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Deceased man found in Lafayette Square Mall parking lot identified

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A deceased man found in a vehicle parked in the Lafayette Square Mall parking lot Wednesday evening has been identified.

Officers with the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department responded to the 4200 block of Lafayette Road around 2 p.m. on a report that someone was shot.  When they arrived, they found 21-year-old Robert Mitcham suffering from a gunshot wound to the head.  He was pronounced deceased on the scene.

Police believe the actual shooting took place somewhere in the Lafayette Square Mall parking lot, located in the 3900 block of N. Lafayette Road.

Homicide detectives are currently investigating Mitcham’s death. If you have any information, please contact police at 317-327-3475 or Crime Stoppers at 317-262-8477.

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    • FutureIsOnUs

      After being shot in the parking lot of the mall, his cousin drove to the beauty supply store seeking help.

      • ClanSmokeJaguar


        So he burst through the doors and said, "Come look! My Cuz got capped in the dome! Help him!"

        And the beauty store clerk said, "Oh Honey! Put this hair relaxer on his head and put this wig on! This will help him until EMS can arrive!"

      • Watchman1911

        You are a very ignorant, insensitive individual. This young man came from a loving home and he was a wonderful person. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family.

      • nick

        He came from a great family. Life one day will present you with your own challenges since you think adversities will never come your way. You will get some humility…. Sad, I pitty you.

      • Roger

        Life presents me with challenges everyday…however they don't include going to a getto mall to buy drugs. He was wiling to take his chances,he lost.Now he is just another statistic and another reason to buy a white funeral T shirt with his picture on it.Ill bet his mamma will say he was a bright young man who was getting his act together and never did nothing to no body……now his face will be on a T shit..go figure

  • Focused

    anytime something happens on the westside they always say it happened at Lafayette Square Mall but this clearly is not at the mall …smh media a trip

  • Just Saying

    Focused if you read the article you will see he was shot at Lafayette Mall and driven to the strip mall

  • Italiano

    I remember the time when this was a leading shopping mall in Indy…and it was safe….shame on thise who let this happen

      • D.R. Smith

        so I assume you're referring to the African American race as cattle?! Really?! Probably the same reason we call you all "trash" and "peckerwoods" hmm its only fair I guess. Yes death is natural but this is only the beginning. A war is at hand! Our heavenly father and the dark prince are claiming their soldiers to build an army….and from the tone of your comment its obvious whose side you will claim

    • Go Hard or Go Home

      You must be ridiculous white and black youth are obviously in the news lately. I'm amazed at how racist this city truly is.

      • Becky

        Really? What did I say that was racist? Its the natural progression of like in the city and in the jungle. The tribes in both places will weed out the stupid and weak through natural selection.Feeble minded drug addicts are part of the thinning process

      • Bigb73

        If seeing things for what they are is considered "Racist", then I'm Racist. Who cares cause I Don't. I'm sure my mixed cousins would laugh at that one. Have you ever seen a Black Redneck?

      • s. white

        yes there are plenty of black folks who live in the country whose habits and actions would be considered redneck.

      • WhiteNight

        Black NASCAR fans…NOT. Just Bud drinking hicks from the back hills. Mostly toothless and Uncle Daddy's. Wanna know why Bud is the #1 beer in America? 50,000.000 rednecks can't be wrong. That sh!t has to be the worst 'beer' (lol) ever made.

  • MeatPlow

    The city needs to re-invest in this area. Keep it open so everyone knows where to buy drugs and get a free bullet to the brain. This would also aid our other outlying area malls and reduce the thug invasion of the North and South sides. Keep the trash in their own hood.

  • Guest

    Here is a cure for the so called thug invasion. Open season on the want to be thugs, when the deer population gets out of control this works for them. They want to run around being thuggish, and shot at people it's time to shot back and thin the herd. How do you know which ones are in season you ask? If their pants are down below their ass kill them. I know sounds ridiculous huh? Well that's what they are doing to themselves. Secound get rid of all the racist bs in this city. One black expo, racism to the max. Get them to understand everyone is equal and we all have to live by the same rules. Try to have a white expo, I dare you. Time for a attorney to file a suit to stop the racism. Then if the "thugs" are under age put the parents in jail too. White, Black, Brown, makes no difference we are all human not animals. Time to act like it! I HAVE A DREAM!

  • Brittney Parsons

    Drug deal gone bad…pretty obvious. Unfortunately this young man knew what he was getting into when he set up a meeting to obtain drugs. The thug life is tough. These "people" have destroyed every neighbor they have moved into..how many alls are left in Indianapolis that are not total pits..Two, can now Castelton is under siege from these gangsters.They are smart enough in Greenwood not to let this happen. Its sad that young men have to die,but thats the way it is when your a thug

    • D.R. Smith

      drug deal, huh? and how do you find that obvious? Seems like you've made a few pick ups the same way?! you're ignorant as hell! this young man was a licensed cosmetologist so he was probably at the beauty supply for obvious reasons….smh and who are these "people" you have so much heart just go ahead and say it…I dare you! The fact is that crime is everywhere! I hope someone does get murdered in greenwood park mall lot so your sheltered ass can have rude awakening. Its not about what they will let happen. The devil has more authority than any cop or security so if a murder is plotted its will occur

      • 'Thor'

        "I hope someone does get murdered in greenwood park mall lot so your sheltered ass can have rude awakening."

        Wow! You are one evil, bitter, hateful person. For sure the devil has got you.

  • D.R. Smith

    All of you people are ignorant as hell! The fact is that this was someone's son! So let your child get killed in a parking lot…"oh they were smoking meth and popping pills, serves them right" Everyone is entitled to their opinions but know the facts! This young man was a high school graduate and a licensed cosmetologist with no children! Probably at the beauty supply buying supplies duh! Im tired of hearing that thug bullshit just because he was a young black male! the same could happen to anyone. apparently he had enemies but probably because he was doing better than his peers. When a Caucasian or any other race for that matter gets murdered all you hear "they were so helpful and kind and a good student" but the news never publishes the good about African americans. TO HELL WITH ALL YOU NEGATIVE, IGNORANT, INCONSIDERATE,SHELTERED JACKAPLOPES!! REST IN PEACE R.M.

  • Indianapolis Youth

    I dont understand why people try to assume he was a "thug." None of you guys even knew him. To his friends and family he was a good, loyal person. He always had something funny to say or was laughing at something he heard. Think before you label someone as a "thug" not knowing what you're talking about. You hear "Lafayette Square Mall" and "shooting" and make assumptions. He was good at cutting hair and was taking off in that way. He wasn't involved in the stuff everyone (besides very few) have created him to be. If you think people close to him knew him as "Robert Mitcham" you don't know him well enough to EVER speculate on his life style. This is a prime example of people judging someone before they ever get the chance to meet them. All of the people who assumed he was a thug or a drug dealer need to take a step back and realize, if you don't personally know someone, you cant assume they are doing something just because stereotyping would tell you they are. There are too many hurt by the loss of his life. You didn't know him before his death, you still have no idea who is is. To end my response, if you didn't know him, please shut up.

  • RIP Mitch

    😦 at the comments below. let's not make this a race thing. clearly there are white people blowing up neighborhoods on the south side. That's neither here nor there. Its not a black/white/hispanic/etc thing. It's a good person vs bad person thing. All that matters is that the bad guys were caught. It doesn't bring Mitch back, but it is definitely comforting. RIP Mitch! We love you! p.s. every news site I go to has a bunch of racist comments for articles revolving this issue. its 2013. I can't believe people are still so driven by color. I'll be praying for you all.

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