want to throw up my Hardee's. If it weren't so good, I would. Shut the hell up StarlettBirdShit!

  • StarlettMiller

    Blacks have been involved in 76% of all the homicides in Indianapolis this year.


    Black or African Americans represent 9.6% of the population in Indiana. The male population percentage in the State of Indiana is 49.2% which would estimate the Black male population at 269,362. Using the figure of 269,362, Black males represent 4.22% of the total Indiana state population.

    SOME of the 4.22 percent of the population has been involved in 76% of all the homicides in Indianapolis this year… No problem there huh?

    • Gat Monkey

      "No problem there huh?"

      You've laid out the facts in your own special way.

      You've illustrated there was a problem that most everyone including The Gat Monkey says exists.

      What ideas if any do you have to reduce the violence before the warmer months arrive. At this rate, you'll have carpal tunnel syndrome by July updating your little facts and figures.

      Please advise…

  • unknown

    y'all are the most ignorant people known to man someone lost their life and y'all on here just being plain rude no one cares nor wants to read your stupid statements if you dont have nothing good to say keep it to yourself

  • Kris_Chris

    Who cares he if was a good person or not. What matters is this man died during a violent crime. What matters is that a family is greiving. What matters is that this kind of violence is out of control in this city. These thug cowards are quick to pick up a gun and kill and do not care about the pain they cause.

  • 'Thor'

    "What matters is that this kind of violence is out of control in this city."

    This is only three weeks in Chicago. Get a hold of yourself. Though we are a little a head pace from the last two years.

  • ashley

    this my family so really no body dont no what going on so stop talking about it if u dont no who did it this is nothin but of bunch of shit talking on here he a good dude so just leave it of long

  • Anonymous

    Smh at the racist remarks, and to those judging without knowing the whole damn story… RIP to my little cousin

  • Darrell Morgan

    stop making jokes about a life lost until this tragedy happens to one of your family members you will not no the pain of the family left behind i agree it is time to doze over the square but i also know it is time for more action for gun crimes starting with mandatory sentences for illegal owned firearms to the family i offer my prayers and to the shooter my God have mercy on your soul you're gonna need it

    • 'Thor'

      Agreed. We need enforement of the laws we have. What is the sense of new ones when we don't enforce the ones we have?

  • Unknown

    I swear the racists comments are really getting lame. I really don’t give a damn about statics and all that other shit!! Point is people white black mexican puerto rican indonesian chinese albino hell turkish…. ITS ALL SENSELESS KILLING YOU DUMB ASS RACIST BASTARDS!!! Next time do a spell check bitch on the word “Nigger” because its correct spelling is “Niger” and last time I check Honkey’s or Kuntz are molesting little boys and girls, killing they parents and siblings too. So keep your BULLSHIT TO YOURSELF!!!

  • BonnyBird

    – Mitch did not deserve to die that way – he was a good guy with a good heart – I pray the persons involved in taking this young mans life, are caught soon – totally senseless

    Your buddy in Arizona is not taking this well Mitch…may your soul rest in peace – Our deepest condolences to your mom, dad, sisters and extended family

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