Young entrepreneurs say future of racing is electric

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ZIONSVILLE – Bill Gates started a computer empire out of his garage. Now, two kids from Purdue University hope to forge the future of electric auto racing out of their basement in Zionsville.

Drew Westrick and Grant Chapman, founders of EVC Racing, just got a big break. Their new electric go-cart will debut at the Vancouver Auto Show this month. The car will also be a featured ride in the G-Zero Racing Series in Canada.

“This really is the future of racing,” said Westrick, EVC Racing’s chief technology officer.

The knock on electric cars was they’re not sexy enough or they don’t go fast enough. That’s not the case anymore. EVC Racing’s go-cart can do 75 mph and they’re working on ones that go more than a 100 mph.

“These are going to knock you back in the seat and even more so than some of the gas cars that are out in the market today,” said Chapman, EVC Racing’s CEO.

During a race, a pit stop will include a quick battery switch and new tires before the car races off.

But, it isn’t their first rodeo. Westrick and Chapman built electric racing cars at Purdue and won the evGRANDPRIX at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. They haven’t even graduated from college yet.

“It’s really hard doing this while still in school, but it’s the best time to do it because we don’t have a house mortgage to pay for or families to take care of,” Chapman told Fox 59.

“It’s really is amazing how far we’ve come,” said Westrick.

And it will be amazing to see how far they could go.


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