Indiana adds jobs but unemployment rate doesn’t seem to reflect that

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Outside the Work One Center in west Indianapolis, you might not hear what you’d expect at a time when the state unemployment rate is once again inching upward.

“When I want a job, I hit up a temp service and I get a job,” said Andre Giden, who is no longer unemployed. “So if I can do it, somebody else can do it.”

Alex Husney agreed that there is work to be had right now. He is currently looking to work his way back into a managerial role, which he had before the recession.

“It’s not that hard to find a job, if you’re looking for an odd job,” Husney said. “It’s hard to find a professional job if you’re used to professional jobs in the past.”

On Monday, the president of GEICO announced that the company is bringing at least 1,200 jobs to Carmel. It’s just the latest in a string of 19 months of private sector job growth in the state.

“It is good news for all the people of Indiana,” said Indiana Governor Mike Pence.

So why doesn’t the unemployment rate reflect that good news? State officials are asking the same question.

“The numbers don’t look correct,” said Joe Frank, spokesman for the Indiana Department of Workforce Development.

In January, the U.S. Department of Labor found that Indiana added more than 8,200 Private Sector jobs, but the state unemployment rate still increased slightly to 8.6 percent. One explanation for the discrepancy can be found in federal household surveys which show that 14,000 Hoosiers entered, or re-entered, the workforce.

Still, state officials say the additional workforce still doesn’t seem to fully explain the rise in unemployment.

“We feel that the unemployment rate is a little bit inflated,” Frank said. “If those numbers aren’t correct it can mess with people looking for jobs, people buying things and businesses looking to hire people.”

Frank said the numbers could be impacted by tweaks to the way the federal surveys are conducted and tabulated month-to-month. He said Workforce Development doesn’t believe the discrepancy is intentional.

“We don’t feel that it’s anything specifically underhanded that’s been done, or anything political, it’s just a few pieces of the methodology have changed over the past few years,” Frank said. “This month there’s about nine other states that are questioning the results.”

Regardless of what the numbers actually are, Governor Pence said it’s still clear the state has work to do.

“The bottom line is the unemployment rate is too high in the Hoosier state,” Pence said. “As I travel around Indiana it’s very clear, despite the progress that we’ve made, Indiana’s economy is still struggling.”


  • Quattrone

    “It’s not that hard to find a job, if you’re looking for an odd job,” Husney said. “It’s hard to find a professional job if you’re used to professional jobs in the past.”

    Right. Any of the middle income jobs are long gone but there's plenty of Wal-Greeter and hamburger flipper openings. We should feel great about that!

  • Nate

    White and black people think there to damn good for hamburger flipping jobs or anything that is a lil hard or not what they want to do!!! F*%king cry babies!!! I’m happy and thankful for the ones who do work but geez there are alot of useless people out here. Just to tell you all something I know about this screwed up system and people. From what I’ve heard a friends sister will be recieving disabilility 2000 a month for being a scitsofrantic, 800 in food stamps 4 children, lives in a paid for apartment by the state, the Obama phone hmm I can’t think of anything else as of this moment but she texted my friend asking about a Cadillac escalade!! She said she’s ready to spend atleast 600 a month!!! Wow I wish I could get her in trouble some how for doing this to everyone but all I can say is wow. Sorry for bitching lol

    • ClanSmokeJaguar

      Sorry Nate but I prefer the illegal amigos to fill my burger orders. I find when black/white people are involved they f### up the orders way too much, forcing me to go inside and get the orders straight.

      MexCans f### up the orders fairly seldom.

      So US Black/White people need to find something else other than burger flipping.

    • ClanSmokeJaguar


      LOL! She's a WHAT!?!

      Is that anything like a schizophrenic???

      And if you know who this person in then turn her azz in. I do believe in some cases you get a substantial reward for turning in welfare frauds!

  • Aaron W

    Do the state officials or the person who wrote this article even understand how the unemployment rate is calculated? It's the number of employed people divided by the size of the labor force. So, this sentence "One explanation for the discrepancy can be found in federal household surveys which show that 14,000 Hoosiers entered, or re-entered, the workforce." is kind of silly. It's not "one explanation"; it's THE explanation. Perhaps instead of just saying that the numbers "don't look right", the state official in charge of the department of "workforce development" should actually take the 5 minutes to google how this works:

    • Jeff

      Nope. They have a full team of PhD's who just work on employment statistics, but they don't understand it. That's why its newsworthy, genius.

  • ClanSmokeJaguar

    It's the 0bama economy that is doing it. Lots of people roll off the list because they simply can't find jobs any longer.

    Others like the morons that nuked their jobs at Hostess voluntarily dissolve their jobs.

    So we can add jobs but as long as libTards that put 0bama back in exist we'll seldom close the unemployment gap for long.

  • Reality Bites

    The Obama economy, eh?

    The economy is improving. The housing market is improving. Bin Laden is dead, and General Motors is alive. Even John Boehner says that our national debt is not an immediate concern.

    Seems like conserva-tards are left with whining about gay rights and abortion. Don't worry, knuckle draggers, just kick back and watch "The Bible" on the History Channel. The adults are in charge, and the country is back on track.

    Texas will be a blue state soon, and the GOP will be as obsolete as the Whig party.

  • Troy Thornburg

    can anyone tell me what links you have to go to , to apply for the chrysler jobs in tipton or kokomo, I have clicked on a bunch of them and I cannot find where you upload a resume, or fill out an application, please help if possible, thank you, Troy

  • alex husney

    Hello, I have actually talked more than that to cover some other stuff. Since it was cut off in editing let me share it here. I was discussing several things concerning this same topic. First of all the unemployment law is old and need to be changed. It currently, in my opinion, encourage laziness and relying on government funding. We want to make sure only those who really are looking for jobs truly and actively are getting benefits and eliminate the rest who are taking these checks to watch TV and vacation. Second thing is Education, colleges and certified training;s cost keep on going up and up and wages keep on going down and down. Why don't the government or the state offer free education like some countries do,i have seen that even in 3rd world countries, where education is literally free in the university, or at least provide self study training centers with tutoring hours for IT and business and assist in getting certified that are free. good luck to all.

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