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Man dies in motorcycle crash, fleeing police

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

What should have been a routine traffic stop becomes a deadly motorcycle crash when the driver refuses to pull over for police.

It happened just before 1 a.m. Sunday in Carmel.

Police say 23-year-old Travis Goddard of Fishers, was traveling east on 116th Street.

A Carmel police officer tried to pull him over and that’s when Goddard sped up and crashed near the intersection of 116th and River Road.

Goddard was pronounced dead on the scene by Carmel Fire Department medics.

The Carmel Police Department’s Accident Investigation Team assisted at the scene.

The crash is still under investigation.


      • Laura

        You disgust me. You absolutely disgust me. I knew Travis personally and you have no God-given right to act like that. Go to hell.

      • Mickey

        Act like how? Many of these kids on bikes drive like morons. I don't have sympathy when a rider dies acting like a fool. He probably is like the ones I see on the roads cutting everyone off. Dangerous.

    • Laura

      How DARE you. I knew Travis personally, and this was COMPLETELY out of character for him to do. You can go to hell for that comment.

    • family friend

      Too bad you didn't know Travis. We do. He was one of the nicest young men you could ever know. Too bad you don't seem to be.

      • Curious

        Do you know what his bike looked like? Saw someone riding by my house before 12:30 a.m. and wondering if it was him.

  • Wayne

    shut up stupid!!!
    It's a terrible thing when a life is taken.I hope karma comes and bites you in the ass!!!

  • mettaintheworld

    sad and needless….sad for the family left behind to deal with this mess…needless death when all he had to do was pull over and face his DUI charges or whatever reason he was running from the cops. Do bad things…bad things happen.

      • Mee

        Guest shut you you don't know shit you who say shit about other people dying a douchebag you're all mouth so shut the fxxk up

  • Don

    Some people just have no common sense and just have to talk crap to make themselves feel like they are just speaking their opinion without thinking of all those others who knew the deceased, sad. But my payers go outto the family and friends of this bike rider!!!!

  • CloseFriend

    I knew Travis personally. I hope karma gets all of you who speak ill of him. Shame on you for not having compassion for his family. How dare all of you.

  • Don

    All I can say is the people that are making all the rude comments should be ashamed of yourselves and have a little compassion, but the ones talking the shit are probably cage driving assholes that try to mess with anyone on a bike they see. And for that I say may your cage run into a semi loaded with toxic waste!!!!

  • Mark Van Camp

    Once you flee, you are indeed an idiot. Death may be extreme, but you have just rolled the dice and lost.

    With so many people in the world in line to take his place, it's hard to have much compassion for stupidity.

  • sunbeems2000

    I saw the chase/wreck. It was crazy. He was driving 90-100 at least. The police were chasing at a safe distance. And stop blaming Carmel…could have been anywhere. I'm sick of people saying, oh it's. Carmel again….no biggie. There was no reason, no matter how great the guy was, to be driving at that speed. I'm sorry for the loss, but slow down!!!

  • sunbeems2000

    I saw the chase/wreck. It was crazy. He was driving 90-100 at least. The police we chasing at a safe distance. And stop blaming Carmel…could have been anywhere. I'm sick of people saying, oh it's. Carmel again….no biggie. There was no reason, no matter how great the guy was, to be driving at that speed. I'm sorry for the loss, but slow down!!!

  • Carmel

    To every action there's a consequence. Whether he was a good person or not is not the issue here. The issue is that he made a reckless irresponsible choice and paid with his life. He could have killed an innocent person on the road bc of his choice. Glad that wasn't the case.

  • Anonymous

    All of you talking so negatively of him when you don’t know what happened or why is absolutely sickening. For him to do something like that is unimaginable. He was never the reckless type. I’m still in shock over it all. To be entirely honest, the only thing that makes any sense is that he had some drinks that night. It doesn’t excuse his actions, or make any of it better..but it’s an explanation.

    Yes, he made a terrible decision. There is no reason to ever run, there is no reason to speed like that, especially on a bike. However, one stupid and life-altering decision does not give anyone the right to say the things you all have been saying.

    He left behind family that loved him dearly, friends that loved him and looked up to him. We’re ALL guilty of making poor choices in our lives. Just because he paid the ultimate price does not make any of you any better than him. It does not make you any smarter than him. In fact, posting such ignorant and cruel comments makes you much less than him. He was a loving and compassionate young man. I canNOT say that about any of you.

    • suomynonA

      Anyone who ever witnessed Travis on a bike knew this day would come. He may not have been reckless under normal circumstances but that changed every time he twisted the throttle. No argument that it is sad, and unfortunate, he was truly a nice guy. He simply broke the law, and didn't know his limits. Only two types of motorcycle riders exist, riders who have crashed, and riders who are going to crash.

    • guest

      I am so sorry for your loss. Tiny mistakes can end in horrible tragedy. I am sorry his life was cut so short

  • Friend

    Well said Anonymous. I knew him also. He was one of the most caring individuals that I know. Everyone else can go jump off an f'n bridge for posting stupid shit.

  • Mee

    Shut the fuck up, your being completely disrespectful. You rude comments are not needed, take your bullshit and go somewhere else.

  • Anonymous

    This came from a family member: “There was no chase. The cop merely was going to pull him over for speeding had his lights on when he crashed. The police officer was a quarter mile behind Travis when he crashed. Hardly a chase. The cop didn’t even call it a chase. He clocked him speeding and it was just a few seconds later that Travis hit the curb going around a bend. The police officer himself stated that he believes Travis never even saw him.”

    This “news” site is disgusting. How dare you ruin someone’s name.

    • Guest

      unfortunately, news stations will try to get a story out of anything. whatever the circumstance….a life was taken very early. God must have a plan for him in Heaven. I cannot wait to see what his life can inspire!

  • Friend of a friend

    Actually, the news reports are wrong, and falsely dirtied the reputation of a wonderful young man. I spoke with a friend who spoke with Travis's sister. According to the policeman attempting the traffic stop, there was no chase. He clocked Travis speeding, turned on his lights, and a couple of seconds later he witnessed Travis rounding a curve, hitting the curb, and crashing. The policeman believes Travis probably never even saw him. The only thing Travis did wrong was speed. So sorry the family has to have their son's name dragged through the mud while dealing with his death.

  • Former Church Friend

    Very sad. I know the family. Haven't seen Travis in many years…. this is so very sad. His parents are in Canada (where he is from) and I hope to be at the service. I just don't know why people post such garbage on these boards… a death of a child is no less painful when the child (adult or not) makes a poor choice.

  • Caring person

    Just talked to a mother of a friend of Travis. The nasty ppl that are making rude and cruel comments should be ashamed. Get a job, a life, or anything that helps you quit judging ppl. This poor kid made a bad decision like most all of us have. He ended up paying the ultimate sacrifice. His family and friends need support not jackasses commenting on something that they really dont even know about. News reports are just that…..ppl reporting on stories with or without the facts. May the family and friends of travis find peace and comfort and all the negative jackasses commenting….SHUT UP!!!!!!! Hope this doesnt happen to your child, brother, or father…….if so maybe you will look back and reflect on yourself…..

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