Suspected drug dealer charged with murder following woman’s overdose

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  • Jack

    No because she chose to get them and take them. If not him, she would have gotten them somewhere else.

  • Rhonda Hunnel

    Hell yes I agree…my daughter was murdered by a known drug dealer because she wanted to tell her mommy who gave her the more about it at

    I worked as a juvenile correction officer for many years and it is sad to see how many kids kept coming back due to drugs. The war on drugs are those who supply our children with drugs and kill those who just are too high to know any better.

    • anon

      Rhonda, I'm so sorry for your loss; I agree with your statement as well. Dealers sell drugs, people OD because they don't know how strong or weak the drugs may be; it's not like they come with dosage info! If someone dies because of some crap sold to them by a drug dealer, the dealer SHOULD be charged- they're selling dangerous stuff & they need to pay!

  • Daniel

    Hell yes,i know someone in Fayette Country who should also be arrested one charges just like this but yeah anyone who knows Connersville nothing is going to get done

  • one guys opinion

    you can't its like charging marlboro for the deaths of thousands because they sold cigarets to someone wanting to buy them this is dumb and should not be aloud

  • StevenH

    Stupid. I'm all for charging him for dealing, but to charge him for murder is like charging the owner of a Gun store for selling a man a gun who later kills someone with that weapon.

    With that line of logic, ANY politician who then supports our right to bear arms is then able to also be legally charged, because they helped that individual obtain a firearm, because without them, that person would not be able to obtain the firearm in question….

    It's a damn slippery slope that shouldn't be traveled.

  • Bev

    Well unless he forced her to take them, why is he the person responsible? She was 21 and I'm not heartless, but she did it to herself.

  • StevenH

    After reading the link, he did administer the drugs, which SHOULD have been put in the story HERE. I suspect it wasn't simply to stir up controversy, shame on you Fox.

    With that said, administering the drugs himself, puts this case in a very legal gray area, making it much harder for me to now state that he shouldn't be charged. It was her choice, but, he administered the dose, so it could be like a Kevorkian thing.

    It's now not as black and white as it was before when I thought that he had only sold her the drugs.

    • anon

      Sounds like the Cathy Smith woman who gave John Belushi the overdose that killed him; I just googled it & she only got 3 years. What a waste!

  • aguerrero

    he provided the means but she chose her own fate by choosing to use it you cant blame the dealer and not the user if she never bought it or chose to use it herself she would be alive today yes he should get a maximum sentance for dealing it but he didnt put a gun to her head to use it there for he didnt murder her

  • Sheila

    Should be charged for dealing but not her murder. He didn't make her take it, that was her own responsibility to make decisions for herself. She's dead…..her own stupid fault.

  • Ann

    I don't think the crime here is murder. The addict knows that every time they shoot up it could be their last and eventually your body's had enough. Should he be taken off the streets ? Yes. Should he charged with murder? No!

  • jessica berninzon

    until you lose a child from anything , people really have no clue what that means long term for the parents and siblings left behind , she paid for her drug use with her life the parents pay because they are sentenced to a life of despair , grieve , utter misery till they die , so if the person who m provided the drugs should not be help responsible then he gets to walk free and do it again taking the risk every time he does of helping someone kill themselves with overdose ? the charge should be reckless homicide because reckless it is , its against the law to sell drugs any kind be it heroinn pills whatever so it would make no sense for it not to be held accountable if the illegal drugs you sell kills someone i lost my child just turned 18 on January 17 2012 on that same day i died as well i cant manage to over come the despair grieve i suffer daily and it passed on to her little sister , my grandchildren my older children and caused me a divorce …the damage the things that ones go thru after the death of young child or young person is huge …so yes 4 years in the penn is Disney land park ride compared to the rest of the people involved in such a death .

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