Man connected to Hovey Street murders back in custody

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The man who disappeared while serving a part of his 10-year sentence for the Hovey Street killings is back in jail.

U.S. Marshals, working with the IMPD Violent Crimes Unit, captured Tommy Warren around 4 p.m. Monday.

Warren had been on the run since walking away from work release on March 7th after being given a medical pass.

Marshals and IMPD’s VCU had worked several days in an intensive manhunt to locate Warren. Once located in the 800 block of Riley Avenue, Warren attempted to hide in home’s attic before being taken into custody in a back bedroom without incident.

A second man, Antonio Berry, 26 of Indianapolis, was wanted on an unrelated cocaine charge and taken into custody.

A third person, Ashley Brown, 26 of Indianapolis, is believed to be Warren’s girlfriend. She was also taken into custody after she became uncooperative with police and for possession of what police believe is marijuana.

Warren was one of four men arrested and convicted for their roles in the 2008 killings of two mothers and two children.

Investigators say he was tracked through old friends and now faces an escape charge.


    • Gat273

      You do know he participated in the murder of several Hispanics? Based on your witless comment I would think you would find his activities pleasings, quite possibly arousing.

    • ntellect79

      yeah thats what i thought too about the white idiots that shot up kids at school or how about the other white idiot that shot up numerous people at a movie theater…shut up about color u will lose… all races have idiots in then including you.

  • Rockets red glare

    In todays bloated pricing, it seems like seventy cents or a dollar would be
    Well spent on this BEAST.

  • Sheila

    This is an insult to the families who have lost their
    love ones. They are trying to rebuild their lives with the grace of GOD and
    all to be reminded by the escape of this criminal walking freely in our
    society. Our justice system needs some serious work. ASAP!!!

    • GUEST

      our state lawmakers should be ashame of themselves for not doing more
      and letting criminals such as the TOMMY WARREN'S have a FREE get out of jail
      pass to do whatever they a "MENANCE TO OUR SOCIETY" like we see it.

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