Double amputee accused of shooting Wal-Mart employee, fleeing in motorized shopping cart

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A double amputee is accused of shooting a Wal-Mart employee and then trying to evade police using a motorized shopping cart.

Daniel Pirtle, 45, was stopped by the assistant manager of the Anchorage, Alaska, store Saturday. The manager asked Pirtle to put his service dog on a leash, but Pirtle refused, police said.

An argument ensued and Pirtle reportedly pulled a gun out and shot the clerk in the stomach.

Police said Pirtle then tried to escape using a motorized shopping cart. He got to the front of the store before police swarmed in.

Pirtle has been charged with first-degree assault and fourth-degree weapons misconduct. He’s being held on $50,000 bond.

The manager underwent surgery and was last listed in stable condition.

A Wal-Mart spokesman called the shooting a, “senseless, unprovoked act of violence.”


  • Rebecca Ponder

    Don't know who wrote this, but so far it was an "assistant manager" that approached him, then he shot a "clerk " in the stomach, so they took the "manager" to the hospital.
    Other than all that, I would say the man has issues.

  • amy

    OK, so yeah after violently LMAO at the headline about a freaking wheelchair?? for serious? but I do feel bad for the dude that got shot, prayers for the family!!

  • spokenword100

    Another angry double amputee goes nuts and shoots someone! This must be Oscar Pistorius first cousin!

  • ClanSmokeJaguar

    How'd get his gatt out so quick to shoot the manager like that?

    I guess he had a leg up on him


  • Bev

    HAhaha and David, I liked what you said about Palin. I tried to like them both but strangely the clicks both showed up as thumbs down. Dont' know what that was about. I suspect that all those negatives were really thumbs up. I'm so glad that Palin did not get voted in and I do not like her. I thought it was funny as the reference you made to her. Apparently Fox 59 did not. We do have the right to like or dislike what we want.

    • kowgirl22

      My Thumbs down was down. Why blame Palin? I guess that's like blaming Obama for the Trevon Martin shooting. (I think that was his last name?)

  • anon

    That is frickin' hilarious!!! So I wonder- was it a high-speed police chase or did they just wait for the cart's battery to die? Those things don't stay plugged in long enough to get recharged. I'm surprised he made it out of the store with it. Takes stupid to a whole new level! LMFAO!

    Best wishes for a speedy recovery for the clerk/assistant manager/manager! Excellent reporting, btw!

  • James M

    Why would you say anything to a man like this, other than maybe "thank you for your service in defending this nation" or whatever. There's error on the part of the store manager, for initiating an "argument". If he crossed the line into assault (either against the customer or against the service animal), this might end better for Pirtle than for the store. We don't know what happened between asking for some kind of special handling of a service animal, and the "argument" and the shooting. It may very well be a case of self-defense. We aren't told enough in this article to draw any conclusions, but it is clear that something has been elided.

    How about the videotape of the encounter? How about eyewitness testimony? We are given the sensational bits, but not the merits.

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