Police: Passenger’s insistence to ‘go faster’ led to fatal SUV accident

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DELAWARE COUNTY – Investigators say a deadly, high-speed crash that killed three people and injured three teenagers happened as a result of a reckless “speed game.”

Lt. Arlen Johnson of the Delaware County Sheriff’s Department has interviewed the three teenagers who survived the crash. According to Johnson, Kent Kalley—the owner of the Cadillac Escalade—kept urging the driver, Lisa Case, to keep going faster and faster.

Investigators estimated that the SUV hit speeds in excess of 110 mph. The vehicle also went through a stop sign.

As a result, the SUV went off the road, slamming into a retention wall and rolling over before settling on some boulders. It happened Sunday afternoon near Daleville at County Road 600 West and State Road 67. Kalley, Case and another passenger, 12-year-old Andrew Lackey, died in the accident.

Savanna Kalley, Jessica DeLong and Trace Joiner—all 13 years old—were taken to Indianapolis-area hospitals. Kalley remains hospitalized while the other two have been released.

According to accounts from the teenagers, they were scared and about to put on their seatbelts just before the crash happened. Investigators said Kent Kalley’s insistence on going faster—at one point, Johnson said he yelled “whoopee!” as the SUV blew past a stop sign—was directly responsible for the crash.


  • Bev

    Unless he had a gun on the driver and she was scared if she did not comply, then I do not understand why she chose to listen and keep going faster! I know I would not listen to an idiot like that.

  • anon

    I thought teens under a certain age had to have an adult in the car & weren't supposed to be allowed to have other teens in the car? This shows how some- not all- teens lack the maturity to drive unchaperoned. I agree with Bev- that guy was an idiot, & she should've acted like she had some sense and said no. Sorry to speak badly of those who died in a horrible accident, but common sense could've saved 3 lives.

  • myidzmom

    about to put on their seatbelts? I do not move the car until everyone is buckled. Drugs make idiots of ppl

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