Homeowner may face charges after fatally shooting suspected carjacker

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The Marion County prosecutor is deciding whether to press charges against an east side homeowner.

The man was coming home early Sunday morning when he said someone pulled a gun on him in his driveway and tried to steal his car. It happened near 38th and Mitthoeffer.

That’s when the owner pulled out his gun and shot and killed the suspect.

A second suspect took off from the scene and police are looking for that man.

Anyone with information is asked to call CrimeStoppers at (317) 262-TIPS.


  • Doris Preyer

    You cannot shoot someone in the back of the head and claim it is reasonable or self defense. It is not worth taking someone’s life over a car. We don’t know if the shooter was not the aggressor. He may be lying.

  • Robert

    It is normal for the prosecutor’s office to investigate any homicide to determine if any criminal act has taken place.

  • Phil

    If it went down as reported the home owner is innocent! Let him go! As we all know if you pull a gun on law enforcement guess what happens to you…your getting shot! We all should have the right for self defense!

  • Doris

    This was not a carjacking. When that boy tried to leave the confrontation, the man told the boy that he wasn't going any where, that he had him, and then shot the boy in the back of his head. This is murder. He needs to be tried and let a jury decide when they here all the facts.

    • Tim

      How do you know this Doris? It wasn't in the media I don't believe? If correct, then the guy should still not be prosecuted. The so called "Boy' was probably a gang member or thug and was on his property. He was probably up to no good and the home owner knew it. I doubt your story..

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