Police: Passenger’s need for speed contributed to fatal SUV crash

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DELAWARE COUNTY – Delaware County investigators say recklessness among the only two adults in an SUV caused the crash that killed them and a 12-year old boy on Sunday.

It happened when an SUV, driven by 46-year old Lisa Case, ran off County Road 600 West near State Road 67. Police say the vehicle was traveling faster than 110 miles per hour when it left the roadway, went airborne, and slammed into a bed of rocks at a stone quarry.

Killed in the crash were Case, her boyfriend 46-year-old Kent Kalley and 12-year old Andrew Lackey.

“He loved life,” said Rita Liming, Lackey’s grandmother. “He loved music, he loved dancing. He was trying to learn how to play the guitar. He wanted to go play football at Purdue. He had a lot of dreams.”

Three other 13-year-old passengers survived the crash. Two had been released from hospitals as of Wednesday afternoon.

As members of several families were still reeling from the sudden shock of the crash, investigators were getting answers about what caused it.

After interviewing the surviving teens, the Delaware County Sheriff’s Department blamed a reckless speed game which took place just before the accident.

According to those interviews, Kent Kalley had been urging Linda Case to keep driving faster and faster. He even told her to drive through a stop sign at high speed.

“And then he made some type of a noise like ‘Whoopee!'” said Lt. Arlen Johnson. “Raised his hands up in the air kind of like a roller coaster thing or something.”

Johnson said that urging was enough to prompt Case to exceed 110 miles per hour before running off the road and ramping off an embankment.

“I don’t know of any other reason why she would be driving that fast unless she’s reacting to his prompts,” Johnson said.

Earlier this week, family members of Lisa Case said the vehicle had recently been in a repair shop for problems with the throttle.

Johnson told Fox 59 that those repairs took place in December and had nothing to do with Sunday’s crash.

While the ongoing investigation is starting to bring some answers to grieving family members, many still want to know why so many lives were lost or put at risk.

‘Why the speed?” Liming wondered. “Why kids in a vehicle without seat belts? Just why?”

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    Fox-News: You keep reporting Linda…it’s Lisa. You have both names in your articles and report. C’mon! Basic journalism 101.

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