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Man sentenced to 270 years in brutal rape of Greenwood mother

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The man found guilty in the brutal rape of a Greenwood mother was sentenced Monday to more than 200 years in prison.

Shawn Corbally, 34, was found guilty on charges that included burglary resulting in bodily injury, criminal deviate conduct, rape and criminal confinement.  He was sentenced to serve 270 years in prison.

In July 2012, Corbally raped a woman at her Greenwood apartment, while her children were nearby. The jury reached a quick verdict due to strong DNA evidence at the scene and witness testimony, according to Johnson County Prosecutor Brad Cooper.

Corbally committed the crime shortly after being released from the Marion County Jail last summer. His release caused public outrage, prompting officials to make changes to how sex offenders are monitored after they are released from jail.

Investigators said Corbally and his family members lied about the convicted rapist’s sex offender status and that’s why he was free to attack again.

Corbally was also previously sentenced to 25 years in prison for raping and beating another woman in 2000.


  • jen

    he definately got what he deserved,but this just goes to show that our judicial system is all messed up,this man raped a woman,that is horrible crime,but i have seen where most murderers only get 10 to 30 years,so messed up!

    • Da Bodysnatcher

      He deserves every year but I do agree saw last week a guy shot his nephew drove him to a downtown alley kicked his dead body out drove away and got 10 years! WTF!!!!!!

  • anon

    Hey, hotcakes, "Bubba's" ready for a good time!!!! Lol- for the rest of your worthless life! I hope your new Bf shows NO MERCY!!! Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

  • jjj

    Hope they keep him in prison until he dies this time.

    "Corbally was also previously sentenced to 25 years in prison for raping and beating another woman in 2000."

    • anon

      Well, being sentenced to 270 years, 1/2 of that is 135 years, so, yep, he should leave prison in a body bag!

  • Ann

    Not necessarily. There's another story on this website about a murderer possibly getting out of prison earlier for earning 'credits' by earning his associates and bachelors degree. So if this bastard plays the system right he could not only get a free college education but also slice his sentence by years. Since when is prison a place to earn an education??? These criminals don't deserve any privileges !!!!

    • anon

      You have a point, but I doubt there are enough college degrees to whittle that sentence down significantly- the person you mentioned only shaved 3 years off his sentence by earning a most likely useless degree. Besides, I heard last year that the state legislature is trying to do away with that college degree "get out of jail free card" loophole because of another similar incident.

      I definitely agree with your statement that these criminals don't deserve any privileges.

      • Ann

        Thanks ! It's good to know they're doing away with that legislature. It's time to treat prisoners like prisoners and not let them enrich their lives while their victims are either dead or psychologically scarred

  • ClanSmokeJaguar

    Finally the system works!

    And you know how I know he's REALLY guilty?

    No family members/friends have come forward to say "You know? He really is a nice guy"


  • RedState_Vet

    Why do I have the "deliverance" music stuck in my head now? That boy's gonna be squealing soon….

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