Ark. man says woman is taking photos with his missing iPad

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LITTLE Rock, Ark. — The photos are an almost constant reminder. Someone else is enjoying Allen Engstrom’s iPad.

The Little Rock man said he lost the iPad while on a flight from Phoenix to Denver. Someone has been using the iPad including taking self-portraits.

The photos are automatically being synced to Engstrom’s iPhone through his iCloud account.

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  • Terri

    He can disable the iPad thru the program track my iPhone! It lets you track your iPad and iPhone… And disable it…


      not if he doesnt have it installed and even if he does the article said he had location services turned off.

  • Alisa

    He can call and have it reported stolen. Then it will end up shutting it off if she tries to sync it up and erase his info

  • Kris_Chris

    This woman must live by the Obama rules. Take what's not yours and use it even though you didnt work for it. Hope and Change Obama 08.

      • Tommy

        " Seems like she hit the nail right on the head" Are you honestly that dense that you think theft didn't happen until 2009? Really? Are you scraping the bottom of the barrel so bad that you don't care that you look like complete idiots saying things like this? Time to get new hobbies Kris and Chucky…

    • Tyrone shoe laces

      Kris is dead on. Odds are she is stealing our tax dollars as well. She's probably going to give it one her 7 or 8 babies as b-day gift. That is unless one of the 7 or 8 daddies don't take it first.

    • s. white

      Really, Kris cause there are a whole lot of bankers who have done that and worse under Busch's rules and go away with it. No prosecutions no one oges to jail. It's a crime if a poor person or person of color does it but when it's a rich F'n banker well it's just an oversight?

      • anon

        How do you know the owner is black? This article doesn't say, it just shows a moron making retard faces, who happens to be black & is currently in possession of the iPad, whether she stole it or got it at a pawn shop!

  • ClanSmokeJaguar

    As the article states, how the ug-mo got the device is not known. If the device was sold via a pawn shop or online entity, and the woman bought it in good faith, she's hardly a thief or using something that doesn't belong to her.


    • thetruthhurts

      Seriously doubt that this creature had the money to purchase the device at a pawn shop or on-line. When someone purchases an ipad off some stranger on a street corner common sense would dictate most likely its hot so that should rule out the good faith arguement..

    • StarlettMiller

      I agree… To a certain point…. BUT…
      Based on the information IN THIS STORY…
      The Little Rock man said he lost the iPad while on a flight from Phoenix to Denver.

      "while on a flight"

      Chances are Thighdella up there knows where is came from and that "it not be bein hers"

      They do not deserve the benefit of the doubt any longer.

      • ClanSmokeJaguar

        >Based on the information IN THIS STORY…

        That's why it pays to read more than "THIS STORY" when trying to make more than a snap, uneducated, and ignorant judgment. Especially so when the article itself makes it easy for the lazy person by providing a link.

        Jeeese! lol

    • anon

      So???? Fox 59 only reports partial stories anyway, so what's your point? What about your own racial comment? "Twist: the ipad owner is black. Mind blown." You don't know if the original owner is black or not, you're just assuming, which makes you "racist, hateful, and uninformed" as well!

    • Troy K

      Who? The woman,or the man showing the world how irresponsible he is? If he hadn't been stupid enough to leave it behind on a plane this wouldn't have happened. That's not saying much for the '53%',genius.

  • Anonymous

    It’s big news because the picture is so goofy looking! The man who was relieved of his IPad in such an unfortunate manner will probably get another.

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