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Woman, two children found dead in New Albany creek

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A woman and two children have been found dead in a Southern Indiana creek.

Police found the victims’ remains in a creek at Binford Park in New Albany just after 5 p.m. Wednesday.

Officials said one of the victims was a toddler and the other was a teenager. It’s not clear if the two were related.

Police are treating the deaths as a homicide investigation.

No other information has been released yet.


  • Proud American, I Am

    Blame the liberals for taking God, Prayer, The Bible and The Pledge of allegiance out of our schools.

    • ClanSmokeJaguar

      And telling Americans that sucking an unborn child into a sink isn't killing but a "choice"

      I truly believe that is why children this day are looked at as property by "parent(s)"

      • silly2

        That's right moron! It's my choice. And I hate when a man – who will never have to face an unwanted pregnancy – feels like he knows the right way & the only way. How many abused, neglected & unwanted children that are here already have you helped in any way? It's a right the supreme court gives to women so your pathetic opinion means nothing.

      • anon

        I'm a woman who had an unplanned pregnancy, chose not to abort, & raised my child alone, with no child support, and didn't spend 18 years collecting welfare; I WORKED!!!! If somebody else, faced with an unwanted pregnancy, chooses not to abort, there's this wonderful option called adoption! There are many people who can't have babies that would love to adopt; it can even be arranged so that the adoptive parents pay the medical bills and living expenses. Don't tell me abortion is the only choice- I know better!

      • ClanSmokeJaguar

        So how many choices have you made and butchered a child because you were too stupid to keep your legs closed or utilize proper birth control?

        Your uterus is probably so ravaged it couldn't sustain life anyway if you wanted to.

  • choke on this

    Where's everybody with the prejudgemental mouths at? The facts aren't in yet so come on throw your stinking 2¢ in.

  • Guest

    Yup, Proud American is soooo right. Nothing bad ever happened when we had the Pledge of Allegiance in our schools. What color is the sky in your world? Red, white and blue.

  • Lori Mayberry

    Actually, this is why people often get murdered…the arguments that start over differences in religion and opinion in general. I'm sure that the murderer of that woman and children had things on his mind other than the fact that we don't have Bibles and the pledge of allegience in our schools. Other religions also teach about the sanctity of life and there are atheists in the world that have been some of our biggest philanthropists. I'm a Christian but I don't blame those that aren't for all the mayhem in the world..to do so is absolutely ridiculous. Also, I don't think Jesus would approve of you calling others an "idiot". Just saying..

    • ClanSmokeJaguar

      >e arguments that start over differences in religion and opinion in general.


      I'd assume money, drugs, and sex/relationships.

      I guess it's possible a dispute over the Book of Mathew can erupt between people and get elevated to the point of violence.

      • anon

        "I guess it's possible a dispute over the Book of Mathew can erupt between people and get elevated to the point of violence."

        LMFAO, good one! So, next time me & my son get in an argument over the book of Matthew I can open a can of whoop-azz and blame "religious differences?" BTW, he isn't a child- he's 26 yrs old & a foot taller than I am, so its not child abuse!

  • corey

    no one should talk about it because regardless or not they are dead and we can not do anything about it

  • carla mcpheeters

    I think we need to pray and ask god to help the victims family members to be strong in their time of sorrow and that the person thats responsible be brought to justice what a heartless soul

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