Several animals living in filthy conditions confiscated at near east side pet shop

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Officers with Indianapolis Animal Care and Control (IACC) seized several animals at a near east side pet shop Thursday afternoon.

Officials said the decision to confiscate the animals at Fish Bowl Pet Supplies, located at 2101 East Michigan, came after an inspection revealed the shop violated several rules.

Last week, an inspection of the store was conducted, resulting in 581 citations from IACC for the care and treatment of the animals.Β  Officers found hundreds of dead animals, including fish and lizards.Β  Additionally, the animals were living in filthy conditions.

Thursday afternoon, officers executed a warrant and seized several animals, including alligators, scorpions and iguanas.

IACC officials said they gave the pet store’s owner several days to comply with their orders, but he failed to do so.


pet shop 1

Fish tank inside east side pet shop


  • Fishbowl customer

    well i can tell you all for a fact their fish were not in "filthy" conditions. now i can't attest to the rest of the critters , but the fish were taken care of better then uncle bills ever took care of theirs! ALL the fish had plenty of o2 and the temps were always dead on, even bought some of my best fish from there.

    It's not the "prettiest" store i ever seen , but it never seemed "filthy" to me……
    my heart goes out to the small business owner.

    • hatgirl

      i agree , i have bought from there for the past 20 yrs , i took them loads of paper for their cages , they always gave like 20% off my purchase , i knew that guy for ever , same owner for like 50 yrs , i cant attest to the care of the other animals , but that was the ONLY place i would buy my fish from , guess another eastside landmark is about to be no more , it is really sad , everything from my childhood is about gone , all the good stuff anyway

      • Aggravated

        we aren't closing yet. we just have to wait til court to be able to sell the animals.. as of right now we can be open to sell merchandise. hope you still come in we appreciate the business πŸ™‚

    • Jewell

      I had a friend that lived near the Fish Bowl years ago. He use to buy fish from them and his fish did OK. I remember buying an eastern box turtle from Uncle Bill's and it lived for only two days. Uncle Bill's. I use to belong to the circle city aquarium club back in 1993 and they criticized and lost their sponsorship with Uncle Bill's. They said that Uncle Bill's did not take care of their fish properly. I bought fish from the Reef pet shop and Uncle Bill's and the fish from the Reef did better than Uncle Bill's.

  • norma


    • korey

      u probly lost ur recipt cuz we always make sure u have it and tell the guarentee be4 costomers leave.

      • petlover

        i agree , the LAST thing ALWAYS asked is would you like a receipt with that , i know that to be a fact , have been a loyal 20 yr customer , are you guys just done or are you going to reopen , i would be willing to come help clean and do repairs , anything to help you all out , i LOVE the fish bowl you all ROCK !!!!!

      • Aggravated

        we aren't closing for good. we are still aloud to sell merchandise for right now.. we will be closed for a couple days to do some deep cleaning. thank you for your support

      • lee

        well anyone with the ability to read can see the return policy on fish it is right by the register and how do you know for sure the fish u bought was compatable with what you had so many people think they can put any fish with any fish not true i love the fish bowl and i have never had a issue with the fish they have but i have seen alot worse conditions at major stores so u need to just sit back and it badmouthing these wonderful people

    • MeatPlow


      You shouldn't be able to return dead fish and expect a refund. too many morons don't understand how to acclimate a fish, much less determine diseases. Typically when new fish are added to an environment the potential for disease is huge, causing your aquatic pandemic.

    • korey

      all smart ass ppl should get smaked 4 thinkin their better then everybody.
      and shut the fuk up an mind they own business

      • FutureIsOnUs

        So leaving loving animals as your BOSS put it "lying in their own mess" for 14 hours is OK with you? 500 plus citations is not an oops we forgot to get up a little dog poo. What about the deceased animals found in the store? I am all for the small business but this is beyond approachable for me. He should never be able to own another living thing. As for the employees either you are just as bad as him in animal neglect or was only doing what you were told…………. SICK SICK SICK

      • lee

        you didnt get the whole story future he said alot more but the news edited it to make it sound thee way they wanted

      • lorrie

        This store was sited for 581 issues. Apparentley this pet store was not the safest place for the animals. I am all for supporting small businesses but you need to take pride in what you are doing and keep your business up to code. Also if the owner is the one repying to eveyone then he is not a person I would want to buy anything from or have my kids in the store.

      • Aggravated

        we did not get sited for 581 things… to set facts straight they are trying to get us shut down because we are not zoned to be a pet store. also there was some younger people working there and not doing there jobs on the days they worked. and of course out of all the days animal control came in to renew the license. yes they found some dead fish but when we get fish sent to us from California and Florida the temps are not the same so they can go into shock and also get diseases like Ick and Fungus… we try to control this as quick as possible but sometimes you loose fish. also there was not 100s of dead animals! it was 1 lizard and fish! so i really wish Fox 59 and the other news stations that was there would at least try to make the story true rather jus put some shit on there that is going to get negative feedback!

      • fawnlebowitz

        I figured as much. It's so easy to lose fish on delivery. One lizard and some dead fish is nothing worth closing a store over. If so Uncle Bills would have been shut down twenty years ago. I used to run a pet store myself and even on your best days things don't go as planned. People fail to realize that you have thousands of things that go into running your store and somethings you just don't have any control over. Do your best to eliminate the bad things that you can.

      • Ann

        Stop making excuses for your lack of professionalism in maintaining your store up to standards. Don't blame your shitty irresponsible employees since I'm sure you hired them in the 1st place. It's also your responsibility as a business owner to ensure your employees are doing their jobs. So get your shit together and take responsibility for what is your own doing!!!!!

      • Aggravated

        first off i'm not the owner otherwise the idiots would have never worked there! but I do work there and it's not a bad place. it's small…a little too small for everything we have. but our continuing customers are loyal. and you are right their lack of doing their job is horrible. they would be better off holding a sign downtown begging for money. I really just wish that the news would have actually did their story write and as far as the animal control people commenting on this situation they should have at least said the truth.. but no they lied too. like i said i was there i know how everything looked. yes it could have been better but its hard for 2 people to get done EVERYONES job in 1 day. I do think Bill needs to fire the lazy bastards that work there and hire some people that is actually going to do their job. this should have never went this far.

      • lee

        lorrie u dont know what all the citations were i know over 200 of them were for bs issues like angle of tanks and bs like what they called overcrowded tanks but look at all petstores the tanks are overcrowded go to petco petsmart or uncle bills and look at the ammount of fish for size of tanks idiots are everywhereand you are living proof of it

  • Brittany

    I bought a sweet little lovable tea cup chihuahua from the fish bowl a couple years ago, and a few days later he didnt act himself got real bad sick took him to his vet and tested for parvo and it came back negative & i swore from that day on the pet shop had something to do with it and now i hear this i sooo wouldnt doubt it. 😦

    • korey

      ur so fulll of shit the animals was always checked at the vet if seeemd they were unhealthy so we no thats a lie_

      • effin_fedup

        As if I am going to believe you…you obviously work there. Your 6th grade graduation certificate is probably hanging on the wall.

      • fawnlebowitz

        Have you ever bought anything from this store? I doubt it, probably one of those nut job PETA animal rights idiots.

      • Brittany

        Obviously I bought something there you IDIOT i wouldnt of posted this saying I bought a tea cup chihuahua. ????

      • Brittany

        I dont care if you believe me or not I didnt post it for you I posted it as my opinion, if you want to believe or if you dont that doesnt matter to me. If you didnt like it keep on scrolling. And trust me if I was to work there that place would not look like that believe that. Definitely not a 6th grade graduate here. Go argue with someone else with that high school drama.

      • Brittany

        I was just giving my opinion, know being full off shit here just saying what I thought they might have been checked by vet through them but whose to say they knew what the hell they were doing. If i was lieing I wouldnt waste my time saying what I said. πŸ˜€

      • Brittany

        I was just giving my opinion, know being full off shit here just saying what I thought they might have been checked by vet through them but whose to say they knew what the hell they were doing. If i was lieing I wouldnt waste my time saying what I said. πŸ˜€

    • Rick

      If the dog tested negative for parvo then what was your problem ? Maybe it was the table food you were giving him. Or something he ate from outside. Might not have been the shops fault at all. I know it's easier to blame someone else right ?

      • Brittany

        Well considering I got the puppy when he was 10 weeks old from there I would never give my puppy table food not alone the other dog I have. I would definitely know if he would have ate something outside he was to small to even walk around in the grass i was with him every move he made, It has nothing to do with blaming someone else I just dont trust people these days and then to see it on the news i said it doesnt suprise me, not to mention that was the most disgusting place to walk in.

    • fawnlebowitz

      Your puppy suffered from hypoglycemia. Small breed puppies have their blood sugar drop when the burn more energy than they can replenish. This usually happens during the first few days of taking home a small breed puppy, tea cups are even more at risk. Don't blame the pet store, blame yourself not being more educated before buying something that requires more than being plugged in and having anti viris installed.

      • Brittany

        You cant say he had hypoglycemia just by what I said thats obviously your opinion. I didnt BLAME the pet store I just said it wouldnt suprise me. I have been around animals including small breed puppies so it has nothing to do with me being more educated. πŸ˜€

  • Sue Spicer

    As neighborhood President I am sad for the entire situation. The Fish Bowl has been one of the few businesses not selling junk food, cigarettes and/or tobacco in our challenged area. We reached out to the Fish Bowl after "code" made them remove the animal clock from the side of their building, but to no avail. We could have helped, even if it were to organize helpers to clean up the issues that got them shut down.

    We agree it wasn't the prettiest store, but the animals always seemed well cared for to us.

    • Jess

      Why not trying to reach out again I'm sure everyone who grew up with or knew this man would hopefully volunteer at the drop of a hat……………….just a thought =)

  • Billy

    Once, just once, I wish I could read comments on an article and have it contain correct grammar.

    Maybe someday.

    Does IPS teach punctuation?

  • Angie

    I buy all my fish from there and will continue to as long as they are open. I bought fish from another store and ended up with snails in my tank. My dad always bought his fish from there also. Don't know about the other animals because I never bought anything but fish. I did like the store better when Bill was always there, but still they always give me the receipt and even though I told them I had bought before explained how to put the fish in the tank.

  • cookie jokester

    hey morons,, ya dont get 581 citations if your not doing something horrible!! I m happy someone is lookng out for animals,, Gawd,, the fish werent in nasty water,, it doesnt take much to change water to make it look like its clean. Now I think the ones who thought it was so clean n pretty probally live in filth themselves.

    • korey

      tanks were just cleaned again they was all clear an clean water. their r just alot of druggies who dont get their way an want everybody else to suffer becuz they have no life. fuckin bumb.
      mind ur own business bumb u aint no better then anybody find somthin else 2 do wit ur life be4 sombody gets u hurt 4 causing ppl more problems

      • aggravated

        there was no where near 581 citations! before you run your mouth you should at least know the facts. everyone is entitled to their own opinion but at least know YOUR FACTS!

      • Brittany

        You obviously know someone who works here if its not you because you sure are jumping on everyones stories trying to speak your word, which isnt being heard. How about you mind your own buisness and jump off everybodys opinion on this story. BUMB!

  • Donny

    This is my favorite little petshop. I feel bad for the owners. I hope this does not cause them to close. They have always been nice people and have great customer service. Only animal I have ever had die from this store is a feeder fish and that was the turtles fault. BTW the turtle is still alive and very healthy today. I have also bought a few iguanas and other lizards that lived to be very old. This pet store is my favorite because of the knowledge and caring that they passed onto me over the years. This is upsetting. I hope they get this straightened out. I was headed this way soon for puppy shots which I have trusted on every puppy I have ever had and I have had lots of them.

    • donny

      almost forgot the sweet little toy fox terrier named daisy that my exwife and I bought 13 years ago and btw she is still yapping her ass off and very healthy. Thank you Fishbowl Petshop. πŸ™‚ Good luck.

  • MIKE

    I have never seen this pet store in my life but I have been breeding fish and selling to pet stores for over 35 yrs and EVERY pet store I have ever been in has a few fish to die no matter how well you take care of them. And to all those who like to point a finger or say bad things about someone if the truth is known I would bet they are 100 times worse then the people they are talking about. WAKE UP PEOPLE if you don`t have something nice to say KEEP YOUR TRASHY MOUTH SHUT

  • Gail

    This pet store has been there for years last time I went in there it stunk to high heaven. But then again they have a wide selection of any thing you want to buy in there at great prices. It would be a shame to see it close for good.I hope they do get everything straightened out and get to reopen that area needs that little shop.

  • effin_fedup

    Sounds like a few of those leaving comments were born and raised in the shop. Stopped there one time and the ammonia smell was so bad we had to turn around and leave.

    • b.s.

      Well i voted thumbs up on this comment but sorry i ment thumbs down..what do u want a small petshop to smell like? And by the way im f` in fed up with idiots like you…

    • fawnlebowitz

      I'm sure the store suffered so much from you leaving. Do all of us a favor and do all your future shopping on It's a win for all sides. You don't have to smell anything and neither do we.

    • effin retard

      yo go smell your dogs ass then times that by fifty you know why you left cause you would rather by from a chain store like uncle bills who in 05 was linked to not one not two but 37 puppy farms that where raided and animal seized so fucked up that a farm in kentucky had a breeding mother with rabbies

  • guy

    This really pisses me off. One person ruined his business over being pissed about a dead fish, if this is true then ever petsmart in america should be shut down. call animal cops on petsmart please.

    • girl

      excuse me air head, the guy with the dead fish didn't ruin anything…the cops found hundreds of dead animals…you think that did it?

      • Jess

        There's also a whole lot of dead fish stuck to the filters even,i had to have my 6 year old turn away and complained allot but nobody will go after a big business just the small ones…….none of you could even speak on this if it wasn't broadcasted so quick to judge but never help with a solution……that;s why our world is the way it is………..out for yourself forgetting to lend a hand to a stranger in need…….what happen to kindness and manners?

  • Lee Renner

    I bought from there along time…fish-birds…i always looked at all of them…everybody seemed fine 2 me…and Bill was awesome..we traded back n forth…and he always gave me great deals…i always gota reciept. and NONE OF MY ANIMALS DIED….i think if he screwed up anywhere he left some youngings n charge…i am nnt sayn they didnt care..they just didnt care enough…i even tried 2 get him 2 hire me so i could get things the way they should have been..but he told me it was a family thing…bet u’d change ur mind now…everybody know u cant work with always goes sour..i hope the best 4 u FISH BOWLS

      • lee

        ok the dead animals were fish and ANYONE with fish knows they can die at anytime hell i lost all the fish i had in a tank a couple of times oops guess i need to be raided lol

    • animal lover

      there are hundreds of people who go in there every week. if there were that many dead animals everyone who walked in there would call channel 6. 400 is a big pack of lies.

  • know the truth

    Its very it wasnt the best petshop in indpls but i knw for a fact that the owner an the employees cared about the animals in the petshop. As well as their regular customers. My opinion the headline on the story is bogus.. Anyone that has a fish Tank knows that fish are very sensitive animals.They die very easily, and when you have that big quantity of fish your going to have several dead fish. As well as lizards. When you order animals from out of state they obviously have to ship them and that's hard on lizards..How about this theperson that wrote this why don't you go get u a cage and buy you an Anol don't forget to get everything you need to keep it alive..Then write a story on how long your Anol lives..I'll bet you it dies within 48 hrs.. As for the smell its a flipping petshop not a flower shop. Animals all animals have a smell including fish tanks..I just hate when the news blows things up and make people believe things that actually don't happen the way that you guys make it..All I know is I've been going to only that pet shop since i was a little girl and even when i moved away from that side of town i still drove over there..the fish bowl is an independently owned pet shop that has been there am open for along time.. So the inside of the store is not new an don't have the best of looks but i know that the animals are taken care of..Ive visited the pet shop allot an i have never seen hundreds of fish or anything else dead.. I feel so bad for the owner,, He's a really nice guy..

  • Korey is a idiot

    Take your ebonic, no class ass to the unemployment line where I am sure you will continue to rip people off. If your choice of words and spelling represent anything how your store is I am sure the closing is justified. Speak english and try spelling for a change. Look on the bright side, now you will have plenty of time to freshen up on your grammar!

  • b.s.

    Excuse me guest was you there did u see the dead animals???? Or are u stupid enough to believe that everything the news writes it true….wow..

  • Kathryn

    Hello I work at a animal hospital in va . I came in there yesterday . There was two big birds their cages were clean and two nice little puppies they were clean as well . People need not rush to judge so fast . As far as that puppy having parboil you can get that from walking outside on the sidewalk .or going to a groomer . Get your facts straight first

  • aggravated!

    ok for all of you that are leaving the negative comments. let me help with the facts! They did NOT FIND 100s of DEAD animals they found 1 lizard dead and some fish! the shop is not a bad place and yes it has a smell…. but think about it, if you had as many animals as we do there then your house would smell too! Don't bash what you don"t know! Also if you have never been there then you shouldn't even be commenting on this. Fox 59 News is a bunch of bullshit! yeah i said it! you only let people see and hear what you think will give you some good feedback! well the pet shop has been there for 45 yrs! and like Bill said if it was that bad then it would've been shut down along time ago, don't you think??????????? stop bad mouthing it. if it was so horrible go somewhere else!

  • MeatPlow

    If the headline is false, then the owner can/should go after Fox for slander.
    The line makes the place sound like a concentration camp for animals.

  • Fish luv' R

    A-yo homies yall bend a ear dis way. I wanna giv a shout out to all my dead fish homies. And da lizard 2. Check me out on dat Utube thing @ koreymissesmyhomies. Ill be makin a wrap here real damn soon bout deez dead fish n dat cute little lizard 2. Fuk yall hataz out dere. Dis place is da shit. So yo. Lets all have a moment of silence for all my dead fish and dat lizard 2….

      • Da real fish man

        A YO cotton dont b hatin on me cuz i like my fish n dat cute lizard homeboy. Dis is real dawg. Real fish n a cute lizard died homie. Dis is time fur da grieving process ya know what i mean dawg? Yall need to stop da hatin and start a memorial for my dead homie fish. Yall feel me!? …. Here is a beat… Ayo my name is korey. I might not spell dat shit right but i feed dim fish right. Aint no body got no better fish wata dan me. I keep i real kleen dawg. Yo….. Yo…."
        Is a start. Video mix comin soon yall

      • animal lover

        Kory doesn't feed the fish . He doesn't clean his tanks. he's a world class slacker who only watches the cash going to his pocket. He leaves all his work for someone else. He needs to be fired. Get in the unemployment line Kory. Oh that's right you can't you don't pay taxes.

  • Uncle Slappy

    Don't forget RTV6, WISH, WTHR, The Indianapolis Star, etc. Every media outlet is reporting the story the same way. Where there's smoke there's fire.

  • chien mai

    My partner and I always bought several fish from the fish bowl and NEVER EVER did we see animals living in filth and never see any dead fish!

    Bill the store owner is a wonderful man and I can't believe someone did this to him. We will do anything to back him up for he did NOT have a bad business at all and put great care in the fish and live animals there.

    • Eat cat

      "Partner and I"…. What is this? The amazingly gay Chinese duo!? You people eat cats! Who are you to say whats right or wrong with a PET shop!

      • lee

        ok well eat you need to shut the fuck up i am his partner it sounds like u have issues and he is not the nationality you think he is and if u are so big and bad come on and say that shit to his or my face and see what happens you racist idiot and biggot you probably are a queen in denial and jealous of anyone that isnt in hiding

      • schlagel

        why don't you go fuck yourself you no good prick! I know more about this PET shop than you do asshole and why don't you go shop at fucking walmart, Uncle Bills, the PetsMart in Avon, etc. You're probably an OBAMA lover who's a no good trash like yourself!

  • joe customer

    i have been there several times bought several fish there if they knew how the shop gets its fish in and the days they would realize that thursday is when they get 1 of the big shipments of fish and i know from when i have been there LOTS OF THE FISH THEY GET DIE FROM THE BREEDERS i have seen fish come in from the shipment and be floated correctly and then they die within hours as far as the other live animals i know that bill did his best but there was a few employees that i will not mention names of that i know didnt take care of the animals i would see them not clean the tanks or cages unless they were forced to i know bill and mike are great people to deal with tasha was a great employee as well i have seen lots of dead fish in petsmart in avon and other petsmart i have even seen dead fish at petsmart that were stuck on the pump inlets the water was nasty at petsmart just casue the major stores pay higher taxes and have huge legal departments noone wants to mess with them would rather get the small business people who dont have huge legal teams go to uncle bills on west washington the fish tanks are not clean and i even had several employees of petsmart and uncle bills tell me my fish tank water was better than they had so u tell me what is wrong with this picture

    • lee

      dupree you are a idiot they are no drug front maybe you have hopes of finding some drugs and was hoping you could score some

  • fawnlebowitz

    Hey foxnews, nice reporting here. And what a lovely pic of the pet store fish tank that shows absolutely nothing except the tubby animal control person. Try to show some level of professionalism when covering a local story.

  • MarAnn Pie

    the tank.. is it supposed to be green? IS that special effects? Plants? I don't know? I HATE pets stores that sell mammals, and the sight of dead fish and reptiles revolts me equally… BUT lots of support here for the owner… I hope the right thing happens here.

    • Da real fish fan

      Ayo thanks sweet tits. Ill add u to my rapz gurl. U my only fan. I feed dem fish every day, but i forgot cuz i got maranne pie on my mind. Dat gurl got me twisted now my fish n lizard lay here belly up on da east side. Cold fish and swimmin now they just in da sewer on Michigan. Yo… Yo….

  • BULL S@#$

    look people the codes broke came down to cages to close to outlets , out dated tank heaters fish die, feeder fish die ,lizards can die with in a matter of hours under climate verences. To automactical judge is wrong, media outlets attract you through any bullsh@@ . fox and its other media consiprsores said Adam Lanza shot sandy hook up with a ar that was found six hours later in the trunk of his car you want the truth go to downtown its public records till then dont optionate p.s when was the last time they forcasted the weather anywhere close "Brian Wilkes" ? @#$% FOX

  • Terry

    If you are going to count dead fish, then every Walmart that sells live fish should be shut down. It's terrible.

    • Mykia B

      Ugh I agree. I was about to buy a fish from Wal-mart and started to smell a foul urine odor. Just to find my feet soaked in someones urine! It was nasty! Anyways, the fish bowl is innocent!

      • damn

        Lol…just because he’s a nice guy doesn’t mean he’s a responsible owner. All we keep hearing is that he’s a friendly nice guy. Evidently he’s not responsible because there are alot of family owned pet stores that aren’t being shut down and criticized. And even if he is responsible he made it clear that they warned him and he failed to comply. If he would have attempted to fix the problems they would have worked with him. However he just assumed they would go away and leave him alone.. Guess again..

    • damn

      Thanks for pulling out the race card. It just shows that your trash yourself and I don’t care what race you are either all the matters to my is you are a piece of shit racist.

    • guess

      Evidently you were a breastfed baby cause you grew up to be an overcompensating strong minded racist or you were an underprivileged crack baby denied by your local welfare office. But either way you are still a racist and a piece of shit. Thanks for making this world a better place for thugs and rapist to live in.. Much appreciated by everyone

  • jean anne

    you guys at the fish bowl sholdve kept that young girl I think her name was shana that worked there she was always there late cleaning the store and all of the cages and it didn't seem to bother her to do it I feel bad for the owner that this happened he should've let more than just family help him out then maybe he could've kept from this happeneing or maybe he could've let people who wanted or needed to do community service come in and do some work if he gets to reopen maybe he or his family would consider that

  • Da reel fish feeda

    Ayo SLAYA! Dont be hatin on deez honkeys. Day da only thing keepin this shit hole east side shit open homey. We will just keep collectin dat easy $ and walk around with dem pants around r ankles, just like black people. Ya heard. Den we will keep talking a language dat no one understands but us people. Den we will tear up all dat free shit day give us and call all out homegirlz on da free cell phonz day handin out. Den when we are done we will shoot each other (but not my fish) and make a whole geographical part of da city unlivable bcause we so dumb and dirty. Ya feel me homey!?

  • Fox is retarded

    I see you changed it to several instead of HUNDREDS! Tired of taking the heat for counting a few dead goldfish!? You guys at fox59 have got to be some of the dumbest college educated fucktards I have ever saw. It truly is painful to read your over exasperated articles. YOU GUYS SUCK DONKEY DICKS!

  • anonymous

    its because korey baize and delta jones work up there and they passed theyre stds on to the poor fish and lizards smdh rip

  • animal lover

    That animal control (cop wannabe) is a flat out liar. I was at The Fish Bowl wed. when they came in. There were 10 baby iguanas in a 50 gal. Babies like to lay on an around each other dummy. The feeder goldfish tank is green because they are shipped in macalicit green (a medication to keep them healthy). There were 17 3in house geckos in a 20xxhigh tank ,not 40. Learn to count Liar. All animal control people should be vets. Not liars that don't know an anglefish from a guppy.

  • Becky

    Dear Fox 59 editor:
    Based on most of the comments I have read, it sounds like there may be a consipracy afoot. Will there be a piece detailing this other side of the story and addressing the huge discreprencies between MANY satisfied customers and what the Animal Control is reporting? I would like to see that.

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