Two Indiana towns named in ACLU lawsuit

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The Indiana chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union is suing two Hoosier towns they say violated the Constitution.

One of the cities involved is Yorktown, which is just west of Muncie.

The suit claims that new rules for people who go door-to-door are unfair. The ACLU said the laws make it harder for people to exercise their First Amendment rights when canvassing neighborhoods for petition drives or to raise money for their cause.

They have dramatically cut the times that citizen action coalitions can do this. They have required an exorbitant amount of fees in order from them to do it and they’ve imposed restrictive permitting,” said Gavin Rose with the ACLU.

The other city involved is Jeffersonville in the southeastern portion of Indiana.

So far, officials from both areas have not commented on the lawsuit.


  • Jenna

    This is absurd! Citizen action coalitions can get their word out without showing bothering residents at their homes! What a dumn lawsuit!

  • Tammy

    Come to my door and you'll be seeing nothing but a door slamming in your face!!! If I wanted to give to your cause then I would….. I don't need you coming to my door snooping into my house. I don't blame Yorktown for their laws. I feel that it needs to be STATE WIDE.

  • Joseph

    It is such a shame that an organization that is there to protect civil rights has to take things to such extremes. What about my right not to be disturbed…if I have a rough night or work a late shift, the last thing I want is someone banging on the door while I am trying to sleep. And I would vote for such a law!

  • Sara

    Ok, you want rights to disturb me at home during my time with family, then I will exercise my right to post no trespassing on my property. If you do, I will exercise my right to remove you. If I wanted to donate or pay for a service I would of sought you out.

  • Dawn

    I have rights too….those include not being bothered and having my rights to peaceful enjoyment of my home! They ignore the 'NO TRESPASSING' AND 'NO SOLICITATION' signs or when you tell them no they don't get the hint! Last summer we actually had one of those so called salespeople threaten us because we told him to get off our property….As far as I'm concerned you can take all their so called rights that violate MY rights away….no one wants to hear it and no one wants to be bothered by it all!!

  • Rick

    I have my door posted "Absolutely NO Soliciting". There is also a sign at the entrance to our subdivision. If the ACLU or anyone wants to challenge the legality of those postings, then bring it on. Anyone that shows up at my door and knocks is quickly escorted off the property and the sheriff is called. Maybe these solicitors can go beg on the streets downtown………………oh, that's right, that will soon become illegal also !!

  • Fckaclu

    In an age when criminals are breaking into homes (and indpls ranks in the top 10), the last thing I care for is someone I don't know knocking on my door! This lawsuit is crap, tell the ACLU to kiss my ass!!!!

      • ClanSmokeJaguar

        Supreme Court said no such thing. While on the other hand, local LEO who advised us to do that very thing said it is legal.

      • ClanSmokeJaguar


        Please read the story again and try to understand it.

        They are suing the TOWN because IT is supposedly making it difficult for libTards to be on the streets begging for money and abusing people's time.

        They said nothing about neighborhoods flat out banning solicitation.

        Do you understand now?

        p.s. Since when does a lawsuit need to be valid and just to be launched? You got a lot of room under that rock you live in?

        Jesus, people!

  • SupremeCourtGuy

    I have not reviewed the lawsuits nor the local government ordinances complained about. Consequently, not being a fool, I cannot pass judgment on whether the suits have merit or not. The core function of the ACLU however is to protect constitutional rights against government infringement, and the ACLU was demanding and suing to enforce limited government that respected constitutional rights long before present "conservatives" ever discovered the concept of limited government. The First Amendment does indeed contain a right to petition clause, right in there with freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of press and freedom of peaceful assembly. Given the ACLU's core function and reason for existence is to protect these and other constitutional rights, I am not at all surprised the ACLU would sue to protect constitutional rights from government infringement. My guess, and it is only a guess since I have not read the court records, is that the ACLU is not complaining about private property owners and residents deciding whether or not they want solicitors on their properties, but instead about the government making those decisions for them. If I want to allow or ban solicitors on my property that should be my business, not my government's business. I do not need any government to make the decision for me. I can make it myself. Extremism in defense of liberty and the US Constitution is no vice. It is instead a badge of honor.

  • Cody

    Seriously, it’s that hard to ignore someone? There is no harm with someone knocking on your door. Perhaps there is a cause that you don’t know about that you would love to help. The ACLU protects everyone, including the idiot that wants to outlaw it.

  • Rusty

    My home is my sanctuary. It is where I go for peace, privacy and the comfort of my family and friends. I do not want strangers at my door for ANY reason. I have a right to post a sign to that effect, and expect it to be honored. It is my private property. Thank you!

  • Corey

    A lot of people on here don't understand the first amendment. Or democracy. Or the reality of people seeking out causes unprompted that they are unaware of because there's no avenue to educate people without going door-to-door. Predatory corporate interests and crony government thrives on willful ignorance and the kind of democracy-crushing, community-destroying attitude of "just leave me alone, everybody worry about themselves, if I want to learn something that I know nothing about I'll just decide to learn it out of nowhere."

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