A shot of snow then a one day warm up

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Late Thursday afternoon a fast-moving “clipper” system has generated a few batches of snow.  Mainly sliding along a warm front, the threat for snow will be directed along the front over western-central Indiana.  A band of moderate to heavy snow slid southwest of the city during the evening commute while a second batch is moving in from the west.  We bracket the hours of 7PM to 11pM for the threat of snow.  The rest of the night temperatures will remain steady.

Level 2


The front that slices through the state really separates the warm from the cold.  While the city topped the lower 43’s (up 11 from Wednesday) very warm air bathes the central and southern plains.  70° warmth reached western Missouri thursday with near 80’s in Nebraska, Kansas and Oklahoma.  The front will lift north of the city Friday allowing a rise into the middle 50’s.  Skies may thin for some sun and temperature are likely to remain a few degrees shy of 50 north with mid to upper 50’s possible south of Indianapolis.


A wind shift late night Friday into Saturday morning will but an end to the warming trend.  light rain ends early Saturday but we are expected to remain rather cloudy through Sunday.  High temperatures are likely to remain in the middle 40’s Saturday and around 40° Sunday.  Rain showers and possibly some wet snow may develop again Sunday evening as the stalled front begins to lift north.


Last year St. Patricks’ day reached 77°, the warmest ever and continued a 4 year stretch of warm and sunny St. Patty’s days.  The streak ends this weekend.  In fact, early thinking is that this year will be 35 to 40 degrees colder than last.

St Pattys Day Temps


There is growing evidence that Sunday could be a wintry mess but it is far from a definite conclusion.  Various computer forecasts hint at a stalled front over southern Indiana with a large cold high pressure north of the state.  Teh set-up looks favorable for a cold rain, wet snow or even freezing rain scenario but still unclear.  be sure to check back through the week as this system unfolds.  The trusted European long-range forecast model hints at appreciable e snow while U.S. forecast models hint at a glancing blow to nothing but rain.  More in the days ahead.


With the exception of Friday ( temperatures are expected to rise into the lower 50’s late in the day) the overall pattern is cold.  A four-week stretch of chilly weather will roll on perhaps through the end of the month.  Since mid February, a blocking pattern has developed over the North Atlantic.  This block creates a buckle in the jet stream and allows cold air to set up shop for extended periods over the eastern half of the nation.  While a temporary warm up (a couple of days) is possible the overall view is chilly.  here is a break out of high temperatures over the next 16 days.

PAST 5 DAYS: +4°

DAYS 1-5: -11°

DAYS 6-10: -12°

DAYS 11-16: -12°

The average high temperate over the next 2 weeks rises from 51° to 55°

Jet Stream