IMPD investigate infant’s body found in creek

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Indianapolis Metro Police Department is investigating an infant’s body that was found in a creek Sunday morning.

The caller told dispatch that they found what they thought was a child in a creek in the 1500 block of Fenwick.

Police do not know how long the body had been there or how old the child was.

We will have more information as it becomes available.


  • stacy

    wtf is this world coming to there are family's out there that would of taken in that child and loved them no matter what come on people wake up for real things don't need to be this way

    • Teresa

      Thats What I Was Thinking When I First Saw The Heading Of This !!!!!! Lord have Mercy On This Crazy World !!!!

  • Jeffrey Weber

    How could you throw you child out like trash ,I hope whoever did this spends the rest of their miserable life in prison … sad so many places for help …

    • safety guy

      Our tax dollars shouldn't have to pay for this trashbag. The person who did this should be hung.

  • unowutopinionsrlike

    I hope DNA (or perhaps a GUILTY CONSCIENCE of someone!) leads them to the extremely sick individual who did this. So sad for whatever that poor baby went through!

  • anon

    I do not understand what evil forces motivate people to do this to a baby! How terrible! If they didn't want the baby, they shouldn't have reproduced! There are so many people who would've loved to adopt this baby, killing it makes no sense!!!

  • NO GOD

    To everyone that says Indy needs prayers…..praying/religion/bible thumping has nothing to do with tragedy. If there was a God, then these things would NOT happen. So please keep your BS religious comments to yourself. GOD DOES NOT EXIST!!!!

      • Dean

        I'm sorry it is not Satan, it is man that does things to man, it is the lack of God in there life that allows Satan to put the idea in your head, but it is man. I'm don't meed to tell anyone this, but things will not get better till we put God back in our schools. Then and only then will things get better.

    • James

      I'm glad you can tell us what God would do if there was one. Not only do you KNOW there isn't a God, but also what such a nonexistent God would do. Wow, a bit of an ego for a creature so tiny in this universe. God gave each of us Free Will. That's our choice to do Good or Evil. If he gave us no choice we'd be insects. I used to be an atheist like you. I hope you live long enough to realize how little you know.

      • Reality Bites

        So sad that in the year 2013, there are still superstitious primitives who believe in gods or demons. There is hope, however, as religion in the US is fading away as more and more people become smarter and more educated about the world around them.

        Science flies you to Mars. Religion flies you into buildings.

      • ClanSmokeJaguar

        >There is hope, however, as religion in the US is fading away as more an

        Hmmm…maybe that's why the level of hideous crimes over the years have risen especially against children.

      • James

        People not believing in God is nothing new or "modern". Science also gave us nerve gas, nukes, biological warfare, meth, etc. So what? Science is a tool. Don't mistake it for the guy who made the tool. And if you think people are smarter than they were 200 years ago you've never heard of a guy named Thomas Jefferson. Humanity is not "evolving" from any evidence I've seen. We are at least as brutal as ever, and "religion" has nothing to do with it.

  • Shelley

    People do not have to keep their religious comments to themselves anymore than you have to keep your anti-religious comments to yourself. It's called the First Amendment, familiarize yourself with it. And then at least educate yourself about God and why there is tragedy in a fallen world that rejects what He is about.

    • Ann

      I agree 100%. Bad things happen in the world bc there are evil people with no God in their hearts. I hope justice is served for this baby !!

  • Stupid Comments

    No God or God. I thought this article was about finding a babies body in a creek. Sadness every where on earth in every place. There's also alot of happiness in many places. Young angels, old angels. There's a reason for everythinbg even tho we may not yet know what that reason is. BUT GOD DOES!!!

  • Holmes

    hope they find the sick person that did this asap! You would think there was a family out there that's lookin for this child, sad to say obviously they didnt have a real family or this would not have happened

    • James

      Prayer has worked very well for me, Idiot. I was an atheist, an idiot full of myself like you likely are. Then I saw Christ in a vision. Twice. It was more real than anything I've ever touched in the "real world" I didn't believe, I never went to Church, but I wasn't so blind I ignored what happened. I hope you live long enough to realize what a fool you've been. Go ahead and make some stupid reply to feel like you are somehow above believers. By the way, I have an I.Q. of 158 and a Master's degree. A fool is one who can't learn from his own experience. I'm not the fool.

      • Reailty Bites

        I saw Salma Hayek in one of my dreams, too. Doesn't make her my wife, numb nuts.
        You wouldn't be the first person to see a "vision" of something that is conveniently the majority religion in the same area where you live. What an amazing coincidence! I wonder how many people on the other side of the world see "visions" of Allah or Vishnu. Amazing, isn't it?

        Very christ-like of you, to call me an idiot. Apparently an IQ doesn't take into account the ability to identify hypocrisy in oneself. And given the state of secondary institutions today, a master's degree is no great accomplishment. Even if you do capitalize it. LOL!

        What a maroon. Relying on 16th century translations of supposed letters written 70+ years after the supposed fact. Yeah, seems legit. If you don't really think about it, that is.

        I hear some old lady in Missouri saw Jesus in her morning piece of toast. Too bad that's the best your "god" can come up with nowadays. Good thing we have science to provide real answers.

      • James

        Thanks for the stupid reply I requested. I didn't say I was Christ-like…did I? Where did I say that? What a sorry person creates the argument so they can point out the flaws…very obvious and weak argument techniques. I've studied Hinduism, Zarathustrianism, and other things you can't spell, and I know there is a God. I didn't say anything about religion. Read what I say before you make a fool of yourself again.

  • The Truth

    According to the Bible, this baby is in Hell because he was not baptized.
    The Lord will not be mocked!

    • anon

      According to the Bible, baptism doesn't save anybody; there is no salvation in baptism. Salvation is a gift from God that you must accept when you repent of your sins. To repent, you must confess your sins to God & ask for forgiveness; because a baby hasn't reached the age of accountability, God is merciful. That baby is in heaven, and you should be ashamed for your uneducated comment?

      By the way, care to provide a scripture that says that unless babies are baptized, they go to hell? Babies can't make the decision to be baptized, it is forced on them by their parents' religion. Because infant baptism doesn't save anybody, it's nothing more than a ceremony for the parents.

      • The Truth

        John 3:5 – Jesus answered, Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born of water and of the Spirit, he cannot enter into the kingdom of God.

        No exceptions for babies. Period.

      • anon

        You are an idiot! The only way to be saved is to repent of your sins; to do that, you must have a conscience- you must know you are a sinner! A newborn baby does not commit sin, has not reached the age of accountability, and because the God I serve is merciful and wise, he would not send a baby to hell for the sins of his parents, you fool! Nowhere in the Bible does it say you must baptize babies or they will go to hell; you are twisting things around to suit your purposes. The verse you took out of context says "a man" not a baby who does not know sin!

  • Dean

    I'm sorry it is not Satan, it is man that does things to man, it is the lack of God in there life that allows Satan to put the idea in your head, but it is man. I'm don't need to tell anyone this, but things will not get better till we put God back in our schools. Then and only then will things get better

    • Reality Bites

      Of what worth is a "god" so weak that mere mortals can kick him out of schools?

      I wonder if all the child molesting will stop if we just put "god" back in churches.

    • Awesome_Eric

      This all has little to do with God. God is not in control of our lives. We are. Now if you live by the word of God and the teachings of Jesus then you are letting God influence your decisions in life. I am not a traditional christian, but I do see that people worry more about titles of religion than by the actions of man. The issue is that people are losing their morality, and are starting to care less about others.

  • Cloud Follower

    I've studied the bible for 40 years and noted that contrary to popular belief it says nothing about a burning hell fire or babies not being baptized. Why do the some people comment on these news stories with their religious opinions? I am religious, but there are far better forums to excercise your "freedom of speech". How inhumane to attribute your heartless erroneous religious comments to an already heartless act of murder upon a child.

    • Reailty Bites

      40 years of your life, wasted.
      Your "god" was more than happy to wipe out every man, woman and child in a great flood. I'm sure all of the children deserved to die. What is so unbelievable about him condemning babies to hell for a technicality? Seems like something such an obvious tyrant would do.

      Good thing it's all fairy tales, though. The baby does not exist anymore. Nothing more, nothing less.

      • Cloud Follwer

        Its not unbelievable-Hell-fire is just not a teaching found in the bible. Yes, you are right, the baby does not exist anymore.

        As for 40 year of a wasted life, you may not appreciate my religous stand, but you will have to give credit where credit is due, If, I choose to be God fearing its a set of value and principles that define me as one who loves my family, friends and neighbors. Has true moral and ethical values. All in all a positive influence on the world around me and do not intentionally cause harm or hurt to others. If more people were like this- the above mentioned heartless acts would be much fewer. Not perfect but truly have a clean unburdened life.

      • Reality Bites

        Those values can and DO exist totally independent of religion. If you truly live as you say, I have little quarrel with you. I have everlasting animosity towards those who use religion as a hammer to beat others over the head with, in order to make themselves feel superior. Sadly, this is the majority of "Christians" that I have had the displeasure to encounter.

      • anon

        I do understand why you feel the way you do about Christians who shove their religion down people's throats; it can be a turn-off. I normally don't get into a religious debate because I don't think God meant for people to argue about religion or the Bible. Throughout history people have declared wars & millions have died needlessly over religious differences. When "The Truth" said that baby was in hell because he wasn't baptized, I had to go off, because that's about the most horrible thing anyone can say! I wonder if he would say the same thing about his own grandbaby? If he would, the Spirit of God is not operating in him, & he may find himself in a bad place on Judgment Day; God may say he never knew him.

  • outraged

    Religion and First amendment right aside, there is a LAW in INDIANA that protects people to drop off infants, babies at a SAFE PLACE!!!! Please, please, I beg people, please drop off your babies instead of the outrageous things that people are doing do their OWN children!! Not that I don't think they should be punished for even "dropping them off", but please choose this choice as opposed to what people are doing!! Nothing really can be said to them if they are this far gone, so I am done. Just please take them to a safe place FIRST!!!

  • Guest

    Prison???? No, no, no…. Juice them out of this life. Don't let them live the good life in prison! KILL THEM! Preferably the same way they killed the child. That goes for anyone who murders someone else. Time to crack down and stop this. What punishment is jail? Spend their days watching cable, working out, eating decent food, All in the A.C. That's not a punishment to these people! No it's time to change this. I usually add into my comments, I HAVE A DREAM. But this is becoming a nightmare!

  • ClanSmokeJaguar

    My opinion, we can thank the abortion culture for the level of hideousness against children and why so many people look at children as property.

  • mary

    that pour little baby hope they find who did this and put can them away for a long time and if they have any more kid's they need to be in a safe place because if they can do it to one they will do it to the other one's they have so hope they are find the one who did this

  • Anonymous

    This is so very sad, and happened way to close to home for me. this poor baby was actually found in the creek right behind my house….. I have lived in this neighborhood all my life and this kind of thing just does NOT happen here… is usually a very peaceful quiet little neighborhood with the majority of its residence living here for twenty or more years. When the detectives came knocking on my door yesterday morning, I was in complete shock to even see them at my door but the real shock came when they told me why they were there. This is something I will never forget, everytime I walk into my backyard I will be reminded of this awful tragedy! It is disturbing that you people would use this headline to argue back and fourth about your religious beliefs…. God or no God this poor baby did NOT deserve this and I hope that whoever layed this helpless baby in the freezing water of this shallow creek is caught and punished to the full extent of the law. As a mother myself I just can not even begin to imagine how someone could do this…. The world we live in is a very cruel place!!!

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