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Burger King to soon offer turkey burgers

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Burger King will start rolling out a healthier menu option this week.

The turkey burger is the fast food chain’s latest effort to cater to health-conscious customers.

The burger is a limited-time offer for Spring but could become permanent if the chain sells enough of them.

McDonald’s and Wendy’s have never offered turkey burgers.

The sandwich still weighs in at 530 calories.


  • Exactly

    It will still be a processed, chemically engineered food to be made habit forming for the fast food corps to capitalize on the poor and too lazy to cook for themselves. there are no fast foods good for you, 'except vegetables and salads and fruits', which are usually more expensive so most people who cannot afford them buy the burger meals and super size them. these meals are making people obese and it is up to you to curb yourself from being tempted by your habit that is caused by all the sodium and additives that make you come back to keep these obesity factories in business

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