Mike Pence annual salary highest in Indiana governor history

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Indiana’s newest governor is the highest paid governor in state history.

Gov. Mike Pence earns an annual salary of $111,688, surpassing former Gov. Mitch Daniels’ yearly income of $95,000 when he took office in 2005.

In 2009, at the beginning of Daniels’ second term, he was eligible to take a pay raise, increasing his salary to $107,881. However, the former governor and several other state officials waived their raises due to salary freezes of other state employees.

State employees later received a pay raise in 2011, prompting Daniels’ salary to increase to more than $107,000.

Although Pence is the highest paid Indiana governor thus far, he is not the highest earner in his office.  Pence’s chief of staff makes approximately $125,000 and other state and legislative employees also reportedly make more.

The average gubernatorial salary across the nation is more than $131,000, according to a 2009 Council of State Governments report.


  • Ind tax payer

    Public officials getting paid that kind of money (govern Mike Pence) is totally WRONG!!!!! They get pay raises with our money and that jack up the price of everything!!! They wonder why people are losing everything they got cause they can't afford the cost of living!!! I believe that if they want to be in any kind of office they should do it for "FREE"!!!! Maybe we all should go to Pence's house and eat n sleep there after all it's OUR MONEY he is living on

  • Nona

    So how much taxes he pay Lola see how much my tax increase is about half my check u assholes won't take payouts u just take more come on pay my bills

  • Ed P.

    This guy is a professional politician and this is the only way he can make a living. If this were a referendum, how do you think the people would vote? Never trust a politican who wears button down collars and a wide tie knot. Pence is going to be a disaster for Indiana!!!

  • Karen Kirby

    I am surprised our governor’s salary is so low. Most school superintendents make much more than that.

    • Ed P.

      But do school superintendents get a mansion, unlimited expense account, staff, plane and other such amenities?

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