Family of home invasion victim asks for community’s help

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The family of a man who was killed Friday in his home is asking for the community’s help to find the person responsible.

Thomas Tefft, 67, was killed Friday morning when an armed intruder broken into his home while he and his wife were drinking coffee.
The suspect fatally shot Tefft and then stole his vehicle.

“Someone out there knows what happened on Friday, they know where the car is and they know where the person is and I’m asking that person to please come forward,” Lynn Hoff, Tefft’s daughter said.

Police are still looking for the suspect and the black 2009 Hyundai Sonata that was stolen. The vehicle has a Wesleyan license plate with the number IW813.

A reward has been posted for anyone who helps to find the suspect in this case.


  • ClanSmokeJaguar

    >67 year-old Thomas Tefft was killed Friday morning when an armed intruder broken into his home while he and his wife were drinking coffee.

    I think as an exercise, web "journalist" should send their shoddy work to local elementary schools for proof reading before posting. They at least know what they're doing.

  • ClanSmokeJaguar


    That's my bullsheet detector going off. Something smells here. Was the back door truly broken in? Was the woman already in her hidey hole when the perp came in? IMPD detectives…time to ask some hard questions. I watch enough of the I.D. channel to know when red flags abound,

  • Rikki

    The cops donet seem to be in a big hurry to catch this animal…yet Bisard still walks the street a free man,enjoying life.Cops, they really could care less about us, its all about protecting themselves and Terry Curry who wont prosecute the big cases.The cops really have no desire to catch this killer because they know that Curry wont prosecute it to the fullest

  • deejay76

    A description of the perp might be helpful; if there is no description available, the article might at least say so.

  • southsideguy

    something strange here i think . The cops and news were on this story really quick it seemed that morning so i would think a good scouring of the area would turn up the car or at least by now the car would be found. i wont go full on jesse ventura here like clansmoke but there are some questions

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