Doctors, retailers support bill to limit ephedrine, pseudoephedrine sales

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Tougher laws to reduce the manufacture of methamphetamine could impact you the next you buy cold medicine.

Doctors and retailers say they’re behind the measure which would limit how many products containing ephedrine or pseudoephedrine you can buy each year. Both are common in drugs like Sudafed and both are often used to manufacture methamphetamine.

There is already a limit right now, but, the new law would bring it down to 61.2 grams per year. That’s about 11 boxes or eight months’ worth of the drugs.

A controversial part of the bill to make the medicine prescription only was taken out.

Legislators said the new limit would not inconvenience shoppers.

The Indiana House will vote on the bill later this week.


  • jjj

    Sorry this is ridiculous, The 'already set limit' is already not enough for people who have constant allergies. I know, they should get a prescription that costs 5 times as much instead of using the OTC stuff.

  • Lisa

    This is just plain stupid, Not everyone can pay the high price of a doctor everytime they have a cold. So of course the doctors are all for it. Why not take every right from us because you cant catch the stupid drug dealers they will just pay their friends with colds to get it for them.

  • RaptorFortyFive

    So – people who don't use the medicine say it won't inconvenience the ones who do need it? How can this sort of a change have ANY effect on crime? Next these politicians will probably want an expensive toy train to play with.

  • KokomoRE

    I think a couple of you may have misread this. A prescription is NOT needed. That part was taken out of the bill. ("A controversial part of the bill to make the medicine prescription only was taken out.")

    I'm not sure, but if someone needs more than the eight month supply, maybe they can get a statement or prescription from a doctor.

  • rhondaleebaby69

    Why 8 months? Is that the average number of months that a person has a cold every year? Just make it 12.

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